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Even if you send a brother fence, it’s not your home after all. It’s not too late to talk about marriage with Lu Yao’s age.

Do you and Tianyu want to occupy their love nest until they have the cheek to tell themselves that they are getting married?
Tianyu and Erxiu both live in Bones’ home with gratitude, and it was originally meant by Lu Yao.
But now they have become an obstacle to their marriage, and I feel bad at the thought of it.
Besides, it’s not a piece of cake for you and Tianyu to rent a room outside now. !
Thought of here two whew also gave tianyu idea in my heart.
After three people talked more all the way to the hotel, they ordered a few side dishes to eat with relish.
After you come back, Tianyu searched the film as usual.
This is a habit he has developed in recent days. Every day, besides playing games early, he will have a workout with Erxiu. At noon, he will watch today’s news. After dinner, he will watch a movie and watch it before going to bed.
When the game brushes pk, it’s not long without activity, and it’s not long even when it’s online. More often, it’s to chat with the group line about games and life.
This kind of’ cross-flow’ makes Tianyu very comfortable. If there are not many bubbling people in the group, he will stroll around and post it. What is the game hanging there?
There is a code-coded novel that will continue over there. It is said that he signed a contract at a certain point because of the reasonable plot’ sex’, and the fruit was sprayed into a sieve by his friends, and he finally had to cut off the festival’ fuck’ and became a "eunuch"
But men always need to grow up in failure.
At 7: 53, Tianyu remembered that there was still a pen in the game at 8: 00 tonight, so he needed to be a guarantor himself, so he quit the game.
"I don’t know if they started making friends easily" Tianyu muttered the game in his heart.
Select the channel and select the unlucky bear horn’ color’ to enter the game and click on the friend list.
Yesterday, the seller of the passerby’s fashion roll and the casual caller were online and still on the same channel. Maybe the’ transaction’ has been finished.
"The unlucky bear is coming, so let’s start making friends easily." Just play and suddenly brush a horn and type like this.
Tianyu sighed, and I don’t know if this casual beating is really lacking in muscle or is deliberately ostentatious. From yesterday to today, it is estimated that the money for brushing the horn is enough to buy a fashion roll.
At 7: 58, casually playing the game id suddenly appeared in the right corner of Tianyu game window.
"Damn it! That casual employer just sent you the second fashion roll, and he just flashed back? ! Cheat for 10 thousand? !” The passer-by immediately brushed a horn and shouted
Tianyu, the guarantor, has changed to their channel at the moment. When he saw the seller brushing a horn like this, he was shocked. "Is it really a lie to fight casually?"
Nowadays, fashion rolls can actually be sold in 150 thousand, and the price is still a lot lower, but even so, the money for shouting horns is almost enough for a fashion roll. If you cheat such a fashion roll, you will pack up and leave Tianyu, which will really make a scene.
Fashion rolls are different from game coins because they can’t be cashed directly unless they really want to’ mix’ fashion, otherwise no one will really want to become famous in this way, because it will be much more difficult to collect fashion in the future after being cheated.
Tianyu can’t figure it out, but the problem still needs to be solved. He immediately took out his horn and shouted, "Don’t worry. I said that when the two of you guaranteed it, I didn’t expect the other party to really cheat me out of this million."
Because fashion is easy to pay, it must be a fashion easy to pay once. The seller was cheated for a fashion money.
Tianyu ordered "pay" easily, and the seller didn’t hesitate. The two of them quickly finished "pay" easily.
"I give unlucky bear card! It’s a pity that he trusted the dog by mistake. "The seller brushed another horn.
Tianyu has some shame, and these two fashions will be profitable. The seller’s horn has not been brushed less since yesterday. It is estimated that it is almost enough. What is the plan of selling fashion?
In the game, players always have wonderful things, and it is not surprising in Tianyu.
"Well, although I don’t think that" casual play "means paying more than 10 thousand speakers to cheat 10 thousand fashion money, facts speak louder than words. He really hasn’t come yet," Tianyu thought to himself
Just when Tianyu came to this theory in his mind, he casually hit id and entered the game again.
