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"You have heard the saying that women are virtuous, right?" Jun Hao seems to be interested in arousing her anger, and wants to see her anger passing away when she just entered the door. Her pretty lips feel very angry instead of being thoughtless like a wooden beauty. He likes thoughtful people, whether they are men or women.

"Yes, the emperor has heard of it" is a bit successful. Although Mu Ziling’s face is calm, her tone has not ignored her anger. She is forbearing her little hand to hold her fist tightly at her side and loosen it several times.
"Give me a reason." Muziling calmed down his mood and moved a little to get a panoramic view. Jun Hao’s lips showed some gentle smiles, like a spring breeze. It was Muziling who was immersed in his emotions and ignored it.
"Good," Mu Ziling slowly breathed a sigh of relief, as if he had decided. "There is a narrative folk song that tells the story of Mulan disguised as a man to take the place of her father in the army and fought in the battlefield and returned to the DPRK to make meritorious deeds. The story is full of strange colors. If the emperor doesn’t feel humiliated, I would like to sing one."
"Good" long-lost beautiful singing echoed in Junhao’s ear again, and he expected her to surprise him.
"Ahem!" Mu Ziling cleared her voice and walked like a corner of Henan Opera, which not only helped to relax her nervousness, but also made it easier to enter the artistic conception of this song with her own pace and imagine that she was heroic like Mulan.
Brother Liu’s remarks were too unreasonable.
Who says women enjoy leisure?
Men fight to the side and women weave at home.
Farming during the day and spinning cotton at night.
Work hard day and night
Soldiers can have this food and clothing.
If you don’t believe me, please look around.
Our shoes and baskets, as well as clothes and shirts.
Thousands of stitches are all connected by them.
Many heroines also take credit for it.
Killing the enemy is a hero from generation to generation
What are these women inferior to boys?
Ah ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Volume 1, Chapter 9
Chapter 9
"Pa Pa" accompanied by Mu Ziling’s clear voice and steady singing, the heroic image of Mulan was like in front of her eyes. Her every look was crisp and neat. That night, the situation was different. This kind of singing made Jun Hao move and Xiao Qiao marvel! Xiao Qiao clapped her hands out of control and praised her for forgetting the occasion. When she realized that the emperor was here, she was busy, shy and embarrassed, and slowly admitted that she had just forgotten her demeanor.
"What a’ who says women are not as good as men’!" Jun Hao nodded approvingly and looked at Muziling, still low-headed, and nodded to Xiao Qiao around him, and Xiao Qiao left knowingly.
"Am I that terrible?" Jun Hao looked at Muziling, who stood not far from him, and looked at her again. She was nervous and slightly annoyed. "Or am I too ugly to see?" Why don’t you dare to look me in the eye every time since you wake up? "
"You are the emperor" Mu Ziling gently raised his head and looked straight at Jun Hao sitting in the chair. There is no denying that he is handsome and noble, which can almost make many people who meet for the first time feel good about beauty. This is a shame. "This is the courtesy and honor you deserve!"
Looking at Mu Ziling’s faint expression, he was annoyed. "If melodramatic is a courtesy, I am surprised by Pang Re!"
Said the ready to leave "emperor-"MuZiLing the feeling be nasty near gently grabbed the junhao sleeve just request haven’t fruit! Although I secretly appreciate Jun Hao’s easy identification of his disguise, if I always want to bend like a caged bird in this big cage, wouldn’t it be counterproductive? Freedom is precious!
"Huh?" Jun Hao looked at Muziling with satisfaction, tugging at his little hand. Although he had to move lightly, he could get rid of it. I don’t know what made him feel interesting. Looking at Muziling’s sincere eyes, he remembered that there was an inexplicable surge of emotion in his heart just now. I have to admit that she has successfully moved him and he won’t refuse.
"Good I promise you" Jun Hao nodded and didn’t look back "but you have to promise me one condition"
"Please say" MuZiling carefully withdrew her hand, and she was bold and reckless and secretly annoyed, waiting for her heart to pray that it was not too difficult.
"As you sang, who said that women are not as good as men?" Jun Hao replied, "The state prison was specially set up to cultivate the pillars of the country. Do you know what I mean?" Jun Hao Dian zhi
"Understand" Mu Ziling’s confident eyes reveal a bright look, which makes her even more eye-catching. Even if you read the number of people, Jun Hao will not be moved. "I will work hard."
Yes, she is confident enough. How can she compete with the ancients by accumulating wisdom in her future world? Of course, apart from scheming and cheating, I’m afraid this is the only thing she can’t do. This is not to say that she is kind-hearted and wants to be lazy because she feels tired and tired living like that. If she can choose to live like this, she won’t be hard on herself.
