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When Kelly saw that everyone agreed with him, he turned to a solemn and serious tone and said, "Finally, I hope everyone will consider this issue, especially the military adults."

When they saw Kelly, they also knew that the most important and earth-shattering thing was going to happen, and all the departments listened attentively to see what Wang Ke had to say.
Kelly saw that he wanted the effect to be achieved, and said, "Now we have a standing army of 100,000 guards, and the rest are also soldiers and farmers. This is nothing in peacetime, but it is not conducive to the rapid attack of troops in wartime. In addition, the soldiers cultivated land in peacetime, which is also not conducive to the court’s tax revenue. According to a small estimate, this tax revenue should be reduced by 50%. There are also a large number of private soldiers in the hands of generals, which is not conducive to the stability of the court."
Kelly said apologetically to a bunch of old killers, "I hope you adults will forgive me. It’s practical from the perspective of the imperial court, and it’s not a problem with the post."
After that, he continued, "Our local soldiers are also self-respecting, and many soldiers are recruited by themselves, which leads many soldiers to listen to the orders of the company and not to be dispatched by the court. There is also no tax on the income of the imperial captaincy, and the imperial court keeps its own soldiers. Although there are regulations on the number of soldiers in the court, it is difficult to ensure that there are no private recruits. The small court should nationalize the military department, divide Datang into several military regions, and send one person to each military region. It is highly hoped that each military region will be stationed in different numbers according to its jurisdiction and whether it is strategically important. The major generals in
No one expected Kelly to say such a thing when he made a big noise. Once this kind of line was implemented, the entire military system of the Datang Empire would undergo earth-shaking changes.
Of course, it is beneficial to Comrade Li Er, but the generals will have no strength in their hands. Comrade Li Er also felt that these words did not carry the same weight as just now. If you do this, he will end up with no strength to fight heaven and man, and he will really become a high official. But he also knows what Kelly’s suggestion means to himself and the whole Lee family. That’s a great achievement. So, if you don’t say that there is no rebellion, at least you won’t come from time to time as before. You and your heirs will be more stable and no longer worry that someone will be bad for you all day.
Comrade Li Er, seeing that all the ministers are silent, knows that it is not good to veto his position now. He certainly doesn’t want to; I agree. I’m afraid that these old killers have any problems in their hearts. I decided not to talk about my opinions first, so I turned to Kelly and asked, "The Wangs’ novels are sealed in local captives. If you can’t do this, then do you think it’s good to do it?"
Kelly said just now that there is no hope that the horse will get an answer. Now, seeing Comrade Li Er asking this question, he also responded with a logical conclusion, "The imperial ministers can let these captives return to Beijing to live so that the guards can defend them. The court can serve them a lot every month. If the captives have the ability, they can also enter the court to take up official duties. This seems to increase the burden on the court, but because they return to Beijing to fief, the land they come out can also be taxed to the court."
As soon as this word came out, it was immediately buzzing in the civil service. Civil servants had a headache in one day, and it was inconvenient to spend too little money in the national treasury. Of course, it was a great benefit to them.
Fang Xuanling shook his head and said with a sigh, "People say that I am resourceful and compared with Wang Daren, Fang is really not as old as old."
Kelly a listen to this hurriedly handed over to Fang Xuanling said "room adult modest little nephew is traveling abroad through the country to feel a lot of things, but it’s mostly fur. The specific operation has to rely on the emperor and the young nephew sitting in the room. It’s really no good for room adults to say this, which really scares my little nephew."
Comrade Li Er saw that the civil servants kept whispering, and the military commanders all pondered and knew what would happen if we talked about it again today. When the brain was re-exported, he said, "It’s late today, and the Wangs have finished talking. Let’s call it a day. Let people sort out what the Wangs said today and send it to you Aiqing’s house. Every day, Aiqing will think about it according to the Wangs’ novels."
Then he turned to Kelly and said, "Wang Jiaxiao, you wrote everything you said in detail and specifically, and also wrote clearly how to do it. When I don’t give you regulations, you can send it directly to the palace and I will talk to you."
