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"It shouldn’t count, Chengyuan. I want to tell you that you can’t be too negligent about Henren after you have a daughter. He is you and Yuri children." She seems to have another meaning.

Zhang Chengyuan slightly zheng wanted to think, "elder sister, are you worried that if I hurt Zhen Lin too much and ignore Heng Ren, Yuri elder sister will feel unhappy? How can this be? Sister Yuri is broad-minded and knows that I prefer my daughter. How can she care about such a small matter? "
Han Caiying said, "Maybe Yuri really doesn’t care, but she doesn’t care, but it doesn’t mean you can do this. Even if you really love your daughter more, you should try to be fair to yourself. Every child should not be too partial. This is the duty of a father. In addition, sisters will feel uncomfortable when they see it, so they may prefer Hengren in the future."
"Isn’t this good … er, no, it’s not good. It’s a little partial, but it’s not good for children’s future growth if they are too fond of it."
"You know this? After that, don’t be too partial to our daughter. I don’t want her to be spoiled by you in the future and become a rich girl who is arrogant and despises ordinary people and can’t eat any bitterness. "
"Elder sister, don’t worry, I won’t spoil my daughter like this even if I spoil her again. Don’t you think crystal is also my childhood pet? But how kind-hearted, upright and knowledgeable is she? It’s almost perfect except that it sticks to me, which means I can teach our daughter well with a good sense of proportion. "
"How can that be the same? Crystal but also her own parents, her sister is in charge of their discipline is the key, and when she was a child, how could you achieve so much and live a luxurious life? But your daughter will grow up in a honey pot in the future. "
"That’s true, but I still have you, don’t I? If I don’t manage it well, you can help me fill in the gaps. I promise I won’t step in when you discipline the children. She won’t be her patron and put in a good word for her. Even if I have different opinions, I will discuss with you afterwards."
"If you can really do it, you are afraid that you will be softened by your daughter’s coquetry in the future and then protect her regardless. Er, forget it. I’m tired. I won’t tell you to sleep first."
"Well, sister, you go to sleep. I’ll watch Zhen Lin. You can rest assured."
Then Zhang Chengyuan quietly accompanied Han Caiying until she fell asleep and went to bed to look at his eldest daughter. Although she was already asleep and motionless, Gen wouldn’t respond to him, but he still watched it with great enthusiasm, almost never getting tired of it. Compared with when Henren was just born, he just looked at it at random, which was a far cry from it.
Then one afternoon passed like this. At about one o’clock at noon, when Li Duohai went back to the hospital to visit Han Caiying again and brought him lunch by the way, he walked away from his daughter and sat down at the table to eat.
Li Duohai laughed. "Brother Chengyuan, you won’t just watch Zhen Lin for an early morning. You still hurt your daughter enough. Henren will be very jealous of his sister in the future."
"Let him have it. I wish the kid wouldn’t bully his sister. By the way, I told you to go back and get some sleep and come back later. Why did you come here so early?" Last night, his sisters almost didn’t sleep well, so he asked them to go home and have a rest today, and then come to take over from his class and take turns to take care of Han Caiying when they had enough energy.
Li Duohai said, "I slept off and on for three or four hours last night. After I went back, I made up for four hours of sleep, which is enough. If I have nothing to do at home, I will come and accompany you."
Zhang Chengyuan smiled and quipped, "You don’t have nothing to do but want to be with me too much, don’t you?"
"You say yes, right? Anyway, if I say no, you won’t believe me." Li Duohai was dismissive. "Brother Chengyuan heard that you are going abroad to shoot in August this year and you are going to let me and Sister Huibin accompany you?"
"Well, there is this plan. Why don’t you want to?"
"I didn’t say I didn’t want to, but I wanted to make sure that I prepared early. Er, how long will you stay abroad for filming this time?"
"I don’t know, it may take a month because I didn’t play a lot in the film this time; It may take three months to slow down. "A few scenes don’t necessarily make it earlier. Sometimes you have to wait for the scene on the set, and you may have to wait for the whole day. Maybe you still have to wait for it. The crew won’t feel very sorry to let him wait for the scene. After all, Zhang Chengyuan doesn’t have his position in the Korean entertainment industry in Hollywood, and he can almost arrange his own scenes at will.
