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"Yes … yes!" The attendant hesitated for a moment, then bowed his head and picked up the article and read it out. "Queen Wilhelmina is sorry to send you this newspaper, but I must tell you the truth about this accident. Just a few days ago, a branch fleet of the Royal Navy was badly damaged by the German Navy, and we temporarily lost the sea off the Netherlands. At present, we send destroyers to protect you from going to Britain. I hope you understand."

"What?" Wilhelmina looked back at her waiter, William II, and got up from her chair in shock.
"I suggest you fly to Belgium or take a Dutch destroyer to leave Rotterdam, but I must tell you truthfully that the security of these two methods is not guaranteed at present … King George VI of the British Empire." The waiter crustily skin of head read the whole article and then stopped talking there.
"I think we’d better meet the German envoy …" After a long silence, William II finally said, "I’ll contact one of my people and see if I can get more detailed information."
This investigation doesn’t matter. I immediately learned that the naval battle passed through Beatrix Wilhelmina Armgard and the former German emperor was shocked by the German navy’s record. Not long ago, in the naval battle outside the Netherlands, half of the German high seas fleet sank an aircraft carrier, a battleship, a cruiser and two destroyers of the Royal Navy, and then captured two old destroyers and returned home with great victory.
This is the largest naval battle in the world after Jutland’s naval battle. Germany won, and the British fleet never saw its opponent’s true colors. The British navy was forced to shrink its strength and abandoned the North Sea. The German fleet was quietly preparing for the decisive battle between Britain and Germany in the near future. How to shrink it doesn’t matter that the whole Netherlands was sold to Germany.
By this time, Queen William had completely lost her mind. The king of England said that the two ways of escape seemed impossible to her. Flying almost killed her. There was no difference. The German army was fierce. William had heard several times that her army had been beaten to flight.
It used to be the safest way to approach the English Channel from the sea. It is suspected that it is the back garden of the Royal Navy. But now this road is not feasible-Wilhelmina dare not joke about the safety of the royal family. No one can guarantee that the German Navy will be dispatched to intercept the British Navy.
Therefore, while hoping for William II’s successful accession to the throne, Wilhelmina is thinking about how to surrender gracefully and no longer consider going to England. So when she got the exact news, she found the German special envoy Merkel, who had been hanging out outside the city.
The German envoy’s respect for the Dutch royal family was beyond Wilhelmina’s expectation. As soon as they met, he was very polite and greeted the Queen "Respect Beatrix Wilhelmina Armgard! German special envoy Merkel salutes you! I come to you in the name of the head of state of Germany to discuss the future of the Netherlands. Please don’t worry. Germany will protect the royal family of the Netherlands. I hope you can make friends with the head of state. "
"The Netherlands has always remained neutral. I am not so reasonable. Why would the German head of state do such an excessive thing?" Wilhelmina said to Merkel with a sigh. "He should know that attacking a neutral country is a very bad thing."
"In order to fight against the coming invasion of the Communist International, the head of state must integrate the whole European power to fight against the Dutch invasion rather than being included in the protection of the Third Reich." Merkel talked about this "shameless robber theory" without even typing a draft. He has talked about this high-sounding nonsense to cover up the invasion to the point where even he himself has believed it.
"and! Queen! I don’t think you are happy to admit that I am alarmist when I say this, "Merkel continued, looking at Queen Wilhelmina, who looked pale." But the reality is very obvious that you Beatrix Wilhelmina Armgard must alleviate the suffering of the Dutch people, but I can deeply regret that you missed the best time to surrender because you are more inclined to Britain. "
Wilhelmina was surprised but didn’t want to show weakness. She stared at Merkel and asked, "What do you mean? Threaten me? " She frowned when she asked questions, with a kind of queen majesty.
"Threat? No, no! This is not a threat! I’m just stating a fact that is about to happen, "Merkel denied shaking his head." If I remember correctly, your horse will hear the devil’s voice. "
"What do you mean?" Wilhelmina felt that something bad was going to happen, and a deep uneasiness filled her mind.
