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Suluo pointed to just came in to clean the scene aunt righteousness is words said.

"Come on, you are narrow-minded and bear grudges."
"That’s revenge for ten years. It’s not too late. I’m not wrong. I am. This sentence is nonsense. Revenge psychology is also time-sensitive, okay?"
Suluo stare koo big eyes rang rang.
"Hey, I’m so naive that I’m too lazy to talk to you. You arrange it. I’ll go and party with those guys."
Yuxuan Leng just ran away from your heart as soon as his eyes rolled.
"Well, it’s a little crooked, but that’s definitely the reason."
Peak got up and adjusted a tie patted ass dust a face of serious said.
"I’ve seen if our film is still short of a green-killing conference. Please let me arrange it. Please organize and rest assured that all the media will be grand and spectacular."
We don’t want to hold the premiere of the wool-killing conference. Just show it in the cinema. If you want to show off in front of those media reporters, just say so. The reason for the conference is that you will think that suluo despises the peak.
I don’t care how long I’ve been waiting for this day. At this time, I don’t want to force myself to stay longer, but I walked out with great energy.
"I’ll arrange it first. Remember to leave me some big lobster hands. Don’t be too hard."
"Ha, ha, ha, ha. It turns out that my master is also a bitter and narrow-minded brother. Many media are asking you out. Do you want it?"
"Wow, am I your master? Low-key is the best way to show off. Are there many questions to ask? Do you want to hear my official explanation of tough life? Do you need to explain it? I won’t explain it."
"Hey, there you go again. I went to play, too."
"Hey, hey, I’m going to pick someone up. I have to have fun today."
Blink of an eye and run away, leaving suluo smiling at aunt Liao cleaning
"Aunt hey hey to discuss a matter with you bai"
There are too many things to be arranged. The netizens are crazy and continue to talk about it. It took two days for the news media to report crazily before they saw any movement in Weibo, suluo. If this reason is not enough, it can be said that Aunt Liao is really tired.
Suluo also thanked the media, friends and fans one by one and didn’t say a word about the Oscar name.
Compared with the publicity when the camera was smashed, now you are keeping a low profile and don’t want a good baby, right? Let the fans give a good speech.
The press conference of DreamWorks Shadow Flash Girl was directly crowded by reporters. Don’t be too spectacular.
When the actors and actresses are seated in rows, the spotlight flashes blind at the press conference.
The reporter couldn’t hold back his tears for a long time, and you guys came out.
I didn’t wait for them to ask questions, but the peak set the tone directly.
"It’s a film-killing conference today, so don’t ask questions about the film."
In the sound of "ah", the general manager is really cool.
Well, I knew you were all here, but I wouldn’t give you a chance to ask me to suffocate you and make you laugh at me before you.
What do you mean, tit for tat? I don’t want to talk about more questions before. You have to ask. Now I’m sorry. If you want to ask, I won’t answer.
That smug face made the reporters hate their teeth and want to lift the table at the moment.
Chapter four hundred and twenty Flash girl trailer release
The world is simple. The surest way to get something is to make yourself worthy of it.
Director Gao Feng is now showing off in an ostentatious manner. In front of all the media reporters present, you can say that he is successful or forgetful, but he just deserves it now. Just because he represents DreamWorks, DreamWorks is blinding people.
How much you reporters hate him? At this moment, we still have to look at his face and follow the film. We can pray for the big brother’s heart, but I can talk to you about the title of Oscar’s best animated short film.
Not all journalists are scum, and there will never be a shortage of wise people in this world. After introducing the starring role in the film at the peak, a female reporter came out on the spot.
Of course, it’s not that DreamWorks’ new film is very chatty about the facts. It’s at this time that he meows. Who wants to see you? It’s that the film is all there. Both DreamWorks Animation won the Oscar for Best Animation Short Film, right?
"Mr. Gao, may I ask if your DreamWorks’ new film goal will impact the 2008 Oscar just like your cartoons?"
Word by word, forcefully sign the topic back to the Oscar topic
"Ha ha ha ha ha"
Live hilarious
Sister, you are awesome
Gao Feng Nai is afraid of his shoulders.
"Is it the reporter or did you win this game?"
"Ha ha ha ha ha"
That’s what happens when you meet and smile. You slap me and I’ll punch you back. Hehe, smile and it’s over.
Just like the incident in which suluo angrily smashed the paparazzi camera, suluo was mentally retarded in the eyes of Keyboard Man.
In fact, pushing and pulling is the highest realm of chatting, and it can be closed when it is suppressed. Otherwise, how to say playing hard to get is the highest realm of picking up girls.
Suluo and the paparazzi media have become good friends, and the blacks can finally sigh, "It’s not that I’m not white, it’s that the world is changing rapidly."
Suluo said that it’s not really narrow-minded to let Aunt Cleaning go to the Oscars, which really makes Aunt Cleaning of DreamWorks handsome.
It’s been so long, who cares if it’s been missed by the visa officer? Even if it’s true for the people who eat melons, what can it do?
Who do you want revenge on?
be not in/be dead
It’s a great honor for anyone who wants to go to the award ceremony, even if the final result doesn’t win the prize, the media may note a shot, and you may be angry
Even so, suluo’s proposal to send aunt cleaning still won the support of the animation department members with both hands and feet.
The mental retardation in your eyes is actually 10 thousand times higher than your emotional intelligence.
Journalists can be really annoying sometimes, but sometimes you really have to
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