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Almost Sun Hao was tested and lu shan’s blood sword was slowly pulled out from Lei Zhongti in the dreamland. "lu shan knew this was a dreamland. Brother Lei walked well all the way …" Then lu shan looked back behind him, and Yu Kunlong had already died. His sword had been killed all the way. There was a trace of blood in lu shan’s eyes unconsciously. Looking at Lei Zhong, he slowly fell to the ground and laughed. "In the dreamland, I killed lu shan, killed my parents and brothers …

In the dreamland, Tong Li looked at Xiao Wan stupefied. "What, why are you doing this?" I don’t know if I meet a difficult thing, but my broadsword is raised and put up, and it’s difficult to make a decision. My honest face is also a struggle.
In the dreamland, Xuanyuan’s cheeks are red and her heart is bumping into this dreamland. How did this happen? In the dreamland, he and Sun Hao actually formed a couple, but it didn’t last long. Because of the blood, Xuanyuanhong practiced very fast and far exceeded Sun Hao. Finally, one day Xuanyuanhong faced the test of turning into a god, and Sun Hao became the biggest flaw and concern in his heart.
XuanYuanGong had a little enlightenment at this time. Sun Hao wanted to stab himself into Sun Hao’s chest with HongLing’s sword, so he could get what he wanted and wait for the peak of Xiandao.
XuanYuanGong hee hee in dreamland laughed "Corleone, this is dreamland, so you can die once." After laughing, Corleone HongLing sword waved his hand and pointed out at Corleone’s left breast dreamland. Corleone didn’t hide or flash, but still looked at Corleone with a faint smile. He didn’t seem to see the blaster and flew the sword.
Seeing that the flying sword is about to penetrate Sun Hao Xuanyuan’s red eye, I saw Sun Hao’s faint smile, and at the moment, I was inexplicably sad. I couldn’t help but drink "Don’t …"
Then Xuanyuanhong heard Sun Haoyin, "Xiaohong, what’s wrong with you?"
When XuanYuanHong opened his eyes, he found himself back in the hall of asking questions. Sun Haozheng looked at himself with a note on his face. He saw Sun Hao holding Sun Hao’s hand tightly in his heart and asked eagerly, "Sun Hao, are you okay?"
Sun Hao looked a little flustered and XuanYuanHong shook his head. "I’m fine. Did you meet someone close to me in Xiaohong’s fantasy?"
Xuanyuanhong looked at Sun Hao’s face and smiled calmly. Sun Haofa asked Xuanyuanhong to think of the story in the dreamland. His face was flushed and he said softly, "It’s a test of dreamland, that is, killing people close to you. How about Sun Hao? Are you the same?"
Sun Hao smiled. "Well, you need to choose whether to kill or not when you meet someone close to you."
Xuanyuan blushes even redder. This Sun Hao should not be a couple with me in the dreamland. It’s really shameful. Sun Hao is a little strange to see Xuanyuan blushing little face, but if you think about it, you will understand her. This little girl must be in a difficult mood.
At this time, Xuanyuan blushed and asked, "Did you kill Sun Hao?"
Corleone shook his head "no how can kill? How willing to kill? Even if I knew it was a dreamland, Sun Hao had everything in his life. Did you kill Xiaohong? "
Xuanyuanhong’s little face is more red. He said that Sun Hao was actually more determined than himself. He couldn’t help but ask, "I shouldn’t have killed him!" Xuan Yuanhong then asked, "What did you end up with?"
Sun Hao said with a happy face, "Finally, I regret sitting in my heart with a smile."
Xuanyuanhong’s small eyes narrowed into a crescent moon. "With her?"
Sun Hao "um together"
Xuanyuanhong pulls Corleone’s hand tighter. "Corleone, that’s very kind of you."
Sun Hao swept the Xuanyuan Red Heart doubtfully, saying that it is right not to kill parents. Is he really that great?
I don’t know that a great and beautiful misunderstanding has been born, and Sun Hao has come to ask questions in detail. At this time, a red light flashed in the Hall of Asking the Heart, and a murderous humanoid appeared at the door.
