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Chapter seven hundred and ninety-four Unknown

Xu Ren, Xiao Xiaoer, Shen Tengyun and Xiao Yaobao revisited the old place, which was the safest route, but there was an accident.
When they arrived, they had explored the city, and there was really nothing valuable in it, but when they came here, they found that it had been occupied by a demon race and a ghost.
According to Xu Ren’s meaning, he didn’t want to provoke the ghost who occupied the ancient battlefield of the ghost town. Unfortunately, the ghost of the ancient battlefield didn’t want them to go, so Shen Tengyun shot the ghost of the ancient battlefield and fought together.
The ancient battlefield spirit was cut off an arm, which is not a big problem. In this Gobi, he can constantly condense his body through yellow sand and reshape an arm, which is naturally not a big problem.
But what makes this ancient battlefield spirit depressed is that he was not only cut off by Shen Tengyun, but also the Sino-British aura in that arm was taken away by the other baby.
He can condense his body in a limited time in the ancient battlefield, but not in the heroic spirit. Even if the heroic spirit loses a little, it will take a long time to replenish it.
"Damn human beings, give me back my heroic spirit."
The demon race’s ancient battlefield spirit was in a hurry. He had once again given birth to an arm and quickly attacked Shen Tengyun.
Shen Teng Yunyiran is not afraid that he already knows the strength of the demon ancient battlefield. For him, although it is not so easy to defeat, it will not defeat him, and it will just benefit the demon ancient battlefield.
There are different ways to deal with different opponents. This is combat experience. The more experienced a person is, the more he can follow the enemy.
Xu Ren seldom fears his opponents, partly because he has endless means, and partly because he inherited the memory of the immortal in his dream and made him know a lot of battles, which will subtly change his fighting thinking.
Of course, Shen Tengyun didn’t know that Xu Ren had immortal memory, but he admired Xu Renlun’s ability to fight against any opponent. He never complained because he knew that Xu Ren would accumulate combat experience for him, and even if he didn’t fix it, his strength would continue to rise.
Shen Tengyun moved quickly and cut off a leg of the ancient battlefield spirit of the demon race.
This time, the demon family’s ancient battlefield spirit grew up, and the leg was cut off and fell behind, and immediately dragged the broken leg to the body.
However, he was still a little slow and was once again absorbed by Shen Tengyun’s exquisite soul tower.
"You piss me off."
The successive loss of British aura made the demon clan’s ancient battlefield spirit really angry. He attacked Shen Tengyun more tightly and quickly, and laid siege to him.
Shen Tengyun didn’t expect this demon ancient battlefield spirit to be angered so quickly, so he also had to take out the real thing to deal with it.
Shen Tengyun’s figure flashed, and his prancing speed didn’t increase much, but his sword speed was particularly fast. The demon family’s ancient battlefield spirit attacked hundreds of moves in succession, but it failed to break Shen Tengyun’s defense.
It is not an easy thing to maintain such a high-intensity battle even in the ancient battlefield. After about half an hour, he had to slow down his attack.
Now, the spirit of this ancient battlefield has probably lost sight of the situation. A human monk has been so difficult to cope with. There are two human monks and a demon family behind him. He knows that there is no chance of winning today, so he looks for opportunities to escape while fighting Shen Tengyun.
It’s a pity that Shen Tengyun has discovered his intention. How can he let him go so easily?
As a result, Shen Tengyun also showed his posture. Every time the demon ancient battlefield spirit tried to run, Shen Tengyun was always able to intercept him first.
As a result, the demon family’s ancient battlefield spirit is in a hurry, and he also put his physical strength into the battle.
Shen Tengyun became more and more brave, and he also ate the spirit of ants gnawing at bones bit by bit, which also made the fighting state of the demon ancient battlefield worse and worse, and was finally completely killed by Shen Tengyun.
It is not accurate to say that death is true, because these ancient battlefields are lifeless, so it should be called annihilation, which may be more appropriate
After Shen Tengyun killed the demon’s ancient battlefield spirit, Xu Ren decided to continue to go deep into the ancient battlefield, and this time he would not let the little demon leopard follow the original route, because even the route they had taken might have been occupied by the new spirit at the moment, so it is better to explore some places they have never been to, and maybe there will be even greater discoveries.
