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A small ball curled up like a snowball.

A big fluffy tail wraps around most of the body.
It rests its head on its tail and slightly raises its head. It looks at it with timid eyes like glazed beads.
Fox seems a little scared, and his body is trembling slightly [
"Brother Moon, this is the fox you want to give me, isn’t it?"
Eyes shining, looking at the little fox in the cage, his face was excited and excited.
Chu month from some nai shook his head.
It seems that his charm is not as good as a fox.
Since I saw the little fox, if I cherish my eyes, I haven’t moved away from the little fox.
I didn’t even look at him when I talked to him.
But … Seeing her so happy made him feel very happy.
"It’s very kind of you to leave your brother …"
If you cherish the fox, you turn around and rush into Chu Yue’s arms.
The little head rubbed in his arms, the sweetest way, "I like you the most if I leave my brother."
Chu yueli really hurts her.
If she opens her mouth, no matter what, he will try to satisfy her.
Sometimes she deliberately makes things difficult.
But in the end, he did it.
As a fairy, the little man took the initiative to throw himself at Chu month, and the centrifugal fierce quiver was two.
It’s really comfortable to hold a small person in your arms with fragrance and softness.
A fox gets a throw herself at him, which is a great deal.
Chu Yueli gently encircled Ruoxi, reached out and touched her head and said, "Ruoxi, do you really like Yueli’s brother best?" [
Xiao Ruoxi teased the little fox while smiling and replied, "Yes, it’s best to be away from my brother. It’s good for Ruoxi. Of course I like you."
Chu Yueli frowned slightly. "Then if there are other men who are also very good to you, will you like others if you cherish them?"
A young man with a stiff body in his arms.
Chu month from this words reminds her of a person.
That was … a long time ago.
However, it has been ten years since the separation, and she still clearly remembers getting along with that person.
At the beginning, she also said these things to that person. Verse 47: A good marriage is destined to be 14.
He is also very kind to her.
At that time, she really liked him.
I still want to marry him when I grow up.
Because my mother said she would be his bride, she could stay with him for the rest of her life.
At that time, she really wanted to be with his whole generation [
Never part.
At that time? She really liked him.
But then he got the news.
Disappeared without saying a word
It’s been ten years and it hasn’t appeared again.
Heart is not without complaint.
It’s been so long that everything has faded.
Even that love has faded.
Yes, or remember him.
Never forget
Seeing that she was in a trance, some worries aroused her. "What’s wrong with you?"
This face in front of me …
Handsome as jade, she saw tenderness and worry in his eyes.
He is that one beside her at the moment.
That fox boy is a thing of the past.
Even if she remembers the past, all kinds of things have become the past.
Since he left without saying a word and never showed up again
Then that person is not worth thinking about.
"I’m fine when I’m away from my brother" [
Chu Yueli smiled, scraped her nose and looked at her. "The second time you said that the tribute fish in the palace was delicious, I asked my father for a small kitchen that had just been sent to Yuji. Should we go and see it now?"
If you are stunned, a lot of "true?"
"Of course, if I want it, whatever it is, I will find it for you."
If pity is a little touched, look at him. "You are so kind to Brother Yue."
Chu month from rubbed his head and said softly, "because if precious little is worth my treatment ….."
Does she know that he has never been so kind to anyone but her?
Because no one but her can make him so willing to be honest.
From the first time he saw her …