Sun Hao, at first glance, was a monk with acne all over his face. Don’t ask, this is lu shan.
This lu shan seems to still have lotus flower flashing in his eyes at this time, and he still says, "Kill the brothers and kill them …"
This lu shan has a good killing ability. Sun Hao’s eyebrows are not frowned. It seems that lu shan’s way of passing the final killing test must be to kill this guy. He must have killed his close talents and appeared here.
Xuanyuangong with Corleone glances at this time also appeared filar silk disgust expression on his face. This lu shan magic is really heavy
In a short time, the final killing result came out.
Tong Li and Shen Yu don’t know what test they met, but they didn’t finally show up here. They should have been eliminated. There are three magic practitioners and two Qingyun doorways in this temple, a total of five younger brothers.
There is still one last chance to realize the enlightenment futon in the temple of asking the heart. There are three futons with five people, and I am afraid there will be some struggle.
Among the five monks, lu shan didn’t consider that this guy didn’t have a chance to realize and kill the futon from beginning to end, but it’s a miracle that this guy actually made it here firmly. But here, as usual, the realization and killing of the futon didn’t have his share. This guy also knew that he had run to the corner to meditate peacefully and didn’t compete for the enlightenment futon’s intention. You played with me at the theatre.
Three futon golden evil days, Bai Zhenghuang; Sun Hao, XuanYuanGong four monks who will not give up this opportunity.
Everyone knows each other’s attitude.
"Two ways," Jin Xieri said carelessly at first. "The first one is that we won a melee and finally won three monks to obtain enlightenment qualification; In the second type, one of the three futons first claims one left and one monk on each side, and whoever wins will win. "
Bai Zhenghuang’s peach blossom fan gently shakes the peach blossom eyes and smiles. "We will accompany you in any way you choose at Qingyun Gate."
Look at the two echo each other tacit understanding full of magic repair which have any bad feelings at this time? I guess these two guys were acting before they entered this magic palace.
Magic repair rowed to wait here to take that XuanYuanGong look at Sun Hao reveal an inquiry eyes.
Chapter two hundred and four Against gold
Sun Hao nodded slightly and then laughed. "You can have intentions in both ways. We are going to Qingyun Gate. However, Sun Hao has a few comments to add to these two ways. The first way, if it is a melee, he must join the battlefield." Sun Hao pointed a finger at lu shan.
Lu shan sat in situ and pretended not to see this heart cursed Sun Hao to die a natural death, thinking that he lu shan contained two magic eldest brothers. This Sun Hao also knew that the two eldest brothers could not take care of themselves, so he meant to take the opportunity to get rid of me. This was not good, not good.
Sun Hao continued without breathing. "In the second way, Sun Hao’s supplementary opinion is that both sides will automatically lose the opportunity to climb the enlightenment futon if they fail, even if they distribute it to your side, you can’t climb it. What do you think of Sun Hao’s supplementary opinion?"
Hearing Sun Hao’s two supplementary opinions, Bai Zhenghuang and Jin Xie Ri looked at each other and finally Jin Xie Ri laughed. "Good Sun Hao depends on you, hahaha."
Sun Hao’s two discussions seem to be abnormal, but they are just right. Two small problems arise. Choosing the first way, lu shan, will somewhat bind the hands and feet of two magic practitioners, and it is very important to choose who to send in the second way, because according to Sun Hao’s discussion, no friar will automatically get the opportunity. On the contrary, whoever has this discussion may not have the opportunity. Although it will not make two people turn against each other, it will inevitably make it difficult for them to decide.
After hearing Sun Hao’s suggestion, Jin Xie Ri laughed two times and then said, "Sun Hao, don’t try your best in vain. We will choose the second way. We will play by breaking the gold here. I don’t know who will come to Qingyun Gate."
Sun Haochong XuanYuanHong smiled and then laughed. "Let Sun Hao try Brother Jin’s brilliant idea."
