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"We’ll go to Jiacheng," Xie Mu said eagerly, grasping her son’s hand. "Jiacheng Ma knows that you are a good boy, but these things are not ours. Can we go home with Mom?"

"Mom" Xie Jiacheng wanted to say something, but in the end he didn’t say anything, pushing his mother to let her go quickly.
Song Danfu and Lan are secretly alert to carry guns, and Gu Yanchen glance at each other. Sean has already stood in front with his own people, and he is holding a gun in his hand, but he is a pistol and Xie Fu’s team. They will lose.
Sean was very sorry to help Gu Yanchen solve the dna identification, so they quickly left the habit of letting people carry guns. Where did Xie Jiashen come in and transferred a group of men with rifles, and their pistols were instantly compared?
He is not afraid of death, afraid that the young master and his wife can’t leave.
"Home city, do you want to keep Gu Yanchen?" Xie Fu suddenly smiled very strangely. "Okay, I promise you not to hurt Gu Yanchen. Come here."
"Dad" didn’t come out until Xie Jiacheng felt a pain in his stamina and fell down.
Gu Yanchen slightly hooked the corners of his mouth. He saw clearly that Xie Fu secretly winked at Xie Mu when he was talking to Xie Jiacheng. Xie Mu suddenly stunned Xie Jiacheng. Xie Jiacheng was on guard against his father but didn’t guard against his mother’s deserved it.
Thank mother with Xie Gucheng people from Xie Fu respectfully to the whole housekeeper Song Laodao Xie Song smiled and gave the command to Xie Fu.
Song Lao looked at the old lady’s eyes flashing with blue eyes but didn’t say anything.
Let’s make a deal, such as "Gu Qing shallow". The tone is to ask for advice, but it doesn’t mean to ask.
"Good!" I cut my cuffs, so I readily agreed.
Sean immediately knew that he would back off and let a bodyguard who was bigger and more powerful than him block him. He looked scared and asked a backer to help him stop the bullet.
Gu Yanchen was not interested in their transaction. He raised his hand and looked at his wrist watch. Suddenly he frowned as if something was wrong. He patted his two fingers on the surface and looked at his expression closer. He was puzzled.
Gu Qing shallow is negotiating with Xie Fu. There is no danger for the time being. Song Danfu noticed Gu Yanchen and wondered if his watch was broken.
Because Gu Yanchen’s position is close to her, she glanced at Gu Yanchen’s wrist watch. She said, well, world famous watches are still limited, and things are piled up by money. How can it be so fast?
"I haven’t said anything about the deal. Is it too soon that you didn’t even agree to consider it?" Gu Qing’s promise was very frank. He thanked his father for being happy, but he was not dazzled by joy. Gu Qing’s cunning can fake his death to deceive everyone. It is by no means a good kind.
You must be careful when negotiating with people who are scheming.
Gu Qing’s shallow stall hand asked, "Will you give me a chance to consider?"
"No" Xie Fu shook his head and answered naturally.
"Then it’s over." Gu Qingyi so-called picked his eyebrows. "Look, I’m so sincere and said you made a deal."
"I let you go and you transferred Guggenheim’s shares to me." Xie Fu didn’t go around with him and asked in surprise, "You want to buy Guggenheim’s shares from me."
"You are really good at joking." Xie Fu seemed to hear something funny and laughed a few times. He looked at Gu Qingyi with a cruel smile. "I never need to buy anything I want."
"So you want to rob Guggenheim" Gu
Guggenheim "Gu Qing shallow assumed an epiphany. Song Danfu thought that he must be procrastinating because she just saw Sean in a special communication tool.
"It’s much more elegant to say how ugly it is to rob." Xie Fu corrected Gu Qingyi and immediately smiled smugly. "Who doesn’t know that your mother is an American Mansfield family, and you have been growing up in the United States. Mansfield’s family is a famous angel family, and you have been nurtured since childhood. You are also an excellent doctor and backed by Mansfield family. How can you see a small Gushi group?"
"What you said is very reasonable" Gu Qing nodded and agreed.
Gu Yanchen’s eyes flashed, and her blue face looked like Dan Fu. She didn’t care about Song Danfu’s mouth. She finally knew what Sean could be such a clown. It’s true that there is what the Lord has.
Where did Xie Fu think that Gu Qingyi would echo his words? Gu Qingyi would say that Guggenheim was his father’s property and he couldn’t give up such words.
He didn’t know what to say. Song Lao said in his ear, "Don’t talk nonsense with him and get the transfer to him for signature."
The longer the delay, the worse it will be for them.
"Yo, old lady, look at this." Song Danfu raised Gu’s head to let her see the opposite situation clearly. "Your two fathers have done everything and now they have fallen into my hands to make meat stamps. They didn’t mean to save you. They thought about how to occupy other people’s property and were indifferent to your death. It’s so fucking inhuman to scold them."
Mrs. Gu has been immersed in her own world and reacted to the outside world. Who is Song Danfu? If she wants to make a population, it is absolutely impossible.
"Why don’t you scold them?" Song Danfu wondered. "They didn’t save you. They really didn’t save you."
Gu Qing’s pale purple eyes are full of smiles. Dan Fu, you are really talented. It’s right to know that I can’t stay here for a long time. Those two people are ruthless. Gu Lao has helped them a lot. They dare not just abandon Gu Lao.
Gu Yanchen lowered his eyes darkly, but he didn’t look at Song Danfu holding Mrs. Gu’s hand. After all, he called grandma for more than 20 years, and he couldn’t see her being controlled by others, even though she asked for it.
Blue face Sean and Gu Qingyi have the same idea.
Song Lao’s eyes can almost spurt fire to look at Song Danfu. He can’t wait to crush her. Gu Laotai is his beloved daughter. He owes her a lot and looks at her being tortured by Song Danfu. He is angry.
In Song Lao’s view, Song Danfu is torturing the old lady Gu.
Xie Fu felt bad in his heart. It was his mother’s own mother. He planned a generation of mothers. How could he watch her being bullied by Song Danfu?
But he can’t do it now, or everything will be wasted.