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What will you graduate?

"Just the other day," said Momo Tao, blinking her big eyes. "I didn’t come back until I graduated. Otherwise, how could I be so early?"
Everyone stared at Qu Jia.
The key to this question should be
"Shouldn’t you have said something before graduation?" Wu manzhu is angry
They have already planned to go out for a trip when the baby graduates. This is a doctoral degree.
What a glorious thing! They must be there.
But now it’s all gone
"Graduation ceremony also held? Are you sure you don’t want to go back? " Song Xing deathless heart gather together.
"… I really don’t. I have finished my graduation and got my certificate to attend the graduation ceremony." Momo Tao said.
Hearing this reply, the Qujia people were all a little frustrated.
It’s a good thing that Momo Taoke has been staying at home, but right?
They lost an opportunity to travel abroad instead of attending the doctoral graduation ceremony.
Everyone’s mood is very complicated.
Having Momo peaches is not affected at all, just like eating, drinking and drinking as if you had never left. Doby children are extremely happy
Momo Taotang brothers are here, too. Even older cousins have come with them.
Momo peach looked at it.
There are a total of seven people from the Qu family, all of whom are in their twenties and thirties, and all of whom graduated from primary school.
One of the cousins is better. He graduated from high school, but he came out without taking the university exam twice.
This is also normal. Although their family has been admitted to the university, it is also in Momo to order all kinds of questions.
Just this, except Qu Qi, is also a junior college. Think about this difficulty.
In Wang Xiaoer, a few of them and a bunch of people followed, and a few people crossed each table and sat together with Qu Dabo and Qu Er, the men.
There are quite a few people coming out of the brigade this time.
Their brigade is developing well because of the vermicelli factory, at least every family is still rich, but it can’t be compared with the outside.
This time, when the Qu family came out, everyone knew that their family had established a foothold here, and several enterprising people in Wang Xiaoer came running with them.
I didn’t ask them to arrange work, which means that their family has a foundation here and everyone can take care of it together
For the big family, it is expensive to go back and forth on both sides, but it is not a big problem to bite your teeth.
They are still willing to try one more chance.
Momo peach eyes on this pile of people including Qu Dabo, Qu Jiatang and Wang Xiaoer.
One by one, they chatted with their glasses, and they talked about things in the brigade before and met people and things here.
Lively is very lively.
It is this chat tone that makes Momo peach frown.
Especially in it, she also saw several acquaintances.
"Is the family there?" Momo Taodi asked persimmon, "Where are they now?"
"At the small garage," persimmon glanced back and said, "It’s all four aunts’ family. She can’t take care of your brother. They know it."
Momo peach nodded his head. This is indeed the reason. This is a four-room housework. They are not good at getting involved now.
"Still like before?" Looking at the fat and strong over there, they are blessed with a few Momo peaches frowning.
You can’t judge by appearances, but you can tell a lot from appearances.
"Hit him if you dare to provoke him" persimmon is simple and rude.
Momo Tao understands that this person is probably as far away as before, which is good
It’s a long meal, and everyone has been waiting from sunset to the branches of the moon until the meal can’t get any colder. This banquet can be regarded as it.
Everyone was full and began to clean up the dishes and chopsticks.
Momo peach deliberately looked at those individuals over there, one by one, drunk and dizzy, and began to blow the cow and talk big, let alone help.
You have to be sent home with help, or you can just rest here.
Momo peach pursed her lips and looked at the women in the house to collect the dishes and wash them well, which led them to the home with a small bowl of persimmon.
The little lion was so sleepy that he slept directly in persimmon arms that he didn’t even come over because of overtime.
Song Xing ate with them and sat without drinking and chatted all night. Now she is still chattering with Momo Tao about things over the years.
Each said his own words, but he was very enthusiastic
When I get home, the moon hangs on the treetops, and the stars, big or small or dark, are like a chessboard. I don’t know who will win in the end.
"I’m finally home." When I got home, Peach stretched herself and her face was a little tired.
"I’m so tired. I spent all last night on the plane. The time difference between the two sides is still different."
"Then you go to rest," Wu Manzhu hurriedly said, "Ah He sleeps in the guest room here, Taotao herself goes back to your room, and you are always taking care of it."
Momo peach yawned a little sleepy, but there are still things unclear.
I don’t know if I was there just now, but I’m back now.