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At this time, Liu Yuan in the dormitory did not have an accident.

Su Zuo can simply handle the ingredients of the platinum-level fierce beast in front of him, and Liu Yuan handed over the remaining work to Tam.
And Tammy is also very simple, that is, more refined treatment of leftover ingredients.
Tam used his’ magic, Miaomushan psychic’ to become a giant toad of more than ten meters, and then Xiaoguang helped sort out the leftover ingredients.
Soon a platinum-level fierce beast’s flesh, bones, dirt and scales were put in front of the dormitory of Liu Yuan in different categories.
Then Lu Yuan put these processed ingredients into the food for the time being.
Because he has four other ingredients to deal with
According to Lu Yuan’s own recipe, he is going to make royal animal food, which is a special food composed of five platinum-level fierce animal ingredients.
Lu Yuan said … the five zang-organs of the immortal.
The five internal organs refer to the liver, heart, spleen, lung and kidney.
Here, every organ, Luyuan, prepares five platinum-level fierce animal ingredients with different attributes for fusion.
The five zang-organs are the attributes corresponding to the five elements
The five platinum-level fierce beasts in front of Lu Yuan are the five attributes of Jin Mu’s fire, water and soil.
These are all specially requested by Lu Yuanqian.
If it weren’t for Lu Yuanshen’s amazing strength and talent, he made great contributions in the secret realm of light.
The alliance won’t be so aggressive in helping Liu Yuan hunt five platinum-level fierce beasts with specific attributes.
It is conceivable that manpower and material resources are consumed in this process.
From this, we can also see that the alliance attaches importance to the land source
But think about it, too. Liu Yuan has platinum-level combat power.
This kind of combat power is not the top in the league, but it is also the first echelon.
And the most special place of imperial animal food and immortal five zang-organs is
Every part of the five internal organs is a five-in-one
For example, Lu Yuan will take out five platinum-level fierce animal ingredients, heart heart ingredients.
However, Lu Yuan will not make a single organ reach the balance of five elements.
Instead, it will make them form a small cycle and then highlight a certain feature.
For example, wood corresponds to liver, fire corresponds to heart and so on.
After doing this, it forms a’ big cycle’ with four other ingredients that have also been treated in this way.
In other words, Lu Yuan’s "Imperial Animal Food, Immortal Five Organs" needs a full 25 fierce animal ingredients, which is a shame.
This is also the reason why Lu Yuan attaches so much importance to this royal animal food.
Only with such ingredients can he and Tam’s pet animals undergo qualitative changes to the extent that they can display the’ Six Types of Life Return’.
In addition to the’ royal beast food, the immortal’s five internal organs’, Luyuanhou has to make another royal beast food … the immortal’s six internal organs.
These two royal delicacies, together with a land source, are called … Feathering and becoming immortal.
Because Lu Yuan thinks that if everything goes well, relying on these two royal animal dishes, he and Tam and others may be able to achieve the level of "fairy body"
Two dishes make a fairy body …
It’s nothing to say that it’s a feather!
Chapter 574 Female students with ulterior motives
Two months after the end of the secret realm of light
A month ago, Lu Yuanli Xuzuo was able to deal with the food, and the college department formed an uproar.
The students are very curious to make Lu Yuan make such a big noise to make royal animal food.
What kind of horrible animal food is it?
This is not only because students are curious, but also because college professors are curious about what Lu Yuan is doing.
But Nailuyuan hasn’t been out for a month.
He has been staying in his dormitory and seems to be working on something.
Ma is the mid-term exam this semester
However, Professor Lu Yuan, a "public course of extraordinary fighting skills", has not appeared in class for a full month.
By this time, no one has questioned the strength of Lu Yuanren and his qualification as the youngest professor at Shuilu College.
Although the information can be blocked by the college, most students are not aware of what is happening in the secret realm of light.
But in private, there will still be many students coming out of the secret realm and some people around them telling the story of a secret realm.
In this part, many lucky students are described with their own subjective colors.
For example, what Liu Yuan won by crushing three platinum-level strong men alone?
Or maybe Liu Yuan came forward, relying on his own "king domineering" to scare a platinum-level black dragon root into action.
These extremely colorful descriptions cast a mysterious veil on Lu Yuan’s students’ hearts.
After all, compared with some senior students, Liu Yuan is a group of students who can actually meet people.
Not to mention Lu Yuanshen is the youngest professor in the history of Shuilu College.
This makes Lu Yuan’s public course extremely popular now.
It is so popular that many students who are not Lu Yuan will come here.
Some juniors and seniors are included in this course.
You know, juniors and seniors are already able to be independent when they are put outside.