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According to the procedure, the notary will quickly complete the registration formalities of the two people and hand them two red mouths, saying congratulations, "Three Little Mistresses, Three Little Mistresses, congratulations on the tie of the knot. I wish you two a hundred years of harmony and everlasting happiness."

Le Xuewei holds a red card to see that they just took a group photo. So she married Han Chengyi. They got married!
Chapter 134 For granted
After the notarization, Han Chengyi looked at his bride with a deep voice and great charm.
"light snow"
"Hmm" Le Xuewei hung her head and gave a heartbeat as if to jump out of her throat! At the moment, she is the six gods, full of expectations! They had an absurd entanglement together … but it was an unexpected ending!
"Oh so happy? Pay attention to the occasion when you are happy? "
Mrs. Han chuckled and looked at her daughter-in-law. Her words were teasing, but her eyes were full of joy. Han Chengyi held Le Xuewei’s hand and a couple stood side by side in front of her mother. They were all a little shy.
Mrs. Han held two children’s hands and sighed without emotion. "Do you want to know well all the time?"
Le Xuewei and Han Chengyi stared at Zheng and nodded, "Well, mom, don’t worry, we will be fine."
"hey!" Han Chengyi chuckled and thought that it’s really … it’s not cute, it’s too likable, and he has to cover it in his arms.
Le Xuewei threw herself into Han Chengyi’s arms, and the fierce collision of passion produced enough sparks to melt people. Two people hugged each other tightly and didn’t say anything, but an eager and warm kiss had swept through.
Han Chengyi picked up Le Xuewei Ling and held her small and light body. Le Xuewei naturally jumped to his body and firmly grasped his waist. His arms wrapped around his neck like vines, and he bowed his head and kissed him for the first time.
"Light snow …" Han Chengyi looked at her with his head raised piously and felt that she was too beautiful at the moment to get enough!
"Are you happy?" His deep voice is like an aphrodisiac, which attracts Le Xuewei. She can’t help nodding and is willing to be bewitched by him!
"Well," Le Xuewei nodded at him, and her mouth and eyes were bent into Xuan Yue.
Misunderstandings and entanglements these days are nothing at the moment! Han Chengyi holding LeXueWei bit her ear "light snow you are me! It’s completely me! I’m going crazy to see you smile at other men again! "
Clench your lips. Le Xuewei can’t smell it. She smiles and her eyes are full of joy.
She is so eye-catching in Han Chengyi’s eyes! He can’t stand it, and now he doesn’t need to!
Han Chengyi held Le Xuewei and threw it into the bed …
"You slow down! What’s the hurry … Ah … Han Chengyi! " In the face of Han Chengyi’s toughness, Le Xuewei can’t help complaining and resisting. Unfortunately, it’s not effective!
Han Chengyi a listen to her name and surname called him unhappy mercilessly bite a low on her lips drink a way "how to call me? Han Chengyi, is that your name? More and more unruly! It seems that I have to teach you a good lesson! "
Section 79
"Ah … well!" Le Xuewei was severely punished by someone for some unknown reason …
They are husband and wife, and everything they do is natural.
Chapter 135 Born earlier
Because Han Chengyi is running out of time, Le Xuewei has been delayed for a long time. After completing the notarization procedure, Han Chengyi must leave with Le Xuewei.
Mrs. Han is busy with a lot of things, all for Le Xuewei.
"Mom, there are too many of these things that I can’t take away …" Le Xuewei couldn’t look at her mother-in-law. She saw what a real rich lady was, and dozens of sets of jewelry alone didn’t count the other boxes of other antiques and unique gifts.
Han Chengyi also helped his daughter-in-law. "Mom, I really can’t take these with me. Please put them here and take them from you when we get back!"
Le Xuewei glared at Han Chengyi. How can you say that? I should say no!
Han Chengyi understood her mind and shrugged his shoulders. He said, "It doesn’t matter. Sooner or later, these will all be yours. There must be a lot hidden in the mother’s house. You must behave yourself and cheat me!"
"Chengyi!" Le Xuewei shook her head in a hurry.
The young couple amused Mrs. Han like this.
Mrs. Han shook her head and laughed. "It doesn’t matter if the third child is telling the truth … these are not only these, but you put them in your mother’s first place, and mother will keep them for you first."
Mrs. Han is not an ordinary person. These days, she naturally has made a detailed investigation and understanding of Le Xuewei. From the results, she is obviously quite satisfied with Le Xuewei, a little daughter-in-law. If it is not too tight, she is really reluctant to let Le Xuewei go.
"When you get there, take good care of yourself and read whatever you want. We Korean women don’t eat by reading … otherwise, what do Korean men do?" Mrs. Han pulled Le Xuewei all the way and kept talking until Le Xuewei got into the car and had to let go.