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"What are you going to do?" Autumn yat sen villa a block Zhai Ling vaguely bad feeling in my heart, she was afraid ZhaiLing will do something bad on impulse.

"Don’t worry, I’ll be fine." Zhai Ling Bai Qiu yat sen villa tried to put away her murder in her heart
"You are too impulsive now. You should be calm and calm," said Qiu Yat sen villa.
Zhai Ling didn’t speak. Looking at the autumn sun yat sen villa, he paused for a moment and said, "I know that things are moving a little bit today. I am going to find someone to deal with it."
"Where did you just come to [Magic Capital] to know someone? Don’t lie to me." Autumn yat sen villa suddenly became angry and said nothing to keep Zhai Ling away.
Can [Magic Capital] be so arrogant and send killer forces? Is it so easy to deal with the autumn yat sen villa and stop Zhai Ling, who doesn’t want him to get involved in muddy water?
"I didn’t lie to you, and I don’t need to lie to you because you don’t know me." Zhai Ling earned the autumn yat sen villa hand and said lightly, ignoring the stunned autumn yat sen villa and turning around and leaving.
Autumn yat sen villa leng in situ.
Don’t understand …
Somehow, the corners of the mouth are bitter in autumn and yat sen villa. Yes, we have only known each other for a few days …
"Take care of pretty and fat for me. Thank you." Zhai Ling suddenly stopped and turned to look at autumn yat sen villa and said seriously.
Autumn yat sen villa looked at Zhailing and wanted to talk, but he couldn’t say anything. He paused for a moment and silently walked to Zhao Man.
"thank you"
Zhai Ling also felt guilty, but he turned away immediately.
"Be careful yourself" Zhai Ling came behind him. Autumn yat sen villa trembled slightly, but Zhai Ling pushed the hospital door into the darkness without looking back.
"Fat Man, you are my brothers, and you were injured because of me, but don’t worry, I will avenge those people for you … I won’t let go of any of them … and Sister Yat Sen, thank you so much. I’m sorry!"
Zhai Ling, who went to the Qingxu Gang Road, took the old man Zhen to give him the communication symbol, which was made at great cost by Da Zhou and only existed among a few people, and Zhai Ling just had one.
"Boss Zhen" Zhai Ling injected aura into the communicator and called the only person in it.
"Zhai Ling? It’s rare that you should contact me. "Zhen joked with a smile across from the old man.
"I killed several killers in the road clearing and Guangfu Road. Please find someone to deal with them." Zhai Ling said lightly
"Killer?" Zhen old man a surprised up immediately don’t Zhai Ling identity exposed shouldn’t?
"It’s my personal affairs that help you know?" Zhai Ling seems to recognize the Zhen old man indecision.
"Qing xu help? I know how you can make up with it … "Zhen old man rubbed his eyebrows and some nai.
"You just have to tell me about the help of Qing Xu. I will go to the base to refine weapons. I have gained a lot of experience in refining devices recently." Zhai Ling ignored Zhen’s headache and threw out his own conditions.
Zhen old man suddenly a surprised hurriedly laughed, "I didn’t mean that. I’m sure I’ll help you rest assured that I’ll help you deal with the follow-up problems. It’s just a little thing, but don’t be impulsive to help you with the emptiness …"
"It is very strong? Is there a high-ranking strong person in the construction period? " Zhai Ling frown interrupted Zhen old man.
"It’s not that they’re trying to help Wang, but it’s only the fourth layer of the foundation period, but according to the information we found in Douchayuan, we can see that the virtual gang colluded with Zhou Guyou." The old man Zhen explained with a wry smile.
"Week home? Which Zhou family? " Zhai Ling eyebrows a pick asked.
"It’s our [Magic Capital] Zhou family. Although their Zhou family is a gold family, I heard that they have a close relationship with someone in the palace. Zhai Ling’s beating a dog also depends on the master. You must be careful to eat some money now. It doesn’t matter. The most important thing for you now is to practice and repair yourself." The old man Zhen earnestly advised him that he didn’t want to let Zhou, a talented refiner, fall like this
"I see."
Zhen old man looked at the terminated communication operator nai smiled and then shouted at the door "come! Go to Qinglu and Guangfu Road! "
"Qing Xu gang … Zhou Jia … days away from the palace …" Zhai Ling frowned deeply. He didn’t remember provoking them, but why would they send killers to kill themselves? Even if they came to kill themselves, they would bring trouble to two koo people …
"Damn it!"
Zhai Ling took the mask hand and clutched the hillside tightly, looking at a mansion with a cold face and a mask.
