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Zhang Baijiu-wu, why does she have the illusion of being pressed without being pressed?

Huang Yin-li looked indifferently, saying that the grandchild was excited about conferring the side princess. Even she never thought that one day what she once dreamed of would come true!
Even she can’t imagine when she really liked her!
The smile that can’t be restrained by the grandchildren at this moment is absolutely ironic in the eyes of the sunrise! It can be said that none of the women present can be compared with her!
She has always been the first princess of Huangyin Glass by herself, but I didn’t expect him to be the cashier at this juncture!
It can be said that she is about to become a toffee, but because of this, at the same time when she becomes a toffee, there will be another woman competing for hng!
Does this make her feel at home and calm her down? !
The complexion has been calm and calm, and at this time, the sunrise is twisting its sleeves! Just as the people at the table looked at each other and looked different, Huang Yin-li suddenly spoke, "After entering the East Palace, I want all toffee etiquette! Princess Gong’s wedding will be held on the fifth day of the month, when you can get married with the princess! "
Huang Yin-li showed more concern and heart when he treated his grandson. Even his marriage with Woo-sunrise was only mentioned by him!
Grandson smell speech eyes soon filled with tears at this time, also can not consider other directly got up from the last chair and walked slowly to the front of the burn three-dimensional glass has already been in tears.
In the face of a look that is not kind and friendly, the contrast between the sunrise and the sun is great, and the grandchild of Huangyin Glass leans over and says, "Please follow the instructions! Follow the imperial concubine’s orders! "
"What are you crying about! Go back and sit down! " Huang Yin-li and his grandson are separated by You Xi, and when he picked up the scarf from the table and handed it to his grandson, You Xi now felt a little redundant!
But she’s angry when she’s angry. If she really decides to marry Huang Yin-li, she must respect his every move, every word and deed!
Of course, he can accept the side princess, but since she is a toffee, the queen of Chu will have to sit firmly by her in the future!
It doesn’t matter that today’s occasion embarrassed her a little! If she is a mother in the future! If the grandchild is clever and well-informed, it will be fine!
If she is an ambitious woman, then she will definitely not let her grandchildren feel better!
No wonder Taiqian was so kind and gentle to her. It was this grandchild who paved the way! Maybe he is afraid that he will not let them be together when he becomes a side princess?
At this time, Guan Xi kept thinking about the idea of burning the glass. I’m afraid that all people are lingering in their hearts except their grandchildren’s most pleasant surprise, except doubts or doubts!
Tai Huang Yin Li has never been such a womanizer! Otherwise, he can’t be still alone at this age!
Even the indifferent dust king has married a princess, but he is too old but always alone!
But it is precisely because of what he has done today that his past performance runs counter to it! No one can figure out what the reason is!
What’s more, the most important thing is that with the grandson’s appearance and her origin, she doesn’t deserve to be a princess! At the moment, Su Ling has already been frozen in the bowl, and her eyes are full of bleak and dull! She seemed to see him and Shinohara Snow Bureau when she opened her mouth just now!
He’s going to marry a princess, and he’s done it two at a time. He’s really never put Shinohara in his heart! Otherwise, how could he have the heart to embrace himself and enjoy the happiness of Qi people, but instead let Shinohara snow return to China with tears and ignore it now!
Huang Yin-li, how cold your heart should be to achieve this!
If it is said that the indifference of Huang Lao is bone-breaking, then the coldness of Huang Yin’s glass is naturally hurtful!
"Brother! Think twice? " Corner saw Su Ling staring at the method of burning three-dimensional glass line of sight. After a while, the glass in his hand was gently placed on the table, and then he looked at him and asked 1 lightly!
At the moment, his eyes are as deep as those of an ancient well. When Huang Yin-li looks at him, I’m afraid only the two brothers can understand each other’s thoughts!
See a moment burn three-dimensional glass sipped his thin lips and took the glass and drank it hard. When he raised his eyes again and looked at burn old, there was nothing but peace inside.
"This is the fruit of the palace’s deliberation. Don’t worry, Third Brother!"
Burn old smell nodded "good! It depends on you! "
"You really think about it? Is it really clear to consider? " Burn three-dimensional dust words fall Su Ling then stiff tone asked the burn three-dimensional glass!
Even she kept stressing whether to consider it clearly. In her mind, she always had a feeling that Huang Yin-li liked Shinohara Snow!
But because of this inexplicable feeling, she will be caught off guard in the face of this situation now!
If be shinohara snow know what kind of mood she should face this fact!
If Huang Yin-li still want to celebrate her big wedding, how can she face that ironic scene that the man she once love married two women at one time? !
Burn three-dimensional glass eyes faint looked at Su Ling, although two people across the burn old, but just looked at each other in this way, Su Ling had a moment as if he saw a sadness in the depths of his eyes.
But it was only a moment because Huang Yin-li soon converged everything on a calm face and suddenly smiled and said, "Sister in law, don’t you believe in the palace decision so much?"
After all, Su Ling didn’t say anything at last, but she could smile back with a hidden irony expression. She didn’t know what else to say! Although she did, Shinohara …
"Words have been said to the palace also don’t need to hide anything! Princess, you are about to become the palace princess’s wish, and you can live in peace with many sisters! The future harem of the palace will be taken care of by you! Today, since Xinrou is also in the palace, please accept it together! Xin Rougong decided to make you a bride. Would you like to? "
At this time, there is a victory!
The practice of burning three-dimensional glass has obviously shocked everyone! But obviously, his blockbuster move has not yet!
Su Ling came to be surprised to call Li Xin soft and Zhao Xiwen a little weird. I didn’t expect this to be the beginning of his own filling of the harem!
One is not enough, two are not enough, and now even Li Xinrou, who met for the first time, was collected by him in the palace. What is Zhao Xiwen going to do with it?
Su Ling won’t believe that Huang Yin-li can’t see Zhao Xiwen’s special friendship with Huang Lao!