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The figure came at Li Canghai.

Ten years ago, Li Canghai was only ten years old. Ten years old made Li Cang feel like a fairy.
Imperial Heaven hugged Li Canghai and said indifferently, "How come it doesn’t matter that these days are our wedding day? It’s a great blessing for me to marry three beauties alone, but I still need to think about a way out after I get married. Master said that once I get married, I will leave Changchun Valley and stand on my own two feet. Now I left the valley a year ago and we will leave the valley after I get married. I have to think about a later journey!"
Wu Xingyun also came here with a hint of thinking, "Didn’t Master Yutian give me the Lingjiu Palace on the misty peak of Tianshan Mountain, and then we can go there and settle down directly?"
Li Canghai also nodded his head and looked at Yutian with big eyes. "Big brother Master gave me the Jade Cave in Liangshan Langhuan. Where can we go? I have been there once. It’s beautiful!"
Li Qiushui is smiling at the Imperial Heaven as if everything is in the hands of the Imperial Heaven …
Chapter 145 Stars inflammation
Changchun Valley is full of red and jubilant.
Imperial day smiled at the three beauties beside him.
"It’s up to me to decide where to play. Now you are honestly brides!"
Yu Tian said that Li Qiushui Li Canghai Wu Xingyun’s face was shy and his heart was full of happiness.
Maybe it’s because the imperial heaven joined the three girls in front of him, but it’s not like the original work. After all, a girl from the Song Dynasty will be ruthless and ruthless in the original work, which should be attributed to the cliff character.
Imperial tough character directly signs three women in front of them, but also gives them a sign of heart.
At present, the three girls live in harmony, which is not like fighting and killing in the original.
At the moment, Imperial Heaven looked at the three girls and said indifferently, "It’s not my personality for us to live in seclusion after going out. I will take you to visit all corners of the country and have a good time. After all, you should stay in Changchun Valley for a long time and see the outside world."
Words fall imperial day with a smile at the sight of three women.
Three women with a hint of deep feeling looking at the royal day shy nod is excited than in my heart.
Soon after, the three girls left the yard and Yu Yutian was alone.
Imperial day long spit a sigh of relief looked at the sky has appeared starlight.
The stars are shining, and the lights are shining.
A purple flame appeared in the hands of the Imperial Heaven, with a little bit of starlight, and there were several stars orbiting the interstellar orbit.
Star inflammation is the flame of the Mu family’s star formula. The effect of the flame is to absorb the number of days of starlight, but also to incorporate starlight into a pair of stars. Mu family’s "fighting for the stars" is to rely on the trajectory of the stars to run in the flame. The more the orbit of the stars, the greater the power of the "fighting for the stars". The imperial angel flame can absorb most of the skills and then release these effects. It is only a little special effect of this flame. The most important special effect is to incorporate it into the trajectory of the Milky Way, which can absorb several stars, but it is comparable to aura.
At the moment, the’ Star Inflammation’ in the hands of Imperial Heaven emerges a burst of starlight, which is like a mysterious fairy in the celestial light of Imperial Heaven. It is with these starlight that the strength of Imperial Heaven will be born heavy.
Soon, in the starlight, Yu Tian opened his eyes and looked at the flames in his hand. More stars were orbiting as if they were growing. Seeing these Yu Tian seemed to see a large array. "Should this flame become a large array of stars on Sunday?"
Royal day nai smile in the heart as if some wishful thinking, after all, the royal day knows that 365 points in the human body are just imitating the large array of stars on Sunday, and there is no so-called power of stars on Sunday.
Imperial day shook his head and smiled to put away the star inflammation in his hand.
Soon the Imperial Heaven sat there and slowly poured a cup of green tea into his hand.
The fragrance of green tea is fresh and elegant.
This tea is an old treasure of medicine. It is a medicinal material, but I don’t want it to be tea. This tea has such a wonderful taste when it is taken out to make tea.
Suddenly, a man in a cassock fell.
Bearer is Xiaoyao hands picked up a cup of green tea, gently took a sip of it is very intoxicated.
"God, this tea is really extreme!"
Yutian nodded with a smile. "Master, you don’t feel sad. I have planted the seeds and I will be able to taste them again next year!"
Free and unfettered smell speech is a smile to take a sip again.