The little demon leopard had no problem with Xu Ren’s arrangement, so he took Xu Ren, Xiaoer and Shen Tengyun to continue exploring here.
After continuous and in-depth exploration, Xu Ren found that although the strength of the ancient battlefield heroes has become much stronger than when they first came in, the number has also decreased a lot
It is estimated that it is also the survival of the fittest. Those weak ancient battlefield spirits have been swallowed up by these strong ancient battlefield spirits.
The change of the spirit in the ancient battlefield made Xu Ren put his heart up again
Whether human beings, demon race or these ancient battlefields all follow the law of survival of the fittest and elimination of nature, the stronger can always occupy a better position and the weaker can be marginalized.
The ancient battlefield spirit is probably also the reason for this change. Perhaps there is a powerful ancient battlefield spirit who once slept in this ancient battlefield. He has occupied the best position in the core of the ancient battlefield, which has pushed his ancient battlefield spirit out of the periphery.
"Do you have something on your mind?"
Shen Tengyun followed Xu Ren while watching Xu Ren’s face. Xu Ren’s face doesn’t seem to be good, as if he were in big trouble.
Xu Ren didn’t hide anything from Shen Tengyun, so he told the whole story directly.
"If that’s the case, we may encounter greater danger if we go deeper, especially if we are near the center."
Little darling didn’t think about it in that way at the same time, but after Xu Ren said what she thought, she also felt that it was very likely that they had to take precautions early.
"This matter is really difficult, and the more dangerous it is in the core area, the more I can feel it, and there will definitely be more opportunities inside."
The little demon leopard is fearless, but even so, he is a little worried now, but if he is allowed to give up going deep into the ancient battlefield, he certainly can’t do it.
"Why do you want so many soldiers to block the water? But can’t we run?"
Shen Tengyun has adapted to the rhythm of fighting in the ancient battlefield and has seen the benefits of fighting for him. He is not a strong opponent. Because of the strong opponent’s confrontation, he can get a huge promotion if he dies or does not waste his own strength.
"Well, what Teng Yun said is also reasonable. There is a stronger battlefield in the core area. It’s just my guess that it may not be true. Besides, even if it is true, we may not be afraid."
Xu Ren didn’t expect that Shen Tengyun, who looked wussy on weekdays, was so belligerent, but Shen Tengyun also woke him up.
Before, he always felt that he was seeking everything in wealth and danger, but with the improvement and strength, his concerns seemed to have increased. This time, Shen Tengyun said that he also realized that he was a little timid in doing things.
"Then we will continue to go deep into the elder brother. You can pick up Brother Yuan Ying’s attack. I want to come here. The strength of the ancient battlefield is not as terrible as that of Brother Yuan Ying’s condition."
Although the little boy is worried, he is also encouraged by everyone.
"Well, then let’s keep going inside."
Xu Ren shook the sleeves, and the whole person cried and became much more refreshed.
The little demon leopard hasn’t spoken. Seeing Xu Ren’s mood change at the moment, he also came to the spirit ahead. Xu Ren, Xiaoer and Shen Tengyun continued to lead the way.
In this way, Xu Ren, Xiao Xiaoer and Shen Tengyun walked for two days. By this time, they had reached the deeper part of the ancient battlefield. This is a place they have never explored before. Not only have they not explored the monks of the Da Luo Empire, but they have never explored the place. It is still an unknown area.
Xu Ren was still nervous about stepping into this unknown area, so he was more careful.
Not only is Xu Ren nervous, but Shen Tengyun and Xiao Yaobao are also nervous, so everyone slows down in unison.
Just as Xu Ren, Xiaoer, Shen Tengyun and Xiao Yaobao slowed down, it seemed that marching sounds came in the distance.
Xu Ren’s face was bitter. He didn’t expect to meet an ancient battlefield ghost army when he arrived in an unknown area. Listen to the movement. The number of ancient battlefield ghost troops must be thousands.
Xu Ren is very resistant to getting ready for battle.