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It was born out of time, but it was completely mature in the war of liberation

The enemy is good at guarding the battlefield with many permanent or semi-permanent strong fortresses, but our army lacks artillery, tanks and other key weapons, and almost relies on the brave sacrifice of the blasting death squads to blast the key personnel one after another, resulting in huge losses.
To reduce casualties, conscienceless guns came into being.
Its orientation is that no manpower is needed to deliver explosive charges and weapons appear in the battlefield in order to attack and blow up permanent or semi-permanent military bunkers and reduce casualties of our army.
The earliest conscienceless gun was to dig a cylindrical deep pit inclined towards the target, put it at the bottom of the pit to push the explosive charge, put it on the explosive surface of the blasting target, and push the explosive charge to the target to detonate it.
After all, the method of launching tube by pit is too soil, and it is difficult to grasp the relatively strict requirements of pit wall diameter, chamber volume and inclination angle when digging out the pit temporarily.
This brings great uncertainty to the calculation of the distance to the target, the amount of powder and the size of the explosive charge, so the flying thunder tube was born
The diameter of the flying thunder tube varies from 3 mm to 5 mm. Generally, there are more than 10 kilograms and more than 20 kilograms. The maximum range is 200 to 300 meters, but the lethal force of 15 meters is ideal. It is mainly used to attack the enemy’s main and auxiliary defense facilities such as barricades, barbed wire and Abatis, but it can’t deal with the infantry in motion.
Some museums have flying thunder tubes on display. These tourists visit the flying thunder tubes, which are placed at a certain angle and supported by wooden frames at the front end, which is almost the same as mortar arrangement, but it is necessary that this is only a way for people to visit, and it is definitely not a wartime launch state.
Recoil force
The gunpowder explosion produces a huge driving force, which is not the first to push the explosive charge, but the first to push the launcher. The launcher is hard enough, but it has to go and push the explosive charge. This is a complete launch.
And it’s similar to the kind in the TV play where there’s a thin tin bottom behind the thin petrol tank and there’s nothing else in it, and then the propellant is ignited and fired-believe me, this is definitely suicide.
The word "exploding" should be familiar to everyone. What will happen?
To put it bluntly, the quality of the launcher is not hard enough to lock the powder explosion, and it will explode when it produces strength.
What used to be guns with thick barrels and small outlets? That is, the iron smelting industry is not developed in place, and it is impossible to produce iron that can make large-caliber artillery. To avoid the explosion chamber and kill our own people, the caliber can be reduced.
A heartless cannon is a petrol tank. Why can a thin iron sheet withstand the huge recoil caused by gunpowder explosion?
Of course, when it is actually launched, most of its body is firmly buried in the ground, and the gap soil in the pit wall outside the barrel is filled with solid earth to absorb the heavy pressure generated by the propellant, so that the recoil is high.
This means that the launching of conscienceless guns requires not only barrels, gunpowder and explosives, but also professional engineers to carry out solid soil industry, which takes a long time to prepare.
Generally speaking, it takes 30 to 40 minutes.
It is because it takes too long and is almost immobile once it is ready for launch that it can attack an immobile heavy target.
At the same time, the army as a whole needs to be in a strategic offensive posture, and the enemy is in a strategic defensive posture, so as to ensure that the heartless cannon can really be brought into play, or you will push back a wave of counterattacks before the enemy has been dug up …
The shortcomings of conscienceless cannon are not limited to this, and its own performance mistakes will also bring serious accidents.
For example, the problem of igniting the lead wire of propellant and the fuse of explosive charge is that many explosive charges are thrown by heartless guns or the fuse of explosive charge is ignited by manual ignition. Then the problem comes. What if the fuse of explosive charge is ignited at the same time, but the lead wire of propellant charge fails but the fuse of explosive charge does not fail?
It is precisely because of this kind of professional engineers who solve the security problem that our army gradually withdrew from the battlefield and entered the military museum after seizing more artillery.
It is true that the indigenous method can make many kinds of modern firearms simply, but it is not without cost.
If you want to escape the technology required by standardized production and drill when there is a problem, you must bear the self-attack brought by the irregular operation of the soil method, and the loss caused by this self-attack will exceed the gain brought by the drilling body.
Otherwise, why should human beings pursue standardized industrial production?
Is it not good for everyone to get together?
Speaking of which, I have to say that many historians and readers have plots: one is the plot of a famous minister, a famous beauty, and the other is the plot of a firearm.
Both of them appeared with the gradual rise of online novels, and of course I also have them.
I think that Huai Tian, a famous minister and famous hand beauty, is just me. I also think that it takes minutes to travel back to the past to make powerful firearms, and there is no technical difficulty to hang indigenous people in minutes.
However, the more you write, the more you look up, and the older you get, the more you accept this statement.
Let’s not talk about the former, and say a little about the latter.
Perhaps it is China’s humiliation in modern times, and everyone’s heart is full of revenge. In the early years, the network was rampant, and it was the strong ship and the sharp gun that defeated the Qing army’s broadsword and spear, and we finally went to ruin
So people all think that China’s failure is purely due to the lack of firearms development. If firearms are developed in place, we can instantly turn into a great power and be proud.
Readers are influenced by this and think that it is absolutely right to develop firearms in historical novels, and it is absolutely wrong not to develop firearms or to develop firearms immediately after crossing back.
Go back to the past and not immediately develop firearms to hang everything? Are you out of your mind?
On how powerful the enemy is, if you want to develop firearms, you can win immediately. If you can’t win, then develop more advanced firearms. You are a traveler!
Honestly, how many ordinary people can make even a matchlock or a flintlock by hand?
Maybe. Anyway, I can’t write it, and neither can the protagonist.
He doesn’t have a gold brain, but a vague history, the trend of science and technology, knowing that a little knowledge of firearms can draw a few decent pictures, is that I failed him in science and technology
Speaking normally, how many people can know that the early gunpowder was not powder, but paste, which burned quite insufficiently and contained a lot of impurities?
How many people know how to granulate gunpowder?
Amazing is never a Chinese traveler, but a Baidu who can connect to the Internet (so I brought a Baidu to the protagonist when I wrote the first Zhenguan Raiders)
Firearms are of course good, of course I know, but I regard novels as my career. Every novel is my painstaking effort. I don’t want to make three chapters out of matchlock guns, six chapters out of flintlock guns, and three hundred chapters out of tanks.
I’m not a professional, and I’m sure I’ll make a joke if I try to be professional, and a lot of things can really be superficial and superficial, which will lead to problems if I talk deeply.
I can say what I can do, and I want to pursue rationality as much as possible.
Of course, I can’t do it even if it’s reasonable. I have to, for example, be normal. How can I become a crossbowman in three months? It takes two to three years to become proficient …
Why was the success rate of ancient rebellion so low?