Xuanyuan blushed and smiled, but secretly said to Sun Haoyin, "Sun Hao has three points to pay attention to against the broken gold magic. First, this temple of asking questions seems to be unrealistic. You can’t touch the wall of the temple of asking questions by Sumeru." The second broken gold demon has a strange way to break the metal sword. Don’t control the metal sword by him, or it will be difficult to protect the instrument. Sanduan Golden Magic is a monk who is physically refined. His strength is much faster than his speed, and he is carefully attacked by his melee … "
"I see," thanks Sun Haoyin. "Thank you Xiaohong. I’ll be careful."
The body refining monk is a special monk among the gas refiners. The view of this kind of monk is that the stronger the gas refiner is, the stronger the gas refiner is, and the greater the quantity is, so the gas refining must be carried out first.
The biggest feature of the body-refining monk is that * * is superior to the powerful fighting force, and it is unstoppable to make gestures. Of course, it is not easy to refine the body first. This secret method is very important, but there are not many secret methods. If the level is not enough, it will often draw a tiger and turn it into a dog. If the body is not refined, it will leave many dark wounds on the body. With the secret method, if you want to refine the body, you still need a lot of miraculous drugs or elixir resources to fight * *, but the resources needed for a bottom hole are generally scattered or the roots of small Zongmen monks can’t afford it
Because of this, refined monks are not common, but they are often synonymous with superior combat power. It is no wonder that Golden Evil Day will be the friar of the Five Elements Magic Sect. It turns out that he is a very rare refined monk.
Seeing Sun Hao coming out, Jin Xieri laughed and said, "XuanYuanHong, I’m still going to make it this time. I didn’t expect this little guy to run out and die himself. Hahahaha XuanYuanHong, are you afraid?"
XuanYuanGong a little face show disdain smile "broken gold do you think I XuanYuanGong will be afraid of you? Or can you stop the girl’s treasure with gold? "
Fubao? Bai Zhenghuang laughed. "Xuanyuanhong, I also have Fubao. Do you want to take them all out to play?" Bai Zhenghuang also said that if the two sides really scuffle or spell Fubao with each other, the final result must not take time.
Sun Hao smiled and said, "Brother Jin, your opponent is my mouth. Is it interesting?" I’ve been here, and I’d like to see what’s wrong with Brother Jin’s magic Sect body repair. "
"I am reborn as you in such a hurry." Jin Xie’s tall body seems to be instantaneous and thick, and many mouths drink a "dragon elephant Prajna * * Zhenshan Sun Hao sees the move."
Talking about the golden evil day, I strode to start, and my huge hands lifted all over the sky to cover Sun Hao.
"This is the * * shock mountain palm" XuanYuanHong sound wake up "Corleone be careful not to let the golden evil day approach or you will get 6636 palm will give up"
Sun Hao’s heart moved and his mouth drank a "Aegis" body. When the fire flashed, a flame shield appeared as if it were an egg shell covering Sun Hao’s body. Then Sun Hao didn’t hide or flash flying grass, so he should take the initiative to take care of the golden evil day.
Unexpectedly, it automatically greeted you? The golden evil day flashed a surprised look in his eyes like two bells, and then he drank "How dare you prevent it?" The speaker waved a series of palms and hit Sun Haolie’s Vulcan shield like a madman.
Suddenly, the Hall of the Mind crackled and remembered that with these rings, Sun Haoshen kept splashing with bursts of fire, and the Hall of the Mind was red, and the center of the battlefield was covered by a fire.
Less than ten breath kung fu heard gold evil day laughing and said, "Thirty-six palms are finished and call it a day." The fire group just appeared in two figures. After a while, the fire dispersed and revealed Sun Hao and gold evil day.
At this time, Sun Hao’s face was a little pale with blood at the corner of his mouth. Just on the golden evil day, a total of 36 palms hit the Fire Aegis. Each palm had a powerful force. When each palm hit the crumbling Fire Aegis, Sun Hao was already injured in the tenth palm. Sun Hao’s injury was not light. If it wasn’t for Mu Dan and Sun Hao’s dead wood, the more miraculous he was, he was afraid that Sun Hao could not immediately wipe the corners of his mouth with blood. Sun Hao’s face smiled indifferently. "Brother Jin was really fierce, so powerful, so fierce, and the palm
At this time, the image of Golden Evil Day was not much better. His face was black and his hair and beard were burnt by the fire of Aegis, and some parts of his body were burned to varying degrees.