"Blare … blare …" Suddenly, the shrill alarm rang through the sky.
"Just half an hour ago, the German army carried out the Fuehrer’s" Last Fight "and took off from three frontline airports to bomb Rotterdam." Merkel looked at his watch and said, "117 bombers will bomb Rotterdam and give the Queen a reason to agree to surrender."
"Emperor! Are you crazy? Rotterdam is a civilian! " Wilhelmina screamed, "I have something here! There are also reports! I’ll give you the first report immediately! Tell him I agreed to surrender! I promise you anything! Please don’t bomb, please don’t bomb my people! "
Merkel nodded. "No problem. I’ll send a report to General Catherine to cancel the bombing."
Looking at the sky gradually approaching the dense d217 bomber formation, Merkel walked out of the living room of Beatrix Wilhelmina Armgard Wilhelmina with her head held high.
Chapter 263 263 Bombing
If the German blitzkrieg is a war in Depth Charge, then the German army is the most powerful weapon in Depth Charge. German tanks can sweep the battlefield and German paratroopers can gallop behind enemy lines because Germany has the most powerful military force in the world.
The army department is responsible for the implementation of ground support units, which are all called bomber units. Because they are equipped with appall ju7 Stuka dive bombers and d217 medium-range bombers, these units can be said to be the most powerful war weapons of the German army.
All these German bomber pilots like their own work very much. They like being called demons because they destroy cities and kill lives. To be fair, it is simply evil.
Now they are ordered to take off from the airport, leap over the mountains, and the formation of rivers, blue sky and white clouds is accompanied by the roar of the engine, covering the sky like locusts and flying to their new target, Rotterdam, the Netherlands.
The d217 bomber seems to have been very advanced in this era, with a 17-meter-long fuselage, slender streamline wingspan and an amazing 19-meter-wide and 5-meter-high double vertical tail. It looks very domineering, but it also brings a dead angle to the tail.
This kind of bomber can invade the enemy’s territory at an ultra-high speed of 5 kilometers and fly at an altitude of 7 meters. Some pilots of German bomber units are very willing to fly this kind of aircraft to take the initiative to confront their opponents and intercept their fighters.
However, the Fuehrer is still developing more advanced long-range bombers. Because arcado is very satisfied with the d217 bomber, the army and the army are not satisfied with the 2-kilometer voyage. The Fuehrer thinks that the army should deploy heavy-duty long-range bombers with a voyage of more than 25 kilometers.
In the narrow cockpit, the pilot is engrossed in controlling the plane. The co-pilot pilot beside him is checking their maps to tell their flying direction from the vertical and horizontal roads and rivers on the ground. Their feet are in charge of steering the nose defense machine, and the gunner is chatting with the gunner in the back of the machine through the intercom. At random, it seems that they are not going to carry out the attack at all.
Until now, bombing has been a very pleasant task for German pilots. German fighters ruled the day, and they were not worried that their opponents’ planes would rush out and attack them. Those weak ground artillery fires had long been cleared by Stuka, and when they came out, it was often simple to imagine.
"Call escort formation go home! There are no fighters in Holland. "The co-pilot looked at the ground and said with a smile," I really feel sad for the Dutch. They have lost, but they still want to surrender. "
The engine is still roaring, and the unique greenhouse cockpit of German aircraft gives the pilot a very good front view, but before that, you must have the courage to fly the plane so high.
"Come on! This is a war flight, not that you think it will be safe if you are safe, but let those pilot brothers continue to fly face to face, which will make us safer. "
"Flying height 65 meters! The plane is in good condition! Our flight course is correct, and everything is so normal that I can’t meet such a normal war environment even during the exercise. "The pilot yawned while throwing away the identification photos and maps of the ground buildings." I heard that the Fuehrer was injured by a killer sent by Britain the night before yesterday? "
"Nose? I heard that it was he who hit the British killer himself. He was the head of the gun. He dodged the attack and hurt his nose. "They shouted with machine guns at their feet."
