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Chen Chigen didn’t take Qingchen’s words to heart. "If I didn’t supervise you, you wouldn’t even insist on fifteen minutes."

Qingchen was once again hit hard. "I had a fitness card last year and I will go tomorrow!" "
Although the fitness card was done on a whim in Qingchen, it was almost a year after it was done, and I haven’t been there ten times in total.
But this time, Qingchen felt that she must insist on showing it to Chenchi.
Chenchi had no problem with Qingchen’s figure, hoping that she would ensure enough exercise to ensure good health, so she went with Qingchen.
But this time, Chen Chi didn’t think that it was himself who was the first to insist on not going …
When Qingchen got up early the next morning, she was full of energy. After the weekend holiday, all the fatigue disappeared.
I am especially excited to think that Yao Hui will officially return to the TV station today.
"I used to think that fighting villains was a kind of trouble, but now I think that life is wonderful and complete."
"Don’t be too happy. That person is not so easy to deal with. Be careful." Chen Chi woke up.
"I know, I will try to avoid her confrontation anyway, but I won’t be soft if she takes the initiative to find the door."
Qingchen really wants to know what Yao Hui will do if she wants to deal with herself.
And did Yao Hui do something once?
When I went out, I met Sisi by chance, changed my hairstyle, and my long hair became shorter. It just fell over my shoulders, gentle and somewhat capable.
"Hey, cut your hair?" Qingchen found her change at a glance.
"Hmm" smile "Take care of your hair if it’s too long"
"Cut it yourself?"
"Well …"
Does anyone want to see the one who has been to Si and Chu Ningzhao Gym before …
☆, haper 7 makes trouble.
Section 29
"Chun Ningzhao will accompany you?" Qing Chen smiled with malicious intent.
Shattered glass said, "How could I ask him to come with me …"
"If you don’t, you should say it’s right at this time …" Qingchen patted him on the shoulder. "Do you two spend the weekend together?"
"Because Rui Rui wants to go to play, we will take him with us."
I didn’t notice how natural my "we" theory was.
Qing Chen Bai nodded and stopped teasing her. "I’ll go to work first and talk to you later."
Si was relieved because, as Qingchen guessed, she not only spent the weekend with Chu Ningzhao, but also lived like a normal couple.
She wanted to get her hair cut, so Chu Ningzhao actually went to the barber shop and sat waiting for her. During the whole process, people came and went in the barber shop, and almost everyone had to take a look at sitting on the sofa and fiddling with their brains.
Even sitting in a barber shop, that man can sit in a calm and carefree field.
The barber also joked, "Wait till you are your husband. You two are a good match."
A few quick laughs didn’t answer this question.
But there is no way to calm down if you want to think that Chu Ningzhao will spend time here waiting for her to do a wave of current affairs.
Before, she always tried to hope that Chu Ningzhao would accompany her, but his work always came first, or that Chu Ningzhao didn’t care about anything except work.
There are also poetic arts who will be treated differently. Chu Ningzhao will spend less time with poetic arts in his busy schedule, even if it won’t last long, but he still feels ridiculous in comparison. He tries his best to get him, but he will never be better than the position of poetic arts in Chu Ningzhao’s heart. He always hopes to replace poetic arts one day.
Si now has many thoughts that are about to burst out. She wants to ask Chu Ningzhao what the hell is going on like this?
Can it be said that because he has a children’s home, he can choose to give up his poetic skills and choose to be with himself?
Si never knew that Chu Ningzhao would be such a compromise person. The best way to meet Chu Ningzhao’s character should be that he gets Rui Rui’s support from himself and then goes to be with poetry and completely throws himself aside.
So what the hell is going on now?
Chu Ningzhao gets along with her now because she wants to grow up for a long time, but what about poetry? He has forgotten his poetic skills and doesn’t love her?