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Lin Qing shook his head "just for fun"

Mei Rao’s head tilted. "Then cut a self-cultivation for me. I haven’t eaten peeled fruit for a long time."
This statement is justified and there is no lack of intimacy at the same time.
Lin Qing hubris her with a smile. "I can obey you if you value your big lady so much."
After that, Yang Yang quickly peeled the apple in his hand. "This is for you first."
Mei Rao’s eyes suddenly narrowed into a line and asked, "Is he still possible?"
"It is also possible that this plan is wrong." Lin Qing slightly lowered his head and kept the peel thin and continuous, regardless of thickness and width.
"The plan is wrong?" This point was poured out of Mei Rao’s expectation. "No way. Didn’t the devil just want to be evil in the mountains and seas from the clouds through the eternal heaven?"
Lin Qing mused, "That’s true, but none of us know that Dieyuan was like coming with a holy monk." What does the passage look like? What … Is there any access is a problem … "Speaking of which, what flashed in her mind at hand but she couldn’t catch it at the moment.
I’m thinking about seeing an emergency communication sign again.
After crushing, Lin Qing quickly saw that she hurriedly stuffed the things in her hand to Mei Rao. "The exploration team has reported that there is an emergency at the foot of Lingya Mountain, and then you will take your brothers with me to see it first."
After that, she jumped into the flying machine and turned back. "I’ll leave it to you here."
"Line" MeiRao nodded heavily and saw Lin Qing like a bow and arrow passing through the dense shade with water.
"What the hell happened?" Meirao looked at the slightly shaking canopy muttered to herself.
Lin Qing even disappeared with people and bags. She also wanted to follow the past at once. Unfortunately, they have her and Lin Qing as the elixir in this team. I’m afraid it’s not good if there is an enemy attack without elixir.
Who let Lin Qing faster than her?
She lamented that she didn’t realize something was wrong until she raised her hand and wanted to open her mouth to eat apples.
In an instant, the birds in the Woods were shocked and the animals ran straight out with a roar. "Lin Qing agreed to peel the apples for me and you gave me a circle of peels? ! You are such a big liar! "
In the rainstorm at the western foot of Lingya Mountain, the spring water of Lingya Mountain is clear and gentle on weekdays, and it is no longer calm.
At this time, in a hidden village near the water source, there are many corpses in various postures, such as roadsides, wells, trees and so on. Rain beats those bodies that are no longer warm and washes their ferocious faces.
At the back of the village, several new bases were erected at the backer. Soon, there were simple wooden signs in front of the graves. The ink handwriting of the wooden signs was brushed by the rain and disappeared into the loess as cold as the tears of the deceased.
"If so?" Li Zewei frowned and went to the other short monk.
Squatting down to check the short monk Tsukiji withdrew his hand, got up and shook his head. "He’s dead, too."
Chapter 66 Villagers
"The village base is dead, and it can be seen from the bodies and the surrounding areas that these people were extremely painful before they died. This poison … is really severe."
Many houses in the village have nails scratched everywhere on the earth walls, and all kinds of things in the farmhouse have been knocked over at random, and there are also bloodstains everywhere in the house …
Another round-faced monk Tsukiji looked at the grim-faced corpse and continued to analyze, "Those new graves are estimated to be the first poisoning people. There are too many poisoned people behind them, too fast and too painful to take care of the tomb."
He looked down at the person who was moved by them. "It seems that only this person is still alive, but this situation can’t ask anything."
Living is a woman who sees her black fingers and blue veins like ink, and it is difficult to tell her original appearance because of several poisonous sores.
When they arrived, the man was rolling around the entrance of the village in pain and kept wailing until Jiedu Dan fainted.
"What poison is so powerful that even our Taihua Jiedu Dan can’t solve it?"
Hua dan medicine is second to none in the world of mountains and seas. It is said that it is easy to detoxify ordinary people, but it happened that it failed this time
"I have Dan medicine, and she continued with a sigh of relief. I wonder if she can support Uncle Lin." The short monk explored the woman again and snored.
On the other hand, Brother Tsukiji said, "Uncle Lin is much faster than me. If we wait for him to join us, this person will be doomed."
Another tall brother of the same exploration team asked, "This man has never been awake and twitches from time to time because of the residual pain. We can’t get more information. What do you think?"
The square-faced monk looked through a corpse carefully again, and the more he looked at it, the more angry he became. "There are traces of law around this village, and it is very likely that the whole village will be trapped in situ and tortured for help, and this poison seems to deliberately torture people and make the poisoned people extremely painful."
"If you are too cruel to mortals, let me know which group of people did it and must be suppressed by the sword."
"And what’s worse is that from the symptoms and the situation in the village, it’s not like a simple one-time poisoning, but more like a … epidemic!" Li Ze speculated that saying these two words was well known to others, and the situation was very bad.
"Poisonous epidemic?" Short monk slightly surprised "that we have been dyed? I don’t feel anything wrong. "
Li Zedao said, "This poison is not so bad as to cause harm to our Godsworn Tsukiji."
The tall monk frowned. "It’s enough to hurt mortals and throw the mountain and sea circles into chaos."
The round-faced monk said, "I’ll check what’s missing."
Everyone has a dignified expression.
"Master Li, do you still have any pills that can make her awake for a while?"
Li Ze begged for mercy when he saw the tall monk looking at him. "Brothers and younger brothers, please stop looking at me. Although I was born in a medicine garden, I am not good at learning."
He went out with Lin Qing in the No.99 medicine garden in those days, but now time flies. Lin Qing doesn’t talk about her, Dan Shu, and Shi Cheng. For the time being, it’s enough for him to sigh and admire Yuan Ying’s terrorist power of losing three battles against evil demons.
Nowadays, when mountains and seas are killed, monks are secretly involved, and there are many small battles between good and evil. Others will not notice Lin Qing’s achievements, let alone count them, but he is different. Because Lin Qing comes from the same medicine, Yuan Qing is very kind to him and Qi Tianming and others. Almost every time a team asks him to apply for Lin Qing, he is allowed to follow him, especially clearly.
Although Lin Qing didn’t kill many enemies, she was the most difficult to chew on. He saw that the speed of progress in Lin Qing’s war made him tongue-tied. He selfishly thought that except Qin Qian, I was afraid that his four arrogance, including Ling Chuhua, might not be her opponent.
"Let’s stay with Uncle Lin." Li Ze sighed.
Some of the short monks and others are from the law enforcement hall, and some are from Xiaohua’s ordinary Dan medicine. It is helpless to refine a few of these unheard-of poisons.
Several people checked nearby again.
"Hey? ….. Gee "