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Chief elder’s expression is also very terrible.

This time, it will definitely solve Jiang Feng’s unexpected bad thing. The most important thing is that Tian Shan has done so many things behind his back.
Look at the table. Evidence and events
Chief elders to anger monstrous now finally broke out "Tian Shan! You are a Tian Shan adult. I don’t think you should be a temple master. Now, resign and get out of here as far as you can. I don’t want to see you again. "
Tian Shan was livid when he heard this.
The whole person is close to madness. "Chief Elder, don’t do this. You forgot that at the beginning, but you arranged for me to come in and wanted me to be able to master the demon hunting temple … I can be your greatest help to ascend to heaven. Don’t you forget all this! ?”
The chief elder came to give him a little life.
I didn’t expect this little guy to be so ungrateful. His face became ferocious.
"Looking for death!"
The chief elder said, "A powerful threat immediately pressed the pavement."
Amazing breath makes people feel scared.
"whoosh!" Fairy energy suddenly broke out just for a moment, and Tian Shanshen suddenly expanded and instantly turned into a pool of blood and water.
Give blood everywhere.
Everyone around gasped in a gasp.
Tian Shanshen’s Deputy Hall majored in the cultivation of the realm of the immortal gentleman.
I didn’t expect the chief elder to blow directly into blood and water.
A god stopped quietly.
Everyone looked at the chief elder again and their eyes changed several times.
Not the kui is the first person in heaven, and indeed people can match.
The awe is deeper.
"The Lord of the demon hunting temple just killed your hand because of his gaffes. Don’t mind! ?” Although the chief elder is an elder,
But I didn’t ask too much about the family affairs of the hunting hall.
Being able to intervene at some time-he directly killed the deputy temple master is a mistake.
"Chief Elder is joking. If you don’t start work, I’m ready to start work. I also want to thank the Chief Elder for doing me a big favor." The temple master naturally won’t be stupid enough to confront the Chief Elder.
I heard that the chief elder nodded.
Glancing at Jiang Feng coldly, I suddenly said, "I heard that one of the twelve teams can’t finish it and you have set a three-month deadline with the temple master. I am very optimistic about you."
The chief elder said a word of great significance and didn’t continue to say many words. With a wave of his arm, he immediately turned away with more than three elders.
At that time, the temple master and his party were left.
Looking at Tian Shan’s body, the temple master often sighs, and he doesn’t want to dispose of Tian Shan either.
But this time it’s too much to bully him. If it’s not handled, it really doesn’t make sense
"Let it be!" The temple master waved his hand. "I hope that this kind of thing will not happen today in the future."
Several captains are not stupid.
Naturally, I won’t touch the temple master’s brow at this time when I arch my hand and turn away.
Chapter 144 143 Fat two unwilling
Leave the meeting room
Fat two to Jiang Fengpei pleasantly surprised that Jiang Feng was so severe.
My heart is full of questions and I want to make it clear to Jiang Feng.
But they’ve just arrived at the demon hunting hall floor.
Suddenly there was a strange sound behind him. "Fat two didn’t expect it to be true. Did you hear that you entered the magic hunting hall or became a handyman? I didn’t expect to actually join."
This is a young warrior wearing a luxurious waist sword, and it is full of precious stones.
"Lu fire …" Fat two saw his eyes suddenly became ugly.
Lu huo!
It is their Lu’s younger brother who has always been the key training object because of his extraordinary talent.
Can be said to be their future hope of Lu family.
However, it is precisely because of this that this person has been unruly since childhood and often bullies Pang Er.
"Brother Lu, don’t be ridiculous. Pang Er joined this team. I heard that it was the 12th team. The whole team had a captain and two people with him." There was another young man smiling next to him.
Lu Huo was surprised.
When I burst out laughing and looked at Pang Er, my face was full of ridicule. "So that’s what happened. I’m still Fat Er, and I finally got the hang of it. I didn’t expect to be a waste."
"What’s the difference between two teams? I think your captain is just so much. Haha …"
The other party laughed even more.
The sound of ridicule is even more suspicious.
"I am the captain. Do you have any questions? ?” Jiang Feng twist a head looked at them and said
This words a lu fire face expression first leng a then face consternation.
"You are the captain! ?” Lu fire and the pie mouth obviously don’t want to Jiang Feng say much.
My eyes fell fat again and I said slowly, "There is one more thing that I forgot to tell you. The day after tomorrow, I’m going to get married with Greene, and I decided to inherit the family residence day."
Lu fire slowly said
Fat two bit his teeth with this name. It was his fiancee. At that time, his father was still the master.
The green family betrothed green son to his father in order to covet his position.
I never imagined that my father had to abdicate at the end of the day.
Since then, Green’s attitude towards him has also changed.
It wasn’t long before the news that Lver Lu Huo was married made Panger sad and desperate, and he decided to work hard to practice before he came to the hunting hall.
"Fat two, you must come! I welcome you very much! " Lu Huo laughed and roared off.
Fat two in situ fists clenched face rarely show ferocious color.