Knowing that Comrade Li Er said this, Kelly said that he suggested that Nineteen is expected to be busy and said to Comrade Li Er, "The emperor has to talk to the emperor first."
Comrade Li Er was about to leave when he saw Kelly say this and asked curiously, "What else?"
Kelly embarrassedly said, "I have lived overseas for a long time, and I really can’t write anything when I write face-to-face."
When this was said, everyone in the place laughed.
Comrade Li Er didn’t expect Kelly to say it was this naively, pointing to him and saying, "How can there be people like you who write poems and lyrics? If you are not a good sentence to write, but you don’t know how to write as a pen, just write according to your habits. I want to see what you write."
Chapter 41 Jewelry Design
Out of the imperial house, Kelly took Wang Si and said sadly, "Dad, please invite some generals to our house to talk to them."
Wang Si looked at Kelly and discussed his ideas. He said, "Why don’t you invite all the adults? What can I do to say in front of everyone?"
Kelly, it’s no big deal to think about it. Maybe these civil servants can help themselves to talk. Besides, it’s no harm to be close to these people, so he nodded and agreed.
Before Wang Si was busy walking two steps, he invited all the ministers one by one, not to mention all of them.
A line of people went out of the palace gate, and Wang Si asked his followers to ride their horses and report back to the government first. They got into Kelly’s car and walked with all the ministers. They also sent their followers back to their homes to inform them to ride a sedan chair and ride a horse with Kelly’s car to Wang Si’s house.
As soon as he entered the house, Cheng Zhijie cried, "Wang Jiaxiao (this is not called Wang Xian’s nephew). What do you mean, what are you up to when you take away all the soldiers?"
Li Ji, after all, is much older, and he is quite calm. He just said, "What are you excited about when you are an old killer? Wang Xian’s nephew must have his reasons. Let’s sit down and listen to Wang Xian’s explanation first."
Kelly saw that people were more or less angry. Knowing that what he said at the moment didn’t have any effect, he turned to Wang Si and said, "Dad also asked Dad to sit with your uncles for a cup of tea first, and go to the uncles to cook a few wine dishes in person, and then explain it to them later."
Wang Si, of course, also saw the current situation. Bai Kelly is in a busy situation and said, "Go ahead and cook more good dishes for your uncles to taste."
Turning to greet the crowd, he said, "Come and sit in my house first. Some adults who make tea by themselves have not tasted it."
Said, please sit outside the door and wait for a while. At this time, people also walked in and put tea in front of the ministers.
Kelly went into the kitchen and found Mrs. Wang with two aunts and Dong Yue nervously in the kitchen to see Kelly come in. Mrs. Wang asked, "cosette, what happened? Why are so many adults coming to our house today? And what was General Cheng yelling about just now? "
Kelly knew that his father had little contact with these people on weekdays. Today, all of a sudden, once etiquette came in, and that Cheng Lao’s killing was a voice that really scared the help of the Niang army at home. "Nothing Niang said something in front of the emperor today, and then let Dad invite these adults to sit at home and be a child. They talk about the idea of a child. It’s nothing. Don’t worry."
Mrs. Wang saw that Kelly spoke very easily and asked again with a grain of salt, "Are you really all right? Cosette, don’t hide it from Niang. "
"It’s all right. Just relax," Kelly said with a smile. "The child has to make some side dishes quickly, otherwise it will be really fine for the adults to wait for a long time." Mrs. Wang saw Kelly and made a joke. She also put her heart together with her two aunts Dongyue to help Kelly fight.
The dishes came one after another. Kelly came to the front hall after washing his hands and said to a room full of senior Tang officials, "Let’s have a seat now. Let’s talk about which uncle has any ideas while eating."
They stayed in the palace for a day, and they were really hungry. This call came to the table and they all went straight over.
Boy, there are fifteen people in Jia Wang’s silicon father. Fortunately, people in the house are smart enough to see many people. They moved a table from other places long ago, and all the people just sat down at these two tables.
