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Listening to a loud crash caused the area to shake.
The water of exhausted trees automatically leaves the tree body, roots and leaves automatically leave the trunk to build a city, and the wood leaves the soil and floats
All the soil disappears in a flash, exposing the huge stone body of the soil.
The stone body changes rapidly, becomes smaller and smaller, and slowly approaches the shape of a city, like a hand carving it quickly.
Housing roads are rapidly forming.
In less than a minute, the great change from the mountain to the city was completed.
Some sundries and treasures needed by Wudao City flow from all parts of the human world to Wudao City like running water.
In less than five minutes, Wudaocheng was accomplished.
Everything in the city is extremely perfect, as if it had been carefully polished by ingenious craftsmen.
Su Yu looked at everything except people, and he was satisfied with the city and nodded his head.
Ouyang Gankun and Wang Chuan withered already dumbfounded.
Ouyang Gankun didn’t speak and Wang Chuan thought for a long time before spitting out a few words, "My emperor is really awesome."
After Su Yu finished building Wudao City, she built all four cities, including Blade City.
Looking at these five seats, Su Yu’s face showed a smile when she appeared and didn’t enter the city.
"I will wait for the results of the three major conferences."
Chapter 642 Beauty is deep.
How time flies! Two weeks passed quickly!
Su Yu ordered everyone from scientific research to move into the research city Yanhuang Martial Arts School with all kinds of equipment, and also moved into the manufacturing city of human world from the four continents to recruit skilled workers.
And Wudaocheng is even more popular. After Su Yu announced the news of Tiandaocheng, Wudaocheng’s aura concentration was five times that of Sifang mainland, which made everyone crazy!
The practitioners of various positions in the Yanhuang Empire are coming one after another, and there are still many strong people in the North China and the South Road who want to join the Yanhuang Empire voluntarily to obtain the qualification to enter Wudaocheng.
Su Yu’s nature is still accepted. For the Chinese Empire, the strong are too many and too few. The martial arts city is located in the human world, and the human world is Su Yu’s plane. Su Yu is naturally not afraid of the whole moth.
As a result, the number of Wudaocheng reached 500,000
Half a million places! There are 500,000 Su Yuwu Daodao, a megatron in the four continents!
Although it’s not easy to be in a real martial environment (quasi-holy), Su Yu has 500 thousand places here! One percent of him can break through to the quasi-saints, and Su Yu will have five thousand quasi-saints!
This is really a number that Su Yu didn’t think of herself.
The imperial city’s powerful operation ability has also ended in these two weeks.
There are many martial arts talents in the chance meeting. Although they are not as talented as Wang Chuan, they are all good. Miao Suyu seems that the top 500,000 people elected by the chance meeting are expected to break through the quasi-saint.
At that time, he will send them into the human world and become the main force of the Chinese Empire in the future.
The scientific research conference also elected a lot of good seedlings, and a talent who was the most unlucky actually solved a difficult problem of the current main project of the scientific research city, the light speed spacecraft.
Let Zhuge Liang be like a treasure.
The budo conference is the emergence of the strong, but Su Yu didn’t expect Su Yu to fight against the ten strong people, all of whom are top-level quasi-jihad forces, so Su Yu didn’t make a magic weapon!
The strength of the first place is even higher than that of Wang Chuan.
If you are strong, you will have the strength to match. The top ten strong people in the arrogant martial arts conference are not unruly people.
Everyone thinks it’s appropriate for the Emperor of the Chinese Empire to ask them to be here.
But they were confident that Su Yu’s fist would completely collapse and disappear.
Su Yu didn’t have a magic weapon to beat them.
They know that this is not because they are too weak, but because Su Yu is too strong. Those seemingly ordinary fists are like a treasure to finish them first and have no temper.
In the top ten, some people chose to submit to Su Yu, while the remaining two felt that they had no face and blew themselves up directly, which made Su Yu feel very sorry that his hands were still too heavy.
The top ten people who were still alive were all arranged by Su Yu in the five major cities, the only one with the blade city, the first batch of soldiers of Su Yu’s blade force.
At present, however, the Blade Force has not yet developed and a commander, Wang Chuanyi, has been appointed.
