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Zhang Chengyuan put his arm around her waist and said, "This is just right! I can enjoy the beauty of changing clothes. Leave me alone and change your clothes when I’m not here! "

He said it lightly, but how could Lin Zhixiu say a few words when he was not here? At the sight of Zhang Chengyuan’s firm and cold eyes, she faded and dared not argue again. She went to the closet and took out some clothes and began to wear them behind Zhang Chengyuan’s back.
When she was dressing, she didn’t take off her bath towel. Instead, she gently lifted * * and put on her pants. When she moved quickly for a second or two, she put them on, but she still looked lithe and graceful. When she bent down, her hips protruded backwards, which made Zhang Chengyuan feel itchy and unbearable.
After putting on her pants, she unfolded her bra and stuck it near her collarbone. She wrapped her full chest tightly with a bath towel, then stretched her arms backwards and groped for the button of the bra. Suddenly, she felt a pair of familiar big hands touching her back, and then the button of the bra was buckled by these hands. After that, these hands went from her back to her shoulders and then turned to her chest. She immediately reached out and held them down and begged, "Boss, can’t you leave me face?" Xuanying is next door. Maybe she will come in at any time. If she sees us now … "
Zhang Chengyuan said, "So what? She will know you are my woman sooner or later!" Pull Lin zhixiu’s bath towel
Lin Zhixiu resisted, "I’m not! And I’m not a call girl, so you can play with me! " She turned to look at Zhang Chengyuan’s eyes full of grief and indignation. Se, if Zhang Chengyuan molested her when they were alone, she wouldn’t care. But Zhang Chengyuan didn’t care that there was an underage girl at home who wanted to make a slutty move on her, but she couldn’t stand it!
Zhang Chengyuan was stunned. It was the first time he saw Lin Zhixiu look at him like this. He couldn’t bear to molest him again. She said, "I’m sorry I really went too far with you today!" Pick up a nightgown that Lin Zhixiu put on the chair next to her and gently put it on for her.
Then he turned and walked out and said, "I hope you won’t resist me like this when there are two of us!" "
Lin Zhixiu looked at his back and wondered whether to be happy or sad. He finally accepted her plea once or was sad. He would still ask for her again.
Zhang Chengyuan walked out of Lin Zhixiu’s room and just sat on the sofa for a while when he saw Park Xuanying jumping out of the room and ran to him and asked, "Uncle, have you talked to Sister Zhixiu?"
Zhang Chengyuan said, "It hasn’t started yet. She’s going into the house to change clothes now!"
Park Xuanying said, "Uncle Ji Xiujie is a great person and a great beauty, and her figure is even better. If you see her naked, you will be fascinated by her! If a good woman like uncle misses it, she will never find it again! "
Zhang Chengyuan chuckled, "Do you want me to pursue her?"
Park Xuanying nodded, "Yes!"
Zhang Chengyuan said, "Didn’t I tell you that I already have a girlfriend?"
Park Xuanying said, "Although I don’t know who your girlfriend really is and what she looks like? But I don’t think it will be better than Ji Xiujie. Ji Xiujie is beautiful, in good shape, outstanding in temperament, gentle, or graduated from Seoul National University. She can manage your finances and run the industry for you. Everything is first-class except home. Where can you find such a good marriage partner? "
Zhang Chengyuan patted Park Xuanying’s head and said, "Girl, you are too philistine. Love and marriage are not better than conditions, and Lin Zhixiu is not my favorite woman. I can’t marry her. Besides, I’ll tell you one more thing. Even if I don’t marry Lin Zhixiu, she will follow me for a generation. She can give full play to all her talents because she follows me." He added in his heart, "She belongs to me and I won’t let her leave me!"
PiaoXuanYing sneered, "I can’t believe that Ji Xiujie will have a better future if she doesn’t follow you! Her education, appearance and talent can be valued in any big company. Now it’s a real talent to manage a coffee shop and a western restaurant for you! "
She doesn’t know that Lin Zhixiu is actually Zhang Chengyuan’s most trusted and only financial manager, who controls almost all Zhang Chengyuan’s assets. At present, there are about 4 billion won, and even tens of billions in a few years, even if she enters a large enterprise, she may not be able to control so much money, not to mention that she can invest the money at will without being constrained. Zhang Chengyuan won’t care how she invests if she can make money without doing anything illegal.
Zhang Chengyuan said, "Do you have an intention to recommend Lin Zhixiu as my bride so hard?"
PiaoXuanYing pouting way "what do I have? I really care about you! Uncle, if you doubt my eyes again, I will ignore you. "
Zhang Chengyuan said, "It’s best to ignore it, then I can worry! Uh, it’s almost twelve o’clock. Why don’t you go to bed? You have to get up early to go to class. "
PiaoXuanYing dissatisfied way "haven’t said a few words you kick me out is really a bad uncle! Uncle, I finally told you that you would regret it after saying that you don’t want Ji Xiujie. "After saying this, she trotted into her room to prepare the light for sleep."
Zhang Chengyuan turned to look at Lin Zhixiu at the door of the bedroom and waved her to come over and said, "Did you hear what Xuanying said just now? She said that if I don’t want you, I will regret it in the future. How do you feel about this sentence?"