Of course, if he really wants to leave the crew, it is not impossible for him to do something special. It is not that he has never done this before.
Li Duohai thought, "If it is possible to go abroad for three months, Sister Huibin and I have to make more preparations and bring more things. In addition, we have to find a proper reason to go abroad and stay abroad for too long to be suspected."
Zhang Chengyuan said, "Just make up a reason to travel abroad and take photos or learn languages and acting skills at will. Of course, you have to do it seriously when you are not with me abroad."
"It seems that it is not a good job to accompany you abroad. It is more to dispel loneliness for you than to relax ourselves."
"You are my women, it is your duty to help me eliminate loneliness and meet my physical needs, and of course the reverse is also true."
Li Duohai smiled slightly. "In these two aspects, it seems that neither of us really did our duty. You didn’t spend much time with our sisters, so how much loneliness helped us to get together and drink and chat to kill our leisure time, while we met your physical needs, which made you have to go out to find a woman to relieve your desires. By the way, recently, you seem to have been busy looking for a new body and partners, taking care of Zhener and Zhiying at home. Last night, Zhiying gave birth and you arrived at the hospital only after being informed."
Zhang Chengyuan sighed, "I know I didn’t do my duty in this matter, but I can’t help it. If I don’t find a new partner as soon as possible, I may have a big health problem. At that time, not only will I suffer by myself, but you may also suffer greatly. Remember how I used to do things with you before, and you usually won’t let you go until you are exhausted and unable to move."
Li Duohai said, "We didn’t blame you. What do you explain? Er, Brother Chengyuan, do you want me to recommend a candidate to you? "
"No need. I already have a goal, but I haven’t succeeded yet."
"So? Then even if I come, I still feel that my friend Han-byeol Park is quite good. "
Han-byeol Park?’ Hearing this name, Zhang Chengyuan Ma remembered that he had hugged this woman by mistake in Yoon Eun Hye villa at the beginning of last month. At that time, he was still interested in her, but after learning that she had a boyfriend, he stopped. At this time, he couldn’t help but be curious when he heard Li Duohai. "Don’t she have a boyfriend? How did you get her?"
Li Duohai laughed. "Her boyfriend has gone to the army to be a soldier. At present, she is very lonely, otherwise she will not often come to grace parties to pass the time. At present, she is also getting along well with us. If you are really interested in her, you can take advantage of it."
"What are you talking about? You know I never want to ruin someone’s relationship."
Perhaps he is worried that others will destroy his feelings with other women, so he never destroys others’ relationships, no matter how tempted he is. If a woman learns that she has a boyfriend, he will not touch a married man, and he will stay at a respectful distance from others. This is also a rare advantage in his rotten concept of love.
Li Duohai said, "So if she breaks up with her boyfriend, will you be interested in her?"
"Really broke up?" If Han-byeol Park is single again, he may really be tempted. He doesn’t have many virgins, and he is looking for a mate instead of a girlfriend?
"Not yet, but I think it will soon. According to my observation, her relationship with her boyfriend has long faded. After all, dating for more than ten years has lost its freshness too early, and it is even more difficult to maintain the relationship because of being an artist. At present, it should be a pity to give up this relationship, but it has been dragged on, but it will be scored sooner or later."
Zhang Chengyuan otherwise said, "If you follow your theory, I have already broken up with Sister Xiaoli, Sister Zhu Xuan, Sister Hailin, Sister Tai Xi and so on, and I’m afraid I can’t stay with you for a long time."
Li Duohai way "chengyuan elder brother Han-byeol Park boyfriend which can compare with you? How can he be so charming and busy as you? He is just an ordinary person without your obsession with love. "
In fact, she has always believed that if it weren’t for Zhang Chengyuan, she would never like the new and hate the old. She cherishes his every affection and has the ability to keep others in love. She has deepened her affection for him and tried to pester his women to get rid of him. I’m afraid that other women would have left him long ago. How can she live with him as he wishes?
Zhang Chengyuan said, "Maybe what you said makes sense, but it’s a guess after all. Let’s talk about it after it comes true."
"Then I’ll keep an eye on it for you and let you know after this guess comes true."
"Let me know when it’s good," Zhang Chengyuan casually replied. He has no hope for this matter, but if it’s true that Han-byeol Park will break up with her boyfriend as Li Duohai said, and he still needs a date, then he doesn’t mind finding her, and of course he has to agree with her.
