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"I’m a girl, too. I think my daughter’s house is no better than a man’s. If she loses her innocence, it will be hard to get married in the future."

"If such a good man misses it, it will never happen again."
Yu Zhao looked up at her for a while and frowned. "Are you here to persuade me to marry him?"
Xianer shook her head. How could she come to persuade her to marry the man she has always been in love with?
She wants to make sure what she really thinks.
"Miss Yuer, are you sure you really don’t want to marry Gong?"
"Now refused to regret in the future can have no chance …"
Yu Zhao chuckled or said, "I think it’s clear that in your eyes, your family is beautiful and noble, but all women must like her."
"You are surprised and incomprehensible that I refused, right?"
The xian son nodded "yes"
She really doesn’t understand what’s on her mind.
"Your husband is as good as anything in your eyes, but for me, he is only limited to appreciation."
"It’s like a beautiful and priceless baby. Even if you like it and have the ability to buy it, you don’t have to buy it. You just have to enjoy it. There is no need to buy it back."
The xian son’s eyes flashing with some not mood >
She smiled and disagreed with Yu Zhao’s words. "Since it’s a good idea, how about a written diploma for her girl? Section 1974: Local karma coincidence 8.
She smiled and disagreed with Yu Zhao’s words. "Since it’s a good idea, why don’t you set up a diploma in writing?"
"If you do a good job of what you say, you will not be entangled in the public after that."
Yu Zhao was stunned and a stream of anger rose in his heart. "Written evidence?"
Doesn’t she believe her word at all?
Will she be haunted by her public ownership in the future? [
Xianer nodded faintly, but said, "Since the girl on her mind is firm, it’s nothing for you to make a written statement."
"Unless it’s her girl who wants to be public in the future …"
Yuzhao took a deep breath and tried to calm his anger.
Thanks to her, this is called Xian’s children, which is much better than those two arrogant maids.
It turns out that they are just a pair of virtues.
They all worshipped Guan Yu as a god.
Since she is Guan Yu’s personal servant girl, she must have been instructed by Guan Yu to say such a thing.
That damn man!
Who is he? Is he so arrogant because of his good looks and family background?
At this moment, the anger in her heart is not because of Xianer …
But because of that man named Guan Yu.
Xianer is his servant girl. Of course, it means what he means.
Luckily, he still made a guilty look in front of his face …
"Whether the written evidence is a good pen and ink, I will write it."
She’s not interested in that damn man.
Ask him to do everything for her and she’ll leave this hellhole immediately.
Xian son has been waiting for her this sentence for a long time. As soon as her voice fell, she heard Xian son clap her hands and let people bring pen and ink.
The two maids with pen and ink pushed the door and entered immediately after Xian Er gave the order.
It turns out that people are already waiting outside [
Xianer’s main purpose in coming here is to make a written statement for herself.
Yu Zhao’s angry pen in his heart is like a dragon dancing wildly. After writing the written evidence, he bit his finger and pressed his hand before Xianer could speak. Section 1975: Local karma coincidence 9