"So we will have a new one soon, right?" The pilot replied, "We will be ordered to take off from Holland and bomb the British city. Unfortunately, our voyage is not enough to threaten London, otherwise we can destroy the city in a few days. I promise I can drop the bomb on the queen’s head."
"You are too pessimistic, Mr. Driver." The pilot smiled and elbowed the jack beside him. "We will take off from France soon, and the distance will be close at that time! In addition, I need to wake you up about a very important thing. Bombing is my job! White? "
"yes! I know! I am very white! Because if I were a bomber, I would be the first to throw your words away! " The pilot nai said with a smile
"all right! That’s the end of the joke. Rotterdam is still 7 minutes away! Line up! Confirm that the weapon system is normal! " The pilot carefully checked his bombsight to stop nagging.
"The bomber attention! Attention bombers! We will reach the target in five minutes! All crew members are on alert. "The general commander of the bomber formation sounded in the earphone." God bless you! The head of state! "
"See that airport in front of you?" Bomb sight looked at the ground and the pilot suddenly asked
"Yes, you mean the one with a national flag on the roof?" The pilot casually replied
"They are so close to Rotterdam. Why not just call them?" The navigator asked this sentence.
"Because it will be easier for them to fight if we bomb first," the pilot replied after a few seconds of concentrated driving.
"This says that we are more important, doesn’t it?" The navigator adjusted the bombsight and looked up. "Every time I throw a bomb, I have a feeling that I am destroying a text! I can easily destroy buildings and streets-send several people to heaven. "
"You said it was a bomber! You are responsible for throwing them away, "the pilot said with a smile," and if you talk nonsense like that again, I will throw you away. "
"All aircraft attention! The front is this time the target, the Dutch city of Rotterdam, you play the bomb bay and prepare to drop the bomb. "
With the mechanical friction, a bomb bay of d217 bomber slowly exposed the belly with a dark bomb hanging inside.
"Keep heading!" There’s a big command in the headset
"drop the height!" After a while, it may be a few minutes, so long, the command tone comes again in the earphone.
"They fought back! They are fighting back with anti-aircraft guns! " A pilot’s listener reported, "An anti-aircraft gun shell exploded on my left side and it missed."
"It seems that they are not many anti-aircraft guns! All bombers stay in formation! Steady! Steady! Continue to drop the height! " The commander shouted in the earphone
"We arrived at the goal! Attack! Free bombing! " The sudden attack order was reached.
"hey!" There was a slight noise in the cabin, and the pilot knew that a bomb had left the belly of the plane and fell to the ground.
"No one can save the Dutch! They are dead! " The navigator, the current bomber, said with a smile, "Go! Baby "
With his words, another bomb was dropped on Rotterdam Street.
"Bomb No.1!" "Bomb No.2!" ….. with the report one by one, hundreds of bombs hit Rotterdam houses from a height, destroying factories and roads, and building after building collapsed with the fire.
"Stop bombing! All bombers stop bombing! " Commander voice urgent to "commander Catherine command! All bombers stop dropping bombs! Lock the bomb bay! I repeat it! Commander Catherine conveyed the Fuehrer’s order to cancel! All bombers close the bomb bay! Return immediately! "
"What’s going on? Commander! I didn’t catch your order just now that we were ordered to bomb Rotterdam, and it won’t be cancelled easily. "A pilot confirmed the accuracy of the order in his earphone.
"You didn’t listen to wrong! I was ordered to lead all bombers back immediately! The Fuehrer personally reached the cancellation order, and General Catherine confirmed the cancellation order in my line. "The commander said to the phone."
"What can I take the liberty of asking? After all, it is very unusual to cancel such a big operation easily, "said another bomber squadron leader in the earphone."
"Of course, there is no problem. It has just been reported that Beatrix Wilhelmina Armgard has ordered Dutch soldiers to send weapons. A few hours later, the Dutch frontline commander will formally submit to General keitel, commander of the B regiment, an order from the head of the Dutch garrison to stop the bombing operation." The commander explained.
"That’s it, commander," the squadron leader Nye said, "I have no more questions."