Among the three kingdoms of Yan State, one thing is different from other countries. It was established in the harem that it was the ancestral instruction of Yan State that their ancestors married a wife all their lives, although they had had a second and a third. Fourth, there are many beauties, but they all have no fame and titles. If they have heirs, they deserve titles and enjoy the succession to the throne. Even if the outstanding heirs log in to the throne, their mothers are not allowed to stay in the palace court. "Honest officials can’t judge family affairs." According to their ancestors, it was made to avoid the harem directly or cause disasters. This is really a strange system, but this system makes Mu Ziling feel comfortable and free. She can stay away from those right and wrong. She is not a good at gaining access and playing with her heart.
Chapter 10
Muziling woke Xiao Qiao from his sleep in the early morning the next day. He was sent by Jun Haowei, a professional and unified decorator of the State Prison. When the two were ready, Yan Bin, the main manager, led him out of the palace and boarded an exquisite carriage. He stopped at a secluded place through several busy streets. Yan Bin respectfully opened the curtain and asked Muziling to wait for the car to say, "The empress has arrived."
"Oh," MuZiLing happily took Yan Bin’s hand-jumping handlebar and scared Xiao Qiao forward. It was not enough to fall on her in case of ten heads. However, Yan Bin’s eyes were so calm that there was only a flash of surprise. Then what happened to these emperors’ mind about the empress? It turned out to be full of vitality and people didn’t feel happy and comfortable.
"Chief Inflammation" looked at the vigorous and powerful gatekeeper "Guo Jian" and suddenly felt guilty for no reason. This is a sacred place. Are you too bold?
"Yes" YanBin should way.
"Cough" Mu Ziling adjusted her mood before she whispered, "Can’t you call me an empress when you enter this door?"
"That-"Yan Bin waited for Wen.
"What’s the name?" MuZiLing thoughtfully flashes suddenly "Lin Tianyou! That’s it. After that, you two can just call me Gong or God bless. Remember! "
"Remember," Yan Bin, she was quick-witted, and secretly praised that it was not God’s blessing to get back a life from the ghost gate.
"Mom, what about me?" Xiao Qiao, a companion, thought it would be great if the empress could give herself a loud name when she heard the learned name of the empress!
"You, uh, just call Qiao Siyuan. It’s very meaningful." Muziling nodded at Xiao Qiao with great seriousness.
"Xie Niang … Xie Gong Xie Gong!" Xiao Qiao danced with joy and excitement, which made Yan Bin’s face a little softer.
"Go in." Yan Bin tapped on the door and saw a middle-aged Han Juan full of flavor. When he saw it, Yan Bin was busy fuels and salutes. "Yan’s adult!"
"Don’t bother to show off the public." Yan Bin responded lightly. Although it looks familiar, there is always some distance. I don’t know if it is because of the need of the occasion or the scruples of identity. Muziling took the opportunity to look at them politely and fairly, and when he thought about them, his ear had come to Yan Bin for introduction.
"This is Lin Gongqi’s boy Qiao Gong" Yan Bin politely staggered slightly and introduced the visitor to Mu Ziling at the same time. "Lin Gongqi is known as a" saint "and said that Mr. Zhan Yan’s words" floating like a cloud, agile as a dragon "have attracted many parents’ attention and can be put away freely."
"Lord Yan praised Zhan for being unworthy!" Zhan Yan’s attitude is extremely humble, which makes Mu Ziling feel a little good. Most scholars are very lofty. I didn’t expect to be so humble at the extreme.
"It’s really’ seeing is believing’." Mu Ziling’s clear voice, like pearls and jade, is very beautiful. "Please teach me more later!" With a deep bow, Xiao Qiao, who is also extremely sincere and sensible, quickly bowed with him.
"Er" When Zhan Yan looked at Yan Bin’s handsome figure behind him, although the "Guo Jian" was ushered in for so many years, I didn’t know how many fragrances had been sprinkled and how many younger brothers had been given. Although there were many extremely handsome people, the younger brother stood in front of him today with Gherardini eyes that made him a little stunned for no reason. Is it really that he is already a father of three children? It’s not surprising that everything in this world is under the supervision of the state, and it’s not surprising that it’s a very short absence. Zhanyan nodded at Muziling with a smile and turned around and said, "Let’s go. Dean has been waiting for a long time."
What kind of place is this after Zhan Yan leads three people to walk slowly? Muziling carefully looked at the surrounding environment, pavilions, small bridges and flowing water, and the lawn was getting closer and closer. Looking from a distance, the front school building was relaxed and happy. It was indeed a good place to study and miss everyone’s figure in front of the door.