At this time, it was already more than 8 pm.
Chapter 646 Top secret business opportunities
"damn it! Cheated! " Fashion roll sellers are faster than Tianyu’s reaction and directly spit out a horn.
Tianyu’s cool and moved his head "just cheat the flash back and immediately find a spray game? This kind of emotional appeal player is really rare … unless you really want to be famous in this way, it does not rule out that the game just disappears. "
Casual play is also quite neat back to a speaker shouted "I * * * day! Community stop labor driving sports car puma to Internet cafes outside the area just came and was cheated and scolded … "
"What a coincidence?" The seller was a little unsure, and the speaker replied
"come on! It’s easy to pay you directly, and I’ll pay you back the money for the horn! I said I’m not cheating! " It’s really angry to fight casually this time
The seller didn’t hesitate, Tianyu didn’t interrupt, and it was really easy to give it to the seller.
"I’m sorry, you just quit the game after giving you the fashion. I still think you’re cheating," the seller clarified with a horn.
"Forget it, I’m too lazy to explain it, but I still feel a little deficient in 30,000-item fashion." I just wondered at the trumpet.
"It’s not 30,000 but 40,000. Just now, you promised that the unlucky bear also helped you to lose 10,000 game coins." After the seller issued this horn, he immediately added a horn and shouted, "ka horn has been brushed too much, otherwise it will not be enough for fashion! Anyway, he is not cheating. "
Passerby A returns to passerby again.
I casually looked at the seller’s horn before my head and raised my mouth and said to myself, "The unlucky bear is really worthy of the name. No wonder those guys in the group are all afraid that he will do what he says, but there are fewer businessmen who will do what he says."
"I’ll pay you back the 10 thousand of the unlucky bear." I casually chatted with the unlucky bear in private.
Tianyu was a little surprised. This guy just flashed back because the speaker at home was not blown badly by the other party. Then this guy really has a sports car at home … that is, the other party may be a local tyrant.
Unlucky bear and casual play just sent a’ cross-window’ on a channel, but Tianyu refused.
Tianyu clicked on the’ Sex’ column of the opponent’s character equipment and then checked the configuration of the opponent.
It’s a sword spirit, and it’s quite a 55-level ink whirlwind light armor professional suit, and the level is quite’ mixed’ and’ chaotic’. There is a top-level dress, and other bases are intermediate or high-level jewelry, but pk civilians with ink bamboo,’ wave’ moving ring and dream finger wheel are the title of death.
The only valuable weapon is the level 5 powder lightsaber-Shuanglong Magic Shadow Sword.
However, compared with the price of the birth of 55-level equipment, Black Light is really terrible at first, and now it is more than 50,000. At the beginning, it was directly exchanged with Rb.
If the price is 7, the price can be imagined.
All this equipment is at most a civilian level in most people’s eyes.
"This guy really doesn’t have any fashion?" Tianyu opens the other equipment bar, and there is really no language to think about a piece of fashion.
"Don’t give you money? Don’t look down on me so much? " Just play’ private’ chat unlucky bear typing way
"Well, since you didn’t cheat this 10 thousand, there’s not much not to pay me back." Tianyu typed back
"This guy is very strange … I remember he said that he has a genius, but now he doesn’t even wear a fashion and his equipment is just so-so, but he has so much money to brush his horn. Do you really want to install 13 in the game?" Tianyu thought to himself
"Are you thinking that my equipment is rubbish?" Playing casually seems to have broken the unfortunate bear’s mind window thousands of miles away, typing’ private’ chat.
"I really can’t figure it out, but it’s no big deal. It doesn’t affect my willingness to make friends with you," Tianyu replied truthfully.
"Ha-ha ~ What an interesting businessman!" Just hit it and then reply like this.
Tianyu frowned and thought that the other party was strange but didn’t reply to the other party.
After waiting for a moment, I casually found out that the unlucky bear was silent and continued to type, "My account is almost all over the letter area."
"I have befriended famous businessmen in every region."