Kelly beckoned two people holding wine to give everyone a full glass. Kelly raised his glass and said, "Today, when my uncles were delayed by my little nephew, my little nephew will accompany me to sin." After that, he poured a glass of wine into his mouth.
Wang Si knew that he would have to talk about something later and said, "This wine is brewed by Ke Er himself, which is stronger than what we usually drink. Please taste it first."
They heard that it was Kelly who brewed his own wine, and they were all curious to end up with wine. They came to Kelly to know that there should be Cheng Lao to kill before drinking this wine. Because of this, they sent ten altars to Li Ke and Cheng Huailiang each, but then no one came to ask for more things. Kelly didn’t bother to ask this matter.
Civil servants are still gentle when drinking, but it’s different for them to taste this group of old killers. All of them are sipping and drinking, and no one talks and stands there.
Kelly didn’t know what was going on and asked, "What’s wrong with this wine?"
Hearing Kelly’s question, everyone woke up. Excavate said, "How did you brew this wine, Wang Xian’s nephew? It’s much better than what we drink on weekdays. My nephew gave me two altars when I went back later?"
Seeing that Li Jing said this, Wang Ke quickly replied, "Uncle, if you want two altars, it’s okay to ask for more altars."
Before the words were finished, others also called for Kelly to send them some altars.
At this time, the civilian is also higher than Sven, and his voice is as high as that of this gang of old killers
Cheng Zhijie rang rang the most among these people, saying that he wanted wine and kept scolding Cheng Huailiang. "This smelly little day was mixed with Wang Jiaxiao, but I didn’t know that Wang Jiaxiao made such a good wine. It’s time to play! Let the old taste it today. "
Hmm? Isn’t it strange that Kelly was sent to the Ten Altars? Didn’t Cheng Huailiang let this old killer know that he was hiding? Don’t say anything now or Cheng Huailiang will be sad every day! Ask Cheng Huailiang what’s going on again one day. Seeing all the people yelling there, Kelly didn’t dare to say anything there. He didn’t have the guts to tell these people to shut up, my dear. These people are in a bad mood. It would be a disaster for them to be greeted by themselves.
Wang Kecai said, "Don’t worry, uncles. My little nephew hasn’t finished just now. My little nephew means that it’s time for people to see how much wine there is now. When you go back, you can take your little nephew away and let the workshop brew it."
After that, ask someone to tell the housekeeper to move all the wine out of the house. If it’s not enough, go to the villa and bring it together.
Li Ji hurriedly stopped, "Don’t bother. Take as much as you have in the house. Don’t take it in the village first, and then send it to us during the day."
Chapter 42 Guitar playing and singing
Kelly was quite happy to hear the first sentence. When Kelly said the second sentence, he scolded in his heart, "I don’t want the real M, but I have to send it home to drink you old killers to death!"
I was angry in my heart, but I didn’t show it at all. I smiled and said, "That’s all right. My nephew will arrange for people to send wine to your uncles’ houses. Now my uncles still have to try my nephew’s cooking first, but it’s still appetizing."
They picked up chopsticks with food in their mouths, and of course it was a burst of praise.
Wang Ke is complacent. Li Jing put chopsticks on the table and looked at the crowd. He said, "Wang Xian’s nephew felt quite good after listening to what you said today. He was the last one to discuss what my nephew meant. Can you explain something to us?"
Cheng Zhijie listened to Li Jing and immediately said angrily, "What do you mean by Wang Jiaxiao? Don’t blame the old lady for denying people today!"
Wang Ke asked them to come here for questioning when he saw Excavate, so he made it clear to them, so he said unhurriedly, "Dear uncles, please just listen to my little nephew slowly, and please don’t get angry before my little nephew finishes."
He raised his glass and gestured for a sip before saying, "My nephew knows that all uncles are my heroes in the Tang Dynasty, and he is loyal to the emperor and many imperial courts. But no emperor in the past dynasties can guarantee that his ministers have no bad intentions and take precautions from time to time?"