"No matter who you are, don’t want to live!"
Zhai Ling’s figure fell sharply and instantly drowned in the darkness.
Like Tianlong Bay, Ziluojin Mansion District is home to many prominent bosses.
The third mansion in the west
"Come on, bro, try the good wine I brought back from the west cool. Haha, I promise to satisfy you." Qingxu helped Wang Ximenlie proudly boast about the wine he brought back from the west cool.
"Really? Well, I’m going to try it. I didn’t expect my brother to have been to Xiliang. As far as I know, there is a war-torn place where the dead are often very uneasy. Wine is not afraid of danger, bro Pei." Zhou Jinggan’s eyebrows were flattering.
"Ha ha" Ximenlie didn’t talk nonsense and personally poured a cup of Zhou Jinggan.
If it weren’t for this week, Jing Gan often talked to Ximenlie around Zhou Jia ‘an’s adult, would he degrade himself and be very intimate with a guy who is the first layer in the construction period?
A cup of belly hot feeling suddenly haunted me.
"Good wine!" Zhou Jing’s eyes lit up.
"Ha ha, brothers, if you like me, let people move to ten altars to give them to your brothers," said Ximenlie, laughing at Zhou Jinggan with a sophisticated look.
"That little brother thanks his brother. Haha, come and drink!"
A few cups of belly Zhou Jinggan’s throat is almost numb. Since noon, he handed over the investigation data to An’s adult, and he found Ximenlie according to An’s adult’s instructions to let several killers of Qing Xu Gang do Zhai Ling.
At the beginning, Zhou Jinggan was going to kill Zhai Ling alone, but Ximenlie learned that there were two small hearts around Zhai Ling, and he was also going to be loyal to Zhou Jiabiao and let people kill them all together.
Zhou Jinggan didn’t object to anything. Just kill a few fine little guys. I’m sure they can’t afford to turn over any waves.
"It’s getting late. It’s estimated that my hand is already finished and I’m coming back. Haha, three kids are small, and it’s too much to make a mountain out of a molehill for me to send elites to kill them." Ximenlie scoffed at Zhou Hai’s command.
Zhou Jinggan raised his eyebrows slightly and didn’t answer. The wine industry in his hand was tasted.
"But I want to say that Master Zhou is really coquettish." His face is a little red. Ximenlie read Master Zhou Hai’s eyes, but it is also vaguely complicated.
"Ximenxiong, you drink too much" Zhou Jinggan put his glass and glanced at Ximenlie lightly.
"I said, bro, let’s talk casually about who will know what we’re afraid of tonight. Besides, that woman named Ma is a slut. This is a fact. Who doesn’t know?" Ximenlie sneered at Zhou Jinggan carefully.
"But if she Merry ma Qing has not become a high-level strong person in the foundation period, who dares to provoke her?" Zhou Jinggan sneered at a little respect for Ma Yanqing at the moment and obviously agreed with Ximenlie.
"Hey hey high-order construction period? If that man hadn’t given her a double cultivation skill in those years, she wouldn’t have achieved the high-level Madeleine in the foundation period. She is a bitch! " Abrupt ximenlie a face of anger couldn’t wait to beat Ma Yanqing, a woman who once betrayed her feelings, to death.
Zhou Jinggan leng aside this amount of information … At that time, carefully looked up Ximenlie.
He is also a Zhou family member, but he was born in poverty and can be a slave. At first, he heard that Zhou Hai had worshipped a senior master in the construction period, but he was very jealous.
"Stop it, stop it. That bitch is always angry with Mad." Ximenlie gulped down the wine in his hand and his anger did not decrease.
"Mad, what time is it? Why haven’t they come back yet? It’s so slow for a bunch of losers to kill a few chop suey!" Ximenlie abrupt is a anger is very dissatisfied to scold.
Zhou Jinggan frowned, too. How long has it been since you finished killing people? Isn’t it just three freshmen? The strength of this Qing Xu Gang needs to be considered …
"Early know old personally directly twist the three chop suey head" Ximenlie got up and mercilessly scold a way.
But at this moment, a strong cold passed by.
A cold sound suddenly room rang suddenly alarmed the whole body with alcohol.
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49, know the reason (the first more)
The moonlight is cold and cold, and the uninvited guest next to Jinshan woodcarving falls through a glazed window.
And just Zhai Ling that sneer at like a sudden Tathagata a thunder suddenly alarmed Ximenlie and Zhou Jinggan.
The gas solidified for three seconds