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Especially now, entering the depths of the demon ridge, the Godsworn base is killing all the way in. The magic weapon and the stone is the monster beast Dan, which is also valuable.

"Don’t worry, Friar Wu and I are afraid to get close!"
Xia Qi looked calm and let Gu Yue feel at ease slightly. The breakthrough opportunity is fleeting, and she doesn’t want to give up. At the moment, she is hesitant.
"Xia Qi’s right. With the strength of the two of us, I want to come to the general monk. I absolutely can’t get close to you, but I can break through with peace of mind." Wu also said beside me.
Nodded his head, Gu Yue finally stopped hesitating to find a slightly remote place, and then sat cross-legged in the whole body, and the murder surged like a substance to help Gu Yue impact the foundation layer
In early summer, Qi and Wu still looked calm.
After all, it’s not a breakthrough in the great realm. It’s natural that it’s very clear that the root won’t have any big movements, even if the killing kendo is a bit special, it should not have much movement.
But a moment later, two people face suddenly changed!
Therefore, the murderous look around Gu Yue is more bloody and tumbling directly like a column! The screams of beheading the monster beast monk several times seem to be still echoing, which makes this forest suddenly scream!
Blood mountain rushed to the sky and screamed endlessly, so the movement immediately shocked the monks and monsters who didn’t know how many!
At the moment, Xia Qi wants to block this vision of heaven and earth, and there is no way to watch this scene disturb the Godsworn and the monster beast.
"hmm? Is such a vision of heaven and earth a treasure unearthed? Cheng Gu will go there with me immediately with all the brothers of Sanxiao Sword, and be sure to get ahead of the fire demon palace, Qingdan Gate and the monster beast! "
In a valley, the sword is covered with a white robe and looks like a crown jade. At the moment, I can vaguely see this scene. Blood mountain rushes to the clouds and immediately looks and tells the middle-aged man Cheng Gu to move toward that side.
Many sect monks are not the most elite brothers, so all of them will not be divided into several teams. However, the three swords have different swords and sorrows, and it is natural that they will bring all the three swords and brothers with them when they come to Tianyao Mountain in person.
At the moment, the blood mountain screams endlessly at the clouds, and he immediately moves his heart to move all the three clouds sword brothers to the other side, and more than 20 monks move forward quickly.
In the same way, the fire palace and the Qingdan master were also shocked!
Fire Palace and Qingdan Master are also led by one person.
The name "Fire Mania" of the Fire Palace is an ordinary brother, but he has excellent talent and finally became the Lord of the Fire Palace. It seems that Tian Qiu’s brother has hope to become the Lord of the Fire Palace.
The leader of Qingdan Gate is a young man who looks like a Confucian scholar, and Zhu Cang is also the master of Qingdan Gate. I don’t know if the younger generation of alchemy is incomparable.
At the moment, Gu Yue’s breakthrough will immediately disturb the three major sects in Qin Zhou and come together!
Besides the three sects, I don’t know how many monks have also rushed over, which can be described as a gathering of heroes!
Chapter one hundred and twenty-one The gathering of heroes
Chapter one hundred and twenty-one The gathering of heroes
There are dozens of monster beasts with different shapes gathered in an ancient cave in Tianyao Mountain. At this moment, it is very respectful to the first human being in this ancient cave.
This man looks heroic and imposing, and his golden robe is full of domineering. He looks a little cold at dozens of monster beasts.
"Who can tell me whether those three people are so strong that they killed dozens of monsters in my demon family, which caused many monsters to be afraid now?" The young man in golden robe is dignified and slightly angry.
"Little demon king this matter also can’t blame these monsters this time Qin Zhou three doors are sent to the factions of young Junjie someone unified command post this time into the day demon mountain monster beast mostly against the three factions, which led to the three men wantonly jump! The little demon king is assured that the three men will reappear, and I will take their heads myself! "
The first young man in golden robe burns like a lion, and the monster beast is like a lion. At this moment, he promises the young man in golden robe that this is a fire, and the lion’s flesh is strong and can be swallowed. The flame is very fierce.
The young man in the golden robe showed a happy look, but there was no other reaction. Suddenly, there seemed to be a buzz in his ear, and there seemed to be blood light coming in outside the ancient cave.
Lotus flower came in, and a pair of golden wings suddenly appeared on the young man’s back. A slight blink of an eye has appeared in the ancient cave mouth, and the speed is appalling!
A group of monster beasts appeared in the ancient cave mouth, looking at the sky with a column of blood foaming at the mouth and lotus flower scattered, and it seemed that they screamed more than very squeal, which made people feel shaken.
But a group of monsters are not surprised but happy!
"quick! There is a strange treasure born, call all monster beasts to go immediately! " The young man in the golden robe turned a happy face, and his wings flapped behind him and led away.
Behind the monster beast is huge and down-to-earth rumbling, following the golden robe youth like a sword!
This young man in golden robe is the first three people sent by the demon clan to experience this time. His father is the Megatron Golden Winged Demon King in the Demon Court of Xiazhou. He is called the Golden Winged Little Demon King!
Golden-winged little demon king generally, the other two monster beast teams also rushed to the blood mountain foaming at the mouth at the same time that a dense forest.
Is almost the moment Gu Yue breakthrough caused by abnormal stirred this time day demon ridge is almost most human monks and monster beast! What’s important is that in this experience, the three leading sects in Qin Zhou and the three leading demon kings in Xiazhou were attracted!
In the jungle, Gu Yue’s figure is completely shrouded in lotus flower and ShaQi, which makes people see clearly.
Xia qi and Wu two people looked at each other and stood next to a magic weapon with a wry smile and a nervous alert around.
Just now, both of them are confident to ensure that Gu Yue can successfully impact the foundation layer, but at the moment, both of them have a bad feeling. They really didn’t expect that the breakthrough in Gu Yue would cause such a big noise!
This soaring blood column can be clearly seen for miles in Fiona Fang! On this day, I don’t know how many monks and monsters gathered in the depths of Yaoling, so it is almost like a lamp to attract all monks and monsters!
Bitter face, but at the moment there is no other way.
If the impact realm is forcibly interrupted, it may break through for life. This is what a monk can bear!
At the moment, Xia Qi can only crustily skin of head and wait for you here. Gu Yue hopes that Gu Yue can break through quickly and don’t delay too long for all monks and monsters to gather.
However, their expectations did not come true.
Gu Yue’s breakthrough is not over, but it seems to be getting more and more dynamic.
What worries Xia Qi and Wu even more is that at the moment, they can clearly hear the roar in the distance, which shows that the huge monster beast is running near!
But a moment before Xia Qi two people have appeared several figures.
The five monks are only on the second and third floors of the foundation period. They should be close to here. They rushed here at the first time, and their eyes were hot and they looked at the blood column.
"Baby killed these two people right in front of you!"
Although I don’t know Xia Qi standing next to the blood column, at the moment, five monks have already decided that this is some kind of treasure. How can they manage so much? Yell at one or five monks and kill them directly regardless of the gap between Xia Qi and them!