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The skeleton flew out, and his arms suddenly opened, and his arms suddenly inserted into siege tower’s face, and his body immediately stopped to hang in siege tower’s face.

Stop the instantaneous skull hole, and suddenly a lux light broke out in his eyes. At this moment, his three legs pushed on the surface of siege tower, and his body approached three meters. Once again, the osteotome in his hand smelled cold, and the two osteotome crossed together as if a pair of scissors were cutting off his other osteotome toward Leo’s head, waiting for a fatal blow to Leo in his chest.
Around the skeleton soldiers also instantly ran towards Leo for twenty skeleton soldiers, and their osteotome stabbed at Leo.
Leo’s eyes were cold and golden, and the instant outbreak of quarrelling condensed out a long sword blade on the big sword surface. The substantial effect of quarrelling was once again promoted here, and the whole big sword suddenly exploded by half a meter.
"whirlwind chop"
Li Aoyin drank a cold drink. The big sword in his hand suddenly spun, and a golden ripple appeared on the blade surface. His hands tried their best to make the sword powerful, and there was a strong wind in his center.
Leo continued to condense quarrelling at the tip of the sword while casting a whirlwind chop, and the sword in Leo’s hand was extended to a full three meters, and the golden storm raged in his center with a radius of three meters.
More and more skeleton soldiers are desperately rushing towards Leo, and the three legs of the skeleton soldiers suddenly jumped like locusts.
Leo’s look is getting more and more dignified, and his eyes are fixed on the flying shot. The elite skeleton and other skeleton soldiers have also put some pressure on him. After all, these skeletons are not ants, and the number of these skeletons has caused a qualitative change.
Ten meters, five meters and three meters.
Soon the elite skeleton came to Leo’s eyes, and at this moment Leo finally released the whirlwind that had been gaining momentum.
Overwhelming skeletons also swarmed and seemed to have reached a tacit understanding with this elite skeleton.
Vanna Linlin’s eyes were fixed on Leo’s eyes in siege tower. There were endless worries. Her fingers kept trembling. Flames were ejected from her musket, and a skull and bones soldier’s head was directly broken in her topcoat.
She wants to help Leo, but she is willing but unable. The distance is too far, and in the face of so many skeletons, she has no confidence to cross these skeletons.
She is not a strong warrior, what she relies on is the musket in her hand. Besides, her physical strength is stretched out in front of this flood of skeleton soldiers.
Nuqier also noticed at this time. He roared and suddenly quarreled like a raging storm. The powerful quarrelling was breathless. The broadsword in his hand was radiant at his side, and a skeleton soldier instantly burst into a pile of bone residue and fell to the ground.
"Whirlwind chop!" Li Aoyin is extremely cold, like a real grudge spreading from his blade.
A horrible breath suddenly broke out, and a long-awaited whirlwind chop revealed his ferocious face at this time. An arc-shaped golden quarrelling flew out and rushed out. Skeletons seemed to be a dead leaf in that golden quarrelling, which became more fragile than fragile and instantly split into two, vulnerable as tofu.
Ten meters, a full ten meters, all the skeleton soldiers were cut into two pieces, and they quickly went away, and their bodies were still separated and they were still rushing towards Leo. They were dead, and they jumped at Leo with their own physical strength.
Leo’s eyes are dignified, and his eyes are staring at the elite skeleton.
"sonorous! Hey! "
Whirlwind chop sends out quarrelling, which has no effect on the elite skeleton. It hits him like a stone collision.
Leo’s big sword didn’t stop. The real power of whirlwind chop was the real steel blade of his big sword.
The elite skeleton crossed his arms, and the dazzling flame in his eyes almost jumped out. His arm was bent and blocked by his head. He seemed to feel the power of Leo’s whirlwind chop, and his elbow was sharp and cold as an inverted hook.
Suddenly, the elite skeleton stopped, and the body burst back and Leo pulled away.
"How is it possible to run!" Leo drinks cold and his face is cold. His body moves towards the skeleton. His body is like a whirlwind with a golden storm clinging to the elite skeleton.
How can a whirlwind chop make this damn skeleton run away? This is consumed him close to two layers of quarrelling.
The elite skeleton’s three legs keep jumping in siege tower’s face, and the advantage of three legs is revealed at this moment. The moving speed makes Leo hate toothache, and his three legs will jump far every time he ejects, even if Leo breaks out for a while.
Suddenly, from the elite skeleton, there was a sound like a bird’s call, which was very harsh and ups and downs in the process.
Leo’s look kept changing. He didn’t know that this elite skull and bones was making such a sound, but he vaguely felt a bad smell.
This sound seems to be calling for help. Call for reinforcements?
Soon Leo’s idea was confirmed.
In Leo, the siege tower, ten elite skeletons directly jumped over the skull, and their three legs trampled on the skull. Every time they stepped on their feet, the skull would burst and fall to the city.
However, those skeleton soldiers didn’t avoid it at all, and it was vaguely seen that whenever the elite skeleton fell, it seemed that they took the initiative in three skull feet, which seemed to be an honor for them.
The distance of tens of meters is only ten breathing hours for these elite skeletons who are flying away.
"It really is a rescuer!"
Leo’s face changed. He looked at ten three-legged skeletons coming on the way, and his face was even colder. His eyes flashed with murderous look. His quarrelling with others continued to dissipate, but every time he dissipated a grudge, he would add a point to his whirlwind power. The consumption of quarrelling was proportional to the whirlwind power. The more quarrelling consumed in the process of casting whirlwind, the greater the whirlwind power.
So he didn’t worry about the sight of ten elite skeletons. Their strength is closely equivalent to the strength of a one-week intermediate soldier. He now dares to fight even a one-week senior soldier.
Looking from the city wall, a golden straight line directly swept through a siege tower-faced skeleton soldier, and saw the black skeleton soldier falling continuously, and the city was shattered by that golden light.
Leo is in siege tower, and all the skeletons in the radius of 10 meters in his center have been killed in two. This is just a whirlwind to cut the aftermath. At his side, the skeletons in the range of 3 meters have been suddenly turned into pieces.
Being chased by Leo, the elite skeleton suddenly turned around, and the ten skeletons suddenly arrived and followed the skeleton. Their arm osteotome gave a quiver and rushed to Leo.
Leo smiled at the corner of his mouth, and the big sword in his hand became brighter than bright.
Devil’s cave conspiracy
Nucher looked at the eleven skeletons with three arms and suddenly changed his face.
"Three-armed skeleton will!"