Gold evil day looking at Sun Hao has an unbelievable look in his two white eyes. He has just attacked Sun Hao Sun Hao’s strange shield. Although his defense is a little weak, many of his strengths have infiltrated the strange shield and hurt Sun Hao, but this strange shield can actually sputter flames and hurt himself, which makes him feel very difficult. If you don’t get some damage from your own body training, don’t worry about changing to a monk at this time, even if you hurt someone, you won’t get hurt.
Chapter two hundred and forty-one Against broken gold 2
Shake your head, and the golden evil sounds dignified. Many "Sun Hao, you are also good and strange."
At this time, while watching Bai Zhenghuang’s heart has been scolded, it is the information searched by Zongmen. In Zongmen’s information, Sun Hao is a wooden friar, and now it’s good. What do you think of this strange shield? How does it look like a fire-attribute defense spell? It makes Bai Zhenghuang strange. Most of the fire-attribute spells are good at damage. He has never seen Sun Hao’s fire-attribute spells. The evaluation of Jin Evil Day is very good. This shield technique is very strange and has a good defense. The durability is amazing. If Bai Zhenghuang is not mistaken, Sun Hao will
Sun Hao’s shield practice is like this. It seems that breaking gold can’t be easy to take this Sun Hao.
Actually, looking at Sun Haojin’s evil day in front of him, he felt wrong as if he didn’t feel wrong. Just now, he hit Sun Hao with a few palms. According to the principle, Sun Hao should have lost most of his combat power. But Jin Xieri found that Sun Haoshen had almost recovered from a white light flash injury. What is this secret? With such a strong healing ability, it’s even hard to win this opponent this time.
Sun Hao also felt great pressure against the golden evil day. Sun Hao found that the effect of flying grass was greatly reduced, and the golden evil day was extremely fast, and the huge hands waved so that Sun Hao could hardly hide even if he wanted to.
And if it weren’t for SHIELD, which is a small avatar, and if it weren’t for the more dead gods, Sun Hao might have been directly beaten to the ground by the golden evil day.
Rao is Sun Hao’s ability to pick up the thirty-six palms, and he has also suffered a lot of injuries. Sun Hao’s heart andao is a fierce one, but his face is still laughing as usual. He said, "Come without evil, and Jin Xiong will see how to recruit Xiao Sancai to array the aloes sword and stab it …"
At the same time, Sun Haosan’s flying sword has stood firm and is ready for the Golden Evil Day. Before he can start work again, Sun Haosan’s flying sword has been deployed. Sun Hao’s platform has attacked the agarwood sword, blessed the sword array and stabbed it with a roar. A series of swords pointed directly at the Golden Evil Day.
Gold evil day, eyes wide open, heart quivering. This sword is so fast and penetrating, but it doesn’t show weakness in mouth. Drink "Come and see my dragon elephant, fu Hu, force to break the law, dragon elephant force to break it for me …" Drink gold evil day, look up to heaven with both hands, and then hold up a millstone with both hands from the top of your head like hands. With a fierce rotation, the great strength rushed out and pressed agarwood sword forward.
The agarwood sword is extremely fast, and the eyesight of the golden evil day is not enough to press hard.
Sun Hao’s imperial envoy, the agarwood sword, dashed against the dragon elephant, and the pressure of the dragon elephant hit the temple with a bang. The body of the golden evil day suddenly retreated three meters, but it was unscathed.
Before the body is stable and evil, the legs suddenly pounce on the body and grasp the Sun Hao agarwood sword and drink "Break the gold, break the iron and break the gold."
As he drank this, a strange force rushed from his hands to the agarwood sword to form a small mesh force field cover, and the agarwood sword suddenly fell into a quagmire.