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"It’s okay, there’s still" Lin Qinghe doesn’t care if these people go over and say to her.

"That Xiaojin threw an old ginseng to Momo Peach. I think it should be a hundred-year-old ginseng. You should put it away first, don’t let Momo Peach go out and talk nonsense."
After that, Lin Qinghe smiled shyly and said, "If you want to sell it, I’ll buy it or not, and I’ll find someone to cook it and break it."
Persimmon was surprised to know nothing about it.
But even if she sees it, she may not recognize it, and it will be regarded as a tree root.
"I see. Thank you, Ah He," persimmon replied softly. "I’ll tell her to come to you later when the milk comes back."
"Well," Lin Qinghe smiled and left.
Persimmon, on the other hand, looks silly and doesn’t know anything about Momo peach.
"… give me the bag" persimmon is very nai.
I was shocked to wait until the night when the family ran to Xuanrao and held their hands on ginseng.
"So this is ginseng?" They haven’t seen the world. This dry root is ginseng?
"It’s ginseng" Lin Qinghe is sure that "the shape and taste are all the same. I’ve seen it before"
He also specializes in ginseng
"Wow" everyone sighed in succession.
Lin Qinghe smiled again and said, "According to the description in the book, this ginseng should be valuable from 100 to 120 years, but it must be processed if you want to protect it."
"I don’t know what your plans are, Grandma Wu?"
Lin Qinghe and Xuan Rao are a little nervous. They really want this old ginseng. Is it expensive or not? It’s one thing. The main thing is that it’s too rare and it can be well repaired.
Their relatives are still in that distant farm. Although the letter says they can get by, they want to know how difficult it is to reform.
Especially in the north, it is the coldest in winter.
Wu Manzhu calculated and said, "I don’t want the seller to be short of money at present, but since Ah Ho has spoken, let’s sell half."
"This thing can hang life at home always need to leave some for you to plan? It may not be easy to find someone. "
Lin Qinghe Zheng showed a grateful smile and you’re welcome to take the words.
"I have made some shallow tools in the laboratory before, and the price is still there. In this year, the old ginseng can’t be met, but it’s hard to say the price."
Lin Qing and thoughtfully
"You see, we need three-thirds of this thousand dollars, which is the same as more money, and there is not much money left at home."
Now the market price is definitely lower than this, but it can’t be counted like this. This thing is very important to them.
"Ok," Wu Manzhu said with some consternation. "Take half of the thousand dollars and go. We can’t help being kind."
To tell the truth, if it weren’t for Lin Qinghe, they would have thrown away the roots directly. Even if they recognized ginseng, they couldn’t find the right person to cook and sell it, and they would have been cheated.
In particular, Lin Qinghe could actually coax Momo Tao to give it to him from the beginning, but he didn’t.
Wu Manzhu still recognizes this favor.
Wu Manzhu knows this dragon well. Even if it is in trouble, it will fly away sooner or later.
Now it’s definitely not bad after playing well with a few children.
Wu Manzhu said that Song Xing and Qu Xiaowan had no opinion at all, even more than his head was dizzy.
A thousand dollars. Ah, a thousand dollars.
Without waiting for Xuanrao, I went into the house and counted 1000 yuan. Yu Shanshen stayed at Lin Qinghe’s house and came back when it was done.
While Wu manzhu several people are dizzy with heavy money came to the small bowl of their room.
"every day"
Is this money so easy to earn?
How much is their family?
"Momo peach 2,000 yuan wild boar, she and Xiao Liu one person 1,000, and those bills were privately divided into one hundred per room."
"A total of three thousand two hundred is not counted." Persimmon eyes were in a trance.
Oh, my God, a lot of money.
Song Xing, an excited person, shook his persimmon shoulder and said excitedly, "Study hard, you must study hard. When you graduate, you have to buy a job even if you spend a lot of money."
"Our family can definitely stay in the city." Song Xing’s eyes shine. "I’ll communicate with Master Xu behind me and ask him to help pay attention to whether there is any work to be sold in the transportation brigade."
"If you have, you should visit the transportation team more often to help you get to know more seniors. It’s best to let them teach you how to drive. It’s best to make money."