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"Even if a lovely thing dies, it won’t diminish its cuteness."

Su Jiao recalled that those murals were insensitive to this "cuteness".
Feast flow suddenly smiled.
He said, "Banana is an easy person to see through."
Su Jiao was noncommittal about this evaluation, but said, "Bananas will stop to watch something for a long time because it is beautiful;" But if it doesn’t look like you bring fear and horror, you will not avoid it. "
"If something hurts banana," Yan said in a brisk tone, "then banana will try its best to stay away from it and hate it, but the same …"
Feast flow suddenly smiled "it’s hard to forget it"
Su Jiao wants to escape from something that can do harm. Isn’t that human? And it’s hard to forget it-once bitten, twice shy. Isn’t that human nature?
"But I’m different from Banana," Yan Lian said slowly. "No matter how beautiful things are, they are beautiful-even if they are bloody and fearful, they are beautiful. Even if they bring me unforgettable injuries … I will still like it."
"What do you like?"
Su Jiao heard the light and gentle voice of the banquet. "It’s natural to like it all, isn’t it?"
Su Jiao felt that normal people and crazy people had nothing in common and didn’t say anything.
Feast pity for Su Jiao was silent. He smiled and grabbed Su Jiao’s shoulder. "Let me show you a playground."
The design of this place is very spacious and accessible, just like the maze before the shopping mall came out. The place is part of the "playground"
But this is obviously a playground for one person.
He showed him where to build a new game room and a gym.
"Because the banana is very beautiful, I also made a beautiful coat and hat for the banana, behind the door next to the bedroom."
"The game room is specially prepared because Banana seems to like playing games."
"There’s a small kitchen. Is it convenient for people to change food every day? There’s also a big kitchen. If you want to eat vegetables, you can go there and order-"
"Well … there are greenhouse bananas to see? I have raised a lot of beautiful white roses like bananas … "
Feast pity at this time is like a child showing off his secret base with his friends, and his tone is very naive.
Su Jiao can keep her face covered with goose bumps and casually say it’s ok.
Banquet pity seemed to care nothing about him. He asked cheerfully, "Is it better here or my brother’s?"
Su Jiao has been dragged to the glass greenhouse by him at this time.
There is a beautiful white rose room in the greenhouse, and the artificial sunlight shines on it. Although beautiful, it is too pale to blame the vitality in the garden.
"Your brother has sunshine in the garden …"
Su Jiao didn’t mean to provoke Yan Lian, but he just couldn’t control his honest mouth.
Sure enough, the radian of the banquet lip angle slowly leveled off.
Su Jiao glanced at the banquet, which was worth 63%.
Su Jiao suddenly had a feeling of jumping on the edge of a cliff.
It seems exciting enough before ensuring personal safety.
After a long time, Su Jiao gradually came up with some rules.
If you don’t go out, your brother’s banquet will be obedient to him
Once Su Jiao gets up, or the banquet is better than the banquet, the banquet will be gloomy and unhappy to the naked eye.
When he is unhappy, he will go up a little.
However, since Su Jiao was arrested, the service value has risen very slightly. Perhaps Su Jiao people are trapped here, which makes Yan Lian full of strange security.
However, Su Jiao doesn’t care much about the increase of the divine power limit now. He has paid a lot more now, and no amount of divine power limit can make him upgrade to the level of God. What matters now is the merit value.
Su Jiao wasn’t in a hurry to run away. He was already over it when he woke up.
Besides, where can he go if he runs away? Banquet blame and don’t want to be his benefactor to donate more buildings to Hope Primary School. It’s all a banquet blame personal achievement. Liu Han will not be able to connect for a while, and now he will continue to give him divine power, and the suckers will have a feast.
Anyway, where he is a god, he is served by everyone; He tried his best to run away, but he might as well lie flat and be served by the banquet.
He remembers the things that scared him before the banquet, but it is absolutely impossible for him not to donate ten buildings to Hope Primary School! !
On the other hand, although Yan Lian is a difficult psychopath, his mind is actually quite easy to guess.
Su Jiao’s eyes quietly moved to the nearby glass room.