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"I said you really went a little too far."

Lin Jin glanced at the summer next to him with a full face and then pointed to the barrage inside and said, "How can they be angry with me?" Now they know that I’m pregnant, just like my wife is pregnant, playing games to coax me to come. No! Why don’t you let me watch the barrage! "
Because Lin Jin and the summer have also been broadcast live for several years, the old audience watched Lin Jin one by one, from the young college student who used to broadcast new people live on women’s clothing bosses to the present, so all of them can’t be United and friendly. Those new audiences will flock to protect the Lord if they dare to spray Lin Jin’s barrage.
Fortunately, it was not until the news of Lin Jin’s pregnancy was accidentally exposed in the live broadcast that these audiences were as fond of Lin Jin as summer …
"It’s not that you don’t know what people call our audience at the post bar. How can you be afraid that I will be scolded by them …"
"All right, all right." Summer scratched his head and shook his head. He felt that Lin Jin’s temper seemed to be getting bigger and bigger recently.
Originally, he didn’t intend to protect Lin Jin to this point at all, but he felt that he could never let Lin Jin be wronged again because he realized that Lin Jin had become more and more explosive after pregnancy.
After all, the corpse of ps4 was not cold yet, and the reason was simply that Lin Jin was abused while playing Kinship 2.
"Then I’ll take that screen out again."
In summer, I got up and tried to leave, but suddenly I turned around and asked, "Do you want to drink yogurt?"
"No," Lin Jin gave him a white look. "What do you mean when I said you suddenly bought a bunch of yogurt and spicy strips at home?"
"sour men and hot women, if you like men, eat more sour, if you like girls, eat more spicy."
"It’s okay. I’ll bring you two bottles of yogurt."
Summer walked over to the door.
Chin cupped in one hand, Lin Jin looked at the live broadcast of the barrage on the brain screen, all because Lin Jin and Xia Xia talked about such things as boys or girls.
"Sure boy! How wonderful it is for a boy to dress him up as a girl! A man and a woman have "
"Good girl! Intimate little cotton-padded jacket! "
"Stop it! Good boy! "
Lin Jin looked at these barrage, especially the so-called barrage that dressed a boy as a girl, and suddenly remembered her childhood.
Mom used to dress herself up as a girl at that time.
Lin Jin had a bad feeling about it a long time ago, but now that I think about it, I’m afraid she wouldn’t have been transformed into a black cat so quickly if her mother hadn’t dressed her up as a girl when she was a child and made her feel a little girl.
Well, when she met a black cat, Lin Jin refused, but the later she got, the more she felt trapped and let her extricate herself.
The black cat gave her welfare when she graduated. When she graduated, her grades were better than those because she didn’t miss school all the year round and the teachers gave her excellent evaluation. She also won a scholarship in her sophomore year.
So the last welfare of the black cat was given to Lin Jin, a so-called BUFF who never forgets anything.
Because of this reward, Lin Jin’s coming to work later is also highly valued by the company. After all, an employee with excellent learning ability and special initiative can certainly attract attention when almost all reasonable requirements can be stipulated.
At that time, it was only one month’s internship, and Lin Jin’s performance had surpassed that of most old employees, and she was turned into a regular employee within one month.
A few days ago, when he said that he was pregnant and wanted to resign, the boss even said that he would give Lin Jin twice the maternity leave to keep Lin Jin.
However, the black cat has completely left Lin Jin.
If it weren’t for a black cat, Lin Jin could hardly imagine what life she would have now.
"Jin Lin! Drinking yogurt "came back with a screen in summer, and there were two cups of yogurt on the screen chassis. He walked over and put the screen on the brain table and handed the yogurt to Lin Jin." Eat more acid and give me a big fat child. "
Lin Jin didn’t wave in the summer, kindly took the yogurt, grilled the lid and slowly scooped the yogurt in it with a spoon.
This yogurt is strawberry flavor, and there are many strawberry grains in it. It is not sour, but it tastes good.
"When I finish drinking, I will play games and play the knife tower!"
"I agreed not to play online games!"
Summer immediately opposed it.
"It’s okay. I shut everyone up."
In the summer, I picked my eyebrows. Lin Jin didn’t play the pagoda for a while because of work. Now I’m afraid I’ll be abused if I go to play the pagoda.
But Lin Jin didn’t listen to him at all and played the game directly. She rushed to the Knife Tower for a month and then clicked on the ranking.
"I’ll sing for you while waiting in line!" Lin Jinxing hit the music player, then clicked on the two tigers, then shook his head and sang along with the music, "Two tigers run fast, one has no ears and one has no tail. It’s strange ~ it’s strange ~"
Lin Jin hasn’t sung nursery rhymes for a long time, but it may be because she is pregnant that she suddenly wants to practice her nursery rhymes again
Aside in summer, one hand holds the chin and looks at Lin Jin with his head sideways and sings a happy face, which naturally brings a gentle smile.
It’s a good life like this
Chapter 59 54 No three companies!
As time went by, when the news of Lin Jin’s pregnancy was known by most relatives and friends, my mother also came to Lin Jin’s home.
With a big bag of things, she knocked on the door of Lin Jin’s house to meet her. It was summer, and this man had planned to accompany Lin Jin at home every day during this period.
"Good noon, Mom."
Summer is very smooth to Lin Jin’s mother called a mother and then greeted her with a smile.
"Do you still know to call me mom?" Mom gave him a white look. "Then you didn’t pick me up in the north, which made me look for a long time."
She was here last year, but at that time, Lin Jin and Xia had not moved, and now she is a little confused after moving home.
"I can’t help it. Lin Jin is now live. I’m afraid that as soon as I leave Lin Jin, she will be rhythmed by the barrage. It will be bad to make her angry." In summer, I poured a glass of water for my mother and washed some apples to set the coffee table.
"Lin Jin also broadcast live that I called her out."
"How do you still play live broadcasts?" Mom frowned. "Aren’t you tired of live broadcast for so many years?"
"Occasionally, live broadcasts are good, and you can earn some rent every month."
Summer smiled and walked into the work, and Lin Jin shouted out and sat in front of her head to take care of the shift.
Lin Jin is playing a knife tower today, unlike the previous stand-alone game, which can be suspended at any time, so she can cover for the summer.
Lin Jin was called to the hall in the summer and saw smiling at her mother.
"My stepfather didn’t come?"
Lin Jin had already expected her mother’s arrival, but then she saw her mother putting a big bag at her feet. "What did you buy a lot?"
"A gift for my granddaughter!"
Mom walked over and punched the bag and took out the contents as usual.
Bottle diapers, all kinds of children’s men’s wear and women’s wear, and some strange toys for children.
Lin Jin’s face is black.
"I’m not pregnant for more than a month. Why do you buy these things like this?"
"It’s only nine months. Be sure to prepare early!" Mom confidently said, "Your grandmother bought you a bunch before I was pregnant! I thought it was a little too early at that time, but later I found out that I didn’t want to go out after several months of pregnancy, let alone buy these things myself. "
"No existing online shopping"
Lin gave her a white look. "And the courier here will deliver it directly to the door."
Mom didn’t continue to say anything about touching Lin Jin’s belly and then asked curiously, "Have you checked?" Men and women? "
"Just a month zha check men and women? Is it still a mass of meat? "
Although Lin Jin has spent a year in society, she is still a child in front of her mother. She puts her feet on the sofa and leans half of her body against her mother, and then continues to complain that "there is something wrong with summer. I have only been a month, so he won’t let me go to work, which makes me work as a salted fish at home every day."