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The imperial heaven smiled, but it was a shining Excalibur with a wave of his hand.

No empty words, just waving a sword, but seeing a soaring sword light emerge.
This sword of light cuts off the darkness, but also cuts off this sea of flames and glaciers.
"The zither …"
The cross of the mysterious double swords is to stare at this silver Excalibur "Zhenyao Sword!"
"Yes … it is Longyang’s sword!"
Royal day light said immediately waved his left hand.
"Ang …"
A dark golden dragon emerged and turned directly into the sky and rushed to the sky.
"Imperial Boxing-Boxing Shock Kyushu!"
The dragon growled, but it shook all around.
After this sword is punched, it is not mysterious to directly touch this hidden dragon.
"Snow …"
Xuanxiao exhaled a three-foot blood sword and immediately turned into a meteor and rushed out of the fantasy world.
Imperial heaven is also a phantom world that disappears into a phantom.
Jade Heaven Holding Zhenyao Sword Qionghua Sect
Xuanxiao is the ground, and the double swords have been inserted into the ground, and the whole Qionghua Sect has a luster.
The Imperial Heaven was surprised to see Xuanxiao directly roar "Wang Shu xi he!"
Xuan Xiao roars but sees Wang Shu’s sword and xi he’s sword turn into two towering columns. Remember to stab directly into the magic world in the sky.
"Sting …"
This sharp sword light directly pierces the illusory world, and it is also a surprise that the scene of piercing the void emerges to the Imperial Heaven.
Xuanxiao is the heavenly hand. Although he has an obsession in his heart, his talented hand will cultivate more swordsmanship from the martial arts world, which will naturally be awarded to Xuanxiao. Who knows that Xuanxiao actually realized the piercing swordsmanship through these swordsmanship?
Well, Imperial Heaven regrets the mysterious talent, but at this moment, the magical world instantly turns into a long purple stream, which rushes directly to Qionghua Sect. This is to absorb the aura of the magical world with the help of xi he sword and Wang Shujian.
This scene emerged in the Imperial Heaven, but it was a practice to stare at the mysterious with a hint of interest.
The whole Qionghua Sect is slowly rising towards the sky. Just now, the Qionghua Sect has just emerged from the fantasy world and instantly cheered.
Qionghua School is about to soar, which is the dream of generations of Qionghua School.
These people are even more excited to contribute their strength by thinking like this.
"Boom … boom …"
It is to see the whole Qionghuapai mountain rising slowly towards the sky.
The phantom world is this so-called aura, but there are no so-called casualties in the phantom world
"Ha ha ….." Xuanxiao laughed as if he was about to see soaring to the divine world.
The obsession with the sky is soaring, and now it really soars to a moment, which naturally leads to laughter.
But at the moment, it is a roaring dark cloud that covers the sky and then presents a thunder vortex.
This is like a thunder robbery, but also with a roaring thunder sea.
Xuanxiao is staring at the sky. "If the sky wants to stop me, I will kill this day!"
The mysterious sky is very arrogant, but like a glass barrier slowly emerging, this huge barrier is the boundary between the gods and the cultivation of immortals, and it is also a protective film that separates the two worlds!
Divine world!
"Boom …"
"Boom …"
Close Fuxi corners of the mouth emerge a trace of blood, open your eyes is angry "snow …"
The three-foot blood sword spits out, but I feel the whole celestial body shaking. "What’s going on!"
Fuxi’s anger has just healed, but it broke through and swayed, consuming all his achievements and being traumatized again.
Suddenly, an old man walked in. "Visit the position … there is a sect of cultivating immortals in this celestial realm that wants to raise the sect to soar. Now that fairy gate is constantly bumping into the barrier, and this sect is our heaven, and there will be a shake in this heaven."
In a word, Fuxi instantly became furious.
Chapter 22 Entering the Divine World
"Bastard … even a mortal wants to become a god!"
Fuxi was so angry that he immediately ordered "to destroy all these mortals to the emperor!"
Fuxi roared that the heavenly soldiers would be dispatched instantly!
Qionghua sent thunder from heaven.
Imperial day watching a tiny crack slowly emerge in the thunder!
I have to say that it is really possible for this Qionghua Sect to succeed if it wants to soar, but the place chosen by Qionghua Sect is somewhat unsatisfactory, and this Qionghua Sect is heaven.
If Qionghua Sect wants to soar to the celestial world, it will inevitably destroy the whole heaven, which is the palace of the celestial world and destroy Fuxi Palace. Isn’t this a death wish? It’s strange that Fuxi didn’t send someone to destroy Qionghua Sect.
However, these two barriers are a crack in the collision of Qionghua School.
The imperial heaven directly turns into a breeze and enters the divine world through this crack.
At the moment, Qionghua sent all kinds of imperial heaven not to pay attention to the magic world, as long as there were no casualties.
"The zither …"
The celestial world appears directly, and the celestial world is full of ethereal meaning. However, this celestial world is sparsely populated. Fuxi created the protoss with only a thousand people. If you add a few years, the number of gods will be one million.
These people can’t even fill the heaven, let alone fill the whole celestial world. It can be said that the celestial world is typically vast and sparsely populated, and only some important places are guarded by special personnel, and the rest are all alone.
Imperial heaven is familiar with the divine world, not to mention the memory of seeing the flying canopy, saying that Shuibi and Xueling have also said many things about the divine world over the years.
The Imperial Heaven stares at this vast heaven, and there is no note that the heavenly soldiers will directly turn every Imperial Heaven into a breeze and fly to a desolate place.
Nowadays, Qionghua School attracts the attention of the gods, and Imperial Heaven just searches for the gods together. If Qionghua School doesn’t attract Fuxi’s attention, Imperial Heaven really can’t go directly to the gods. Once discovered by Fuxi, Imperial Heaven is really not Fuxi’s opponent. Ten years ago, Imperial Heaven hanged Fuxi, and its strength was enhanced through fate. If the gods and Imperial Heaven can’t inspire fate!
At the moment, the Imperial Heaven disappears directly into the clouds and flies towards a palace.
There are not many people in this palace or there are not many people in the base.
"the sutra depository!"
This is the Pavilion of the Celestial Scriptures. Not many people come here to know that Fuxi created the gods. Fuxi inherited memories. These gods were born with cultivation methods and naturally would not come to the Treasure Pavilion.
Some people who are born to raise gods rely on since the enlightenment to obtain achievement methods, just like a flying canopy, which is in line with their own original work! This sutra depository is just some heavenly soldiers who will come here, but they can’t enter without some credit.
There are only two mountain guards here at the moment.
Imperial day smiled coldly and walked directly to the sutra depository.
The two heavenly soldiers suddenly exclaimed, "Come here!"
The warning sound appeared, but it didn’t stop the Imperial Heaven.
The imperial heaven directly turned into a phantom and disappeared, and then two heavenly armies appeared in front of it.
Like a jade palm, it has appeared in the throat of the mountain.
"Cut cheep …"
Kill two mountain soldiers directly without blowing off dust.
"The zither …"
The mountain soldier died but turned into a fox and a ginseng.
Imperial day one leng is surprised and said, "I didn’t expect it to be ginseng taxiing fox taxiing."