"It’s your wedding day these days, and all three female apprentices are devoted to you. You should take good care of them after you!" I can’t help but smile kindly when I say that I am happy here.
Yu Tian nodded. "Of course, I will take good care of them if Master doesn’t say anything."
Free and unfettered long sigh slowly take a ring from your hand.
Xiaoyao stared at the ring and said indifferently, "I got this ring when I met the immortal’s legacy house in the pre-Qin period, but I never knew that this ring would be yours after it was accepted as the head of Minstrel. You are the second generation head of Minstrel!"
Words fall free and unfettered throw the ring to the imperial heaven, watch the ring look like seven stars, depict the seven treasures, and it is the seven treasures ring.
The imperial god carved this ring in the world and turned it into a fairy ring. Now this ring has been changed into his appearance by the imperial god, but now I can’t help but feel a little shocked when I get this ring again.
Xiaoyao didn’t know these things, but just sighed, "The master has five brothers, the male brother has a cliff and your cliff is indecisive, but he is even more ambitious. Without you, it is estimated that even women can’t handle it well. This master has some hopes for cliff kung fu and has never had a glimmer of expectation. After this head position falls to you, all the major industries in Minstrel are owned by you, you can do whatever you want, even if you destroy the Dasong Dynasty."
Free and unfettered with a hint of regrets, a trace of expectation emerges in my eyes.
Imperial one leng looking at this moment at large "master, I will make Minstrel the first faction in Wulin and make the whole of Minstrel high".
In a word, I am happy at this moment. "Good … good … good … teacher will look forward to what you do!"
A trace of feeling has emerged in the heart of Imperial Heaven’s nod. In front of me, Master had to rise again for carrying Minstrel.
Soon after, Xiaoyao slowly left
Imperial Heaven gazed at the Seven Treasures Immortal Ring in his hand, feeling "I wonder if the Seven Treasures Immortal Ring in this world has the same effect".
After all, Changchun Valley is a secluded place. If it destroys the Imperial Heaven, it will be uneasy.
Go straight out of Changchun valley by marching in the sky.
Changchun large array root, there is no half silk stop, after all, this large array is already familiar with than.
Yutian is more familiar with Changchun large array than it is said that this is the carefree immortal abode of fairies and immortals, and he knows that the effect is not confusing but gathering aura.
This imperial smallpox will be thoroughly explored in Changchun for a year!
Chapter 146 Another Seven Treasures Ring
Occasionally heard a few birds singing in the silent night.
The starlight shines with a noble spirit!
Seven Fragrant Hills are hills thousands of miles away from Changchun Valley.
Imperial night leaves Changchun Valley and runs directly to the Seven Fragrant Hills to come to Imperial Day. Behind it is a magic horse that shines at night. The jade lion has turned into a dragon horse. Now it has been taken out by Imperial Day from the Seven Treasures and Fairy Rings in just one hour, and thousands of miles have turned into nothing.
On the mountain top, Imperial Heaven’s hands are burning with starlight, and suddenly, starlight rises, and a starlight slowly falls.
At this moment, the heavenly power pricked the finger and a drop of purples blood slipped.
Blood fell on the ring and suddenly a majestic atmosphere emerged.
Imperial one leng looked at the ring in his hand, and his heart was horrified that "the Seven Treasures Fairy Ring is another fairy ring. This fairy ring is just like the carved world at the moment."
After all, Yutian was horrified that the same thing Yutian got from the world of carved gods. Now Tianlong World has got two identical rings again, which actually produces the same effect, which makes Yutian deeply moved and wonderful.
There is a silvery white airflow around the crashing Seven Fragrant Hills, which is just the aura.
Reiki can’t be seen or touched, but now it’s turned into reality and it’s running towards the sky.
Imperial day corners of the mouth smile at the sight of several reiki hand ring is floating.
The ring is like a black hole, attracting a number of reiki to come to you.
Soon it’s going to be a liquid aura coming straight at the ring.
Breathing at will in the silence of the Imperial Heaven is like a treasure of heaven and earth.
A few reiki came to the royal sky, and the stars sparkled like a few stars in the flame. In general, a star in the sky fell, and several stars fell again to form a avenue of stars.
Imperial heaven feels exhausted, and the aura force ring absorbs the nourishment of the ring for both forces.
Stars are also constantly absorbing these aura and starlight growth at the moment.