Chapter one thousand two hundred and fifty-six Li Zhien adult day (a)
Since Han Caiying gave birth to Zhang Chengyuan’s first daughter, Zhang Chengyuan has been staying in the hospital almost every day, accompanying Han Caiying and his daughter Zhenlin to go home and rest occasionally in the middle of the night. By the way, accompanying a sung yuri and others is so natural because their mother and daughter are going to the United States later. He is afraid that France will often see them then, so he wants to try his best to grasp the time of getting together at present.
Sung yuri and other sisters understood this very well and didn’t complain about anything. If they wanted to see Zhang Chengyuan, they waited for him to come back at home or went to the hospital to see him directly. By the way, they also visited Han Caiying and Xiaozhenlin. Although they loved her as Zhang Chengyuan did, they almost treated her as their own children, just as they treated Hengren.
Of course, because they have been with Xiao Hengren for a long time, they will definitely like him more now, but after a while, when they have more contact with Xiao Zhenlin, they should not be too partial to one. This is different from Zhang Chengyuan’s. He clearly wants to be partial to his daughter in vain, but he didn’t pay much attention to his son these days, but fortunately, he didn’t finish his negligence and teased him several times. Obviously, he listened to Han Caiying’s warning to him.
In addition, people suspect that Zhang Chengyuan blocked the news that he had been staying in the hospital, and even the doctors and nurses were not found by them, and his traces leaked out. Moreover, he also made one of his doppelgangers change into something else every now and then, and specially let the media reporters know and report, so that in the future, it will be revealed that he has been staying in the delivery room in Han Caiying for several days, and no one will believe him.
So a few days later, it was the third Monday in May, that is, the annual adult day in South Korea. Because Zhang Chengyuan wanted to celebrate her adult day in Li Zhien, it was convenient to leave Han Caiying’s hospital half a day later and go to a western restaurant in other flags to prepare for the celebration.
At about nine o’clock that night, Zhi Li Enlai came to this restaurant, wearing a white one-shoulder small gift, long hair shawl and high heels. She looked not only much more mature than usual, but also extraordinarily beautiful. However, Zhang Chengyuan was not very happy after seeing it, but secretly sighed a few times. To be honest, he didn’t want her to grow up, because she would fall in love, have a boyfriend and have children in marriage in a few years. So how can she be his sister wholeheartedly?
A few years ago, out of the same concern, he tried every means to make Li Zhixian, Yoon Eun Hye, Li Duohai, Wen Genying and other sisters love him, and then took them and tied them to him. Now, although it won’t happen again, he still hopes to keep his sisters around for a few more years. Unfortunately, time flies, but he can’t stop.
Smiling at Li Zhien, Zhang Chengyuan took her by the hand and came to a small square table in the center of the dining hall. Then he gently pulled open a seat for her to sit on. Then he sat on her left, so that it was easier for her to eat food. In addition, it was disturbed. This restaurant is not open to the public tonight to entertain Zhang Chengyuan and Li Zhien.
Li Zhien looked around and saw that the whole hall was full of balloons, candles and cartoon sculptures. Like a fairy tale, the world couldn’t help laughing. "Brother Chengyuan, I thought you would give me a more romantic adult day celebration, just like you didn’t want to celebrate the adult day for Sister Zhu Xian two years ago, but you treated me as a child. If I had known, I would have cooperated with you to wear a children’s dress here."
Zhang Chengyuan smiled and said, "You are my sister, and you have always been a little girl in my heart, and Zhu Xian was almost a woman I wanted to pursue in my heart two years ago, so naturally I can’t treat you equally. Why are you dressed like this today? It’s really appropriate to go to the award ceremony, but it’s not the case for me to meet my brother. "
Li Zhien said, "Brother Chengyuan didn’t want to dress like this. I wanted to dress up and come over, but Sister Zhixiu and Sister Xuanying said that it was rare for you to have dinner alone with me, and I had to dress up to celebrate my adulthood. I dressed up like this according to their wishes."
Zhang Chengyuan thought for a moment and said, "Maybe they want to cooperate with me if they want to take action against you tonight, but it’s strange that they didn’t approve of me going further with you in the past. Do you want to cooperate with me today?"