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No one spoke and listened quietly to Lu Yi’s song. This is Ye Yi’s never experienced singing. Lu Yi seems to have some different songs, which are not natural sounds, clear and pure, but they contain a desire for liberation that anyone can read.

It’s like running all summer and catching that firefly. By then, summer has quietly passed.
When the song is calm, the painting is over, and there is a picture of the Milky Way on the blackboard.
In the darkness, the stars gather to grow into a river, and the children run barefoot and are full of herbs. The windmill in the field turns in the wind.
Summer insects squeak and laugh, and a firefly jumps out of the paper with the song.
Lu Mi’s performance ended here. She bowed to the stage and walked on the stage with a smile.
No one expected that Lu Mi could bring such a wonderful program. After a long silence in the classroom, Lu Mi’s songs and paintings were thunderous. They had never seen Lu Mi before.
Ye Yu was stupefied and looked at the familiar figure with a throbbing heart.
Chapter 369 Bricks and hands
No one knows the ordinary prosperity after the wonderful!
No one needs to deliberately evaluate everyone, and everyone knows how amazing the performance will be. Lu Yi has won.
Ye Yan sat in the position for a long time and couldn’t let go of her mind. She still stayed in the world and forgot to take his turn until Chai Lingqing urged her for the second time.
After hearing the sound, Ye Yu suddenly remembered that it was his turn.
Everyone around us looked at Ye You with different mentality. Everyone knew that Ye You and Lu You were not shallow. Ninety percent of the students thought that they were in contact with each other. Of course, some students thought that Ye You was in contact with someone else.
Everyone is curious about such a controversial figure. What performance will he bring?
Is it the same singing as Lu Mi?
After waiting for the stage, the previous nervousness and restlessness have subsided unconsciously. Ye You put his prop bag on the stage and introduced himself in a hurry. He doesn’t believe that there is anyone in the school who doesn’t know himself
If you’re not famous, that’s fame. Don’t treat yourself like a celebrity.
Looking at Taiwan students’ curious eyes, Ye You knew that he couldn’t let them down, so he packed a prop bag and took out the prepared bricks.
It’s bricks!
The red brick is still stained with light mud. When I saw this scene, some students immediately muttered, "Is it not right to break a brick with a broken stone in the chest?"
Ye You said, "Hello everyone, this is a brick, not a prop brick. I just buckled it on the playground not long ago. Is there any classmate who doubts its authenticity and can check it?"
Seeing that no classmates took the initiative, Ye Yu knew that this was because the enthusiasm had not been mobilized, so everyone was curious. When Ye Yu did not move, he gently broke the red brick in his hand.
The dull sound stopped all the discussions, and everyone looked at Tai Yeyou.
The brick in Ye Yu’s hand has turned into two pieces, which is not enough. Ye Yu put half a brick with both hands and the brick broke again, and then put half a brick to break it four times in a row.
The original 30-cm-long brick finally leaves a leaf, and the hand is five centimeters long, which is about the size of a rubber.
Of course, it’s not that Ye Yu wants to perform a program, but it’s not too interesting. Ye Yu said, "Do you doubt it?" I’ve tampered with it. Does anyone want to check on Yi Fujing? Didn’t you practice Taekwondo? Can you split bricks? "
I didn’t expect Ye Yu to take the initiative to find himself. Fu Jing leng leng naturally refused to leave the wind and said, "Isn’t it just splitting bricks?" Sure. "
"Then try it and prove to the students that these are not prop bricks." Ye Yan said of course.
Fu Jing suddenly remained speechless. He knew that he had been tricked by Ye You, dug a trap for him and then induced him to jump in.
Ye Yu knows that Fu Jing’s personality is absolutely impossible to deny. In this case, let him cooperate with himself. Ye Yu believes that Fu Jing can split a brick, but it is impossible to do it himself.
Moreover, everyone knows that Fu Jing is not good with himself. If he has his certificate, he will be cleared of the suspicion of props.
You can not only stand on Fu Jing’s title to attract attention, but also successfully complete your own program. This is what Ye Yan wants to do. Fu Jing stumbles him everywhere, and he also wants to try to do bad things.
Fu Jing looks pale on the stage. He really can’t refuse Ye Yu’s request. Now he has hated Ye Yu in his heart.
Fu Jing, who took the half brick left just now, was also curious about how this guy managed to break his head. And it’s broken into so many segments, which is much more difficult than splitting bricks directly
After the inspection, more than half of Fu Jing’s heart was cold. This brick turned out to be true.
This made Fu Jing embarrassed. If he couldn’t split the brick, he couldn’t lie that it was fake. He not only lost his face, but also testified for Ye Yu.
Fu Jing will never do anything for this kind of loss. He will try to split the brick so that he can say it is fake. If it fails, it will be Ye You.
Fu Jing put half a brick on the stage in front of many classmates. He couldn’t do it. Ye Yan’s casual break had to be smashed by Xu Li.
Students are looking forward to this kind of thing, which is very interesting. Fu Jing takes a deep breath regardless of others and closes his right hand tightly. If he doesn’t succeed this time, he will die.
Fu Jing’s hand knife fell and split the center of the brick, but it did not move.
Fu Jing blushed, and he could feel the sneering line of sight, which made his heart high. How could he stand the burning anger? Fu Jing also ignored the terrible pain in his palm and accelerated the chopping.
Fu Jingsong was relieved that the brick was interrupted this time. He split the brick to prove that Ye You’s actions just now were not great.
But just when Fu Jing wanted to lie, he found that Taiwanese students were staring at their palms. What is this? Looking down at the past, Fu Jing’s heart was cold and bloody.
Because just now, the force was too strong and the pain was severe, Fu Jing’s right hand temporarily lost consciousness, so naturally he didn’t know that the palm margin had broken.
This is NO FENG フウカ’s bare hands. Ye You broke bricks with your bare hands. It’s so windy and light. You Fu Jing split it twice, and your hands are bleeding. In this case, Fu Jing can knock out his teeth and swallow it in his stomach.
"Dear classmates, this brick is true!" Fu Jing held the brick stained with blood, and he felt too wronged.
"Well, since everyone believes it, let’s not talk about it. Do you want to go to the doctor’s office?" Chai Lingqing endure smile asked
Fu Jing was very brave and shook his head with a smile. He looked very gentle. "It’s just a minor injury. Which classmate has a band-aid?"
"Oh, I did. Thank you for vouching for me." Ye You pulled out a band-aid from his pocket and handed it over.