Su Yu did not worry about this matter.
The blade force is a trump card for Su Yu in the future. Everyone must be a quasi-holy top-level strong person, and this nature will definitely lead to a small number of blade forces.
At the same time, the major legions of the Yanhuang Empire also quickly marched day and night on the eastern and western continents, forming a siege potential for the northern continent
The legions arrive at the battle position and prepare for the battle. After a week, Su Yu will make a thunderous sweep across the northern mainland!
Su Yu was not in a hurry. After all, sometimes things on the battlefield can’t be slow, but sometimes they can’t be urgent.
He intends to settle those elites from the three congresses into the human world first, and then personally lead troops to the northern mainland.
Together, there are 600,000 elites in the three congresses, all of whom are imperial blood. Each of them is sloppy and can’t be arranged. Su Yu is also personally involved in many things. He is often busy until late at night.
The imperial concubines of Queen Su Yu often accompany Su Yu around and watch Su Yu work so hard without some love and worry.
On this day, the moonlight in the human world just happened to be a thin cloud drifting through the hazy moonlight, and Su Yu and Guan Wan’er were scattered through the clouds.
Just now, Su Yu finally finished everything, and took Wan’er, the official who has been with him, out for a walk to see the moonlight of Su Yu’s world.
"Is my husband going to the northern mainland in a couple of days?" Officer Wan’er looked at by moonlight dyed silvery white path beside Su Yu said.
Su Yu didn’t speak, but nodded his head. Suddenly, he felt a little guilty. In the past six months, he was busy with the development and expansion of the empire and didn’t spend more time with his officials, Wan’er and them.
Su Yu reached out and took the beauty and caressed it like water. Her black hair sniffed the fragrance and enjoyed the short silence.
Wan’er, the official, said in a moment, "The male and female servants heard about the Longshan butler."
"Yes, although they are also surnamed Guan, they are not as cute as I Wan’er." Su Yu smiled and pinched Guan Wan’er’s white and tender face quipped.
And the officer Wan’er did not shy into Su Yu’s arms as usual and blinked. Her bright eyes looked up at Su Yu and continued to ask, her eyes were full of worries.
"Is there really a dozen saints in that official family?"
Su Yu frowned lightly and said, "I heard a man who once worked for a government official say that there are indeed more than a dozen saints."
"ah!" Officer Wan’er was a little flustered and hurriedly said, "A dozen saints!"
"What’s the matter?" Su Yu asked a little confused.
"Husband, male and female servants, alas, don’t be angry. Husband, you are also a quasi-holy realm. If you really want to fight, you are in danger. Why don’t we give up the four continents?" Officer Wan’er suggested that her beautiful eyes were full of worries and concerns.
No woman wants her beloved man to face difficulties and dangers. It is no exaggeration to say that more than a dozen saints can destroy the life star of the Quartet in minutes.
Su Yu didn’t speak quietly looking at officer Wan’er.
He knows that Guan Wan’er is worried about himself, and it doesn’t mean anything. She is not very clear that her strength is very simple from the level.
"Let’s hide in the human world and wait for your husband to come back for revenge when you get to the saint’s land, shall we?" At some point, Wan’er said that his face was a pear flower with rain. "If they really came over, your husband and you were like this before, you wouldn’t leave. You almost died several times."
Su Yu looked at her and worried about the tears officer Wan’er lightly sighed and took her into her arms to comfort. "Silly girl, how can I die so badly? Those saints will kill one by one and two by one! "
There must always be some responsibility for Su Yu’s family in the world, and he can’t flinch and dare not.
He is not afraid of the powerful background of Longshan family, but afraid that if he retreats this time, he will retreat step by step and lose his enemy’s way.
643 Chapter 643 The Longshan Legion is coming.
Do your best in Xinghai Longshan Continent br >
Guan Long sat cross-legged in a Zhang Baiyu bed with a pair of triangular eyes closed and held his breath.
At this moment, a man wearing a black tights and a mask of evil spirits came to Guan Long sadly.
"grimace? Didn’t I ask you to follow the official map Why are you back? Maybe it took Guan Tu a year to find the lower plane he was satisfied with? "
Officer dragon still eyes closed light said
"Go home, the master is dead."