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Authenticity and life have aroused the resonance of the audience, just like a dose of air freshener, which brings new feelings to the audience and makes people shine.

The novel forms of entertainment make the audience have emotional connection and realistic resonance, and trigger the upsurge of family education and family discussion.
The cultivation and education of children has always been an eternal topic for Chinese people. After the father became angry, education experts also came out and gave a good rub.
"Zhou Bo is too fond of children. When Zhou Zhou cries, he can’t do this. It’s not good for Zhou Zhou’s growth."
"Lao Li is too strict with Bin Bin, which restricts Bin Bin to death. Bin Bin is actually a very sensible and independent child with a delicate mind and responsibility. It may be better if Lao Li can relax a little."
Keep talking
Of course, the most direct feeling for fans is that after watching this program, they feel that the children’s enemies are super grounded.
Or the former stars are deified, but in fact, the stars are just ordinary people, and there will be such troubles.
When the mass culture occupies the cultural market, the mass is actually the protagonist of the market. In this environment and trend star, we should constantly lower our posture and be close to the mass in order to gain a longer life.
It was actually suluo who took the lead in doing this. He was an absolute alien in the entertainment circle. When he came out, people said he was a fresh mudslide.
I have just been despised by other stars and ashamed of being martial, but in fact, such people are the most popular in the current environment.
What the public wants to see is actually to get the star ring "themselves" and to see the wishes of ordinary people, not those who come to worship stars at the altar.
This is why suluo always makes a lot of "falling powder" moves that other stars can’t understand, but the fans always increase instead of decreasing, and they all love him to death. This is the main reason.
Just as his musical ideas are simpler, the more touching they are.
His appearance satisfy that public’s desire to see ordinary people.
In fact, everyone will be wise after the event. When these stars have realized this, people have already reached the forefront.
In the past six months, DreamWorks’ performance against the sky has blinded all entertainment companies.
The newly-launched variety show has become a phenomenal level, which makes people sigh.
Once netizens talked about the new heyday entertainment and shouted that the dragon god would rule the entertainment circle. Now it seems to be a joke.
On the contrary, the small workshop that no one saw at the beginning has become a mysterious force in the real entertainment circle, and every move leads the new trend.
Doing a program, shooting a TV show, watching a TV show, and doing animation across borders can make a country full of conscience. This is the mysterious power, the power of a dreamer.
It’s a little early to say that DreamWorks is a giant in the entertainment industry, but the embryonic form of the entertainment empire has come out and is thriving.
Brother Bao crossed the aisle and watched the feedback come back with all kinds of data. Where did Dad go to launch it? It was another big victory, high reputation and bad reviews, which also caused great social repercussions.
It is said that the remote village where the first film was filmed was on fire, and tourists flocked to show the "suluo effect" incisively and vividly. Wherever you go, it will be on fire.
I want to go to the first shooting location to see Mengwa. The fans think too much. Now the second scenic spot is estimated to have been shot, and I don’t know that guy is not happy.
The boss took the elder martial sister out to surf, but DreamWorks is still running in an orderly way.
After the rabbit incident broke out that year, the animation department will also launch an animation in which Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, cats and mice are closely connected, and Jiang Xiaoxiancheng is in charge of your lies in April.
In the film and television department, the fans paid great attention to the film, which made He Dongze tremble. Only when he really wanted to stir up the beam himself did he find it really difficult to make a good film.
The most difficult thing is that Xia Han’s demon king made He Dongze have no temper at all.
"How did the director make the old film hot and ugly? Do it again without domineering."
"Director, director, how can a shot pass at a domineering moment?"
Xiao He wants to cry and Bao Ge complains and asks for sanctions. The Great Devil doesn’t know who is the director. Now I miss suluo more than I do.
Brother Bao kicked him out and tried to go by himself.
Delightfully lit a cigarette, sitting outside the window and looking at the distance seems not far away. Mianhua DreamWorks is unstoppable.
The topic of where dad is going on the internet continues to ferment, and at the same time, the Oscar animation short film exhibition has quietly come to an end.
I haven’t coughed since I had a fever, and my lungs are about to cough up this time. I feel like I’ve been pulled out.
Chapter three hundred and ninety-six Forgotten animation short film exhibition
Oscar is the most influential film award in the world, and there is no carnival party for fans.
Shadow is the most popular theme animation or animation short film or peripheral animation short film exhibition. You can imagine how low the attention will be.
The notice of Oscar animation short film exhibition that Yang Baobei had received it was not taken too seriously, and the members of the animation department who were upset that they were not selected to participate in the Oscar had given up. The company could not send anyone there, and the chance was slim.
In fact, I decided to go to this qualifying tournament to challenge Oscar. suluo thought it over carefully, summed up his advantages and disadvantages, and concluded that it was very difficult to be in deus ex there.
Even if the cat and mouse won the Golden Awards in their previous lives, they can’t say anything, which is determined by various factors in the animated short film exhibition.
The times have changed. With the development of film and animation technology, animated short films have entered the amateur era. Non-professional creators can also enrich their animation techniques to express their self-creation, and emphasize the originality and perfection of form.
If commercial animation is the mainstream animation, then the mainstream of animated short films is art short films, especially the competition focuses on experimentation, which is a stepping stone for the creators to get more financial support and make animated cinema feature films.