Lin Zhixiu whispered, "It’s just a foolish child talking nonsense! Boss, don’t blame her! "
Zhang Chengyuan said, "Is it nonsense? I think this sentence is in my heart! Lin zhixiu, listen, I’m telling you for the last time, whether you like it or not, you can be my woman in this life! I hope you will accept it or you will ask for it! "
Lin Zhixiu stood still and resigned. "Well, I know!" Congren is often a person who knows the times. She knows that Gen can’t resist Zhang Chengyuan and will ask for trouble after resisting, so she won’t resist any more. Moreover, she actually predicted this kind of fruit and made some mental preparations.
Then her god Se suddenly became firm and said seriously, "There is one thing I beg the boss that you can promise me!"
Zhang Chengyuan said, "Tell me about it!"
Lin Zhixiu said, "I hope the boss won’t tell anyone about’ I’m your woman’. We should always remain a pure boss and subordinate in front of outsiders."
Zhang Chengyuan mused, "I promise I won’t make love to you in front of outsiders and I won’t take the initiative to reveal that you are my woman. But if my loved ones guess that we really ask me for proof, then I won’t hide it for you. You should know that I won’t lie to Sister Xiaoli and them unless I have to!"
Lin Zhixiu said, "I can understand" because she knew that Zhang Chengyuan was telling the truth.
Zhang Chengyuan said, "So now I want to verify your mind!"
Lin Zhixiu hesitate to see a PiaoXuanYing room.
Zhang Chengyuan said, "Don’t worry, that girl is asleep."
Lin Zhixiu knew that Zhang Chengyuan could walk to Zhang Chengyuan through perceiving the people around him and smell the words. He took the initiative to sit on Zhang Chengyuan’s leg, but Se, a stiff figure, was also a little flustered.
Zhang Chengyuan said, "I’m not very satisfied with you like this, but you have made a lot of progress compared with the past. I hope you can show more enthusiasm next time."
Lin Zhixiu blushed and bowed his head.
Zhang Chengyuan breathed a sigh of relief and suddenly said, "There is one thing that I want you to handle for me. You should go to Jin Yazhong brokerage company Haha Entertainment Company to discuss a Jin Yazhong contract with the company representative and then ask them for a cancellation agreement to send it to Jin Yazhong."
When it comes to business, Lin Zhixiu looks dignified and asks, "Boss, I’m afraid I can’t speak for Miss Jin Yazhong!"
Zhang Chengyuan said, "You are just going through the motions. I have just handled this matter properly. If you want to give a name, he will naturally cooperate with you!"
"whose name?"
"Li Bo!" Mayor of Seoul at this time
Lin Zhixiu was surprised and asked, "Boss, do you have it with Mayor Li Bo?"
Zhang Chengyuan sneered, "Bullshit, I just used this person’s name to scare the boss of Haha Entertainment Company. You need to know the specific process and do what I say."
Lin Zhixiu nodded neatly, which should be followed by Zhang Chengyuan and told Lin Zhixiu the address of Haha Entertainment Company. She couldn’t find the address of people in Jin Yazhong, and he didn’t know it, but Lin Zhixiu had a Jin Yazhong couplet.
After the confession, Zhang Chengyuan asked Lin Zhixiu to get up and put out his hand and patted her hip twice and said, "I’ll keep your body for you for the time being. Since you promised to be my woman, I’m not in a hurry to get you, but you have to be ready to wait on me at any time, okay?"
Lin zhixiu replied, "I know the boss!"
Zhang Chengyuan smiled and turned away from Lin Zhixiu’s residence. He was in a very happy mood. After "bullying" Lin Zhixiu for about a year and a half, he finally accepted her initially, and the next thing to do was to make her love him unswerving.
Chapter two hundred and thirty-two Negotiation
Zhang Chengyuan had been waiting for him for a long time when he got home that night. Hui Bin had been lingering for a long time. He vented his accumulated thoughts for a long time. If Hui Bin wasn’t waiting for him tonight, he might be tempted to take Lin Zhixiu to his home and enjoy his body. Hui Bin was also inferior to Se Lin Zhixiu, but Hui Bin’s affection for him made him more attached.
The next day, Zhang Chengyuan went to see Park Binglie at noon after he was busy with the announcement.
Zhang Chengyuan, who runs a company in Park Binglie, said, "Brother Park, I have something to tell you!" He looked a little serious and his tone was a little dim.
Park Binglie was stunned and asked, "Do you want to talk about the contract?"
He had already foreseen that the day would come when Zhang Chengyuan’s popularity and development prospects would succumb to him again. This little-known brokerage company is really wasted, because his company has helped Zhang Chengyuan to go. In fact, the company has not helped Zhang Chengyuan in the past two years. Many invitations such as movies, videos, advertisements and business announcements are not won by the company, but automatically delivered to Zhang Chengyuan’s image and popularity. What he can do is to win more benefits for the company and Zhang Chengyuan.
In view of this, Park Binglie and Zhang Chengyuan have a close personal relationship. From the standpoint of friends, he also believes that Zhang Chengyuan should not bow down here now. Therefore, Park Binglie has never kept Zhang Chengyuan waiting for an automatic showdown with him, but today seems to have arrived.
Zhang Chengyuan said, "It’s Brother Park!"
Park Binglie asked, "Are you going to that company?"
Zhang Chengyuan said, "I want to set up a company by myself!"
Park Binglie nodded, "I really can’t stand being asked by others to be your boss, so it’s better to be a little more loyal!"
Zhang Chengyuan said, "Thanks to Brother Park for taking care of me over the years, I can grow up to this level comfortably and smoothly."