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Although Liu Chang has a good relationship with his brother Liu Chong, his heart is not angry! He doesn’t want to be relegated to Liu Chongshou in the future. He wants to be the Lord of Aoki City, and this spirit beast contest champion award Jin Yaoshi just shows Liu Chang hope!

Liu Chang’s mood surged, but he soon calmed down, and his long and narrow eyes looked very cold. He sat cross-legged and practiced.
In an ordinary building in Aoki City, there are several monks who are in the golden elixir period and are in infancy at the moment.
If you let others see that there are several monks in this ordinary tile house and two monks in Yuanying, I’m afraid it will be a big surprise at once.
Because the spiritual strength of Aoki Mountain is thin, it is rare for the strong in Yuan infant period to be entrenched here. It is recognized that the first master is now that Shou Yuan will do its best in the second floor of Aoki City, Liunan!
But at the moment, in this ordinary tile-roofed house in Aoki City, there are two Yuan-infant monks with strong breath, and even Liunan, the duke, is unaware of it!
"Two elders, since we held this spirit beast contest, we took out Jin Yaoshi’s treasure, which was only announced in this barren and narrow place in Aoki Mountains? There is Jin Yaoshi to attract us to spread the news, that is, many monks in Qin Zhou, especially Yunzhou, will get wind of it! "
Ordinary some dilapidated tile-roofed house sitting in the first place is not two old Yuan infant monks, but a young monk in a green robe with a gentle face. The whole person exudes a natural smell, and people can’t help but want to be close to this young man’s face at the moment. There are many doubts on both sides. Yuan infant monks asked.
"The little patriarch Jin Yaoshi is really precious, that is, there is only one piece for our royal beast clan. This little spirit beast race wave is really not worth it, but the small clan mainly knows that now the whole world of cultivating immortals is suppressing us, and now it is sprouting again. If the news of this spirit beast race is released, I’m afraid there will be a large door of cultivating immortals to destroy us immediately." The old man on the left Naidao said.
"Well, the elder is right. This time, we held a spirit-beast contest in this barren Aoki mountain range and took out Jin Yaoshi, mainly to attract some good monster beasts to appear. A batch of monster beasts will appear. Our royal beast clan has accumulated treasures for ten thousand years and can be cultivated immediately, and then it can be established in the cultivation of immortals!" The old man on the right is also a heavy mouth.
"All right, although it’s a pity to wave a piece of Jin Yaoshi, if this time the spirit beast competition can really attract some good monster beast seedlings, it’s worth our income." Fiona Fang sighed.
Fiona Fang, a disciple who was extremely strong ten thousand years ago, has been somewhat wronged recently.
In the cultivation of immortals, the Five Elements Sect recently took the lead in uniting many clans to kill these newly emerging sects, and it is said that many sects have been wiped out without mercy.
Just like this, ten thousand years ago, the famous royal beast clan had to take two elders left by the royal beast clan to find a way to hold a spirit beast competition in Aoki City.
Royal beast clan royal beast mainly gets some earth monsters. With the accumulated treasures of Royal beast clan, Royal beast clan can be strengthened immediately.
In the fragrance inn, Xia Qi refined a lot of Dan medicine, which has been replaced by Lingshi, and Lingcao is being cultivated to prepare the second batch of Dan medicine.
"Xia Qi brother Xia Qi brother! Shutter, I want something big to find you! "
When Xia Qi was preparing for an alchemy, the sound of jade bells came to mind. She banged and slapped jiao Hu in the doorway as if it were urgent.
Raise my hand with a wave of his hand, and the strong wind will break away. I will lock the door and hit the little girl with a small white and suddenly burst in like a whirlwind, probably because I ran so fast that my delicate face was very cute.
"What’s the big deal, little girl?"
Xia Qi some nai mouth jade bell has knocked at the door several times these days, but actually came in after some trivial things let Xia Qi in distress situation very nai.
"Brother Xia Qi really has something big this time!"
My little girl took a few breaths, and her chest was bulging, and it seemed to have begun to take shape with the rapid breathing.
"Don’t worry, speak slowly." Looking at my girl, Xia Qi said with a smile.
"Brother Xia Qi, I went out today to see that this Aoki city is going to hold a spirit beast competition in half a month. Do you think this is a big deal?" Jade bell near Xia Qi extremely natural hugged Xia Qi arm way
"It seems that holding the spirit beast competition has nothing to do with us, right?"
Xia Qi in distress situation is really another root, and it’s nothing serious.
"Why not? I have signed up for Xiaobai to participate in Xiaobai, but it is a golden stone to win the prize! " My girl eyes starlight head way
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Chapter 20 Death is true fire
Chapter 20 Death is true fire
"Why not? I have signed up for Xiaobai to participate in Xiaobai, but it is a golden stone to win the prize! " My girl eyes starlight head way
"Jin Yaoshi? How is that possible? This is the essence of heaven and earth, and it is of great value! "
Xia qi exclaimed in a burst of fine mans some can’t believe it.
"It’s true that this matter has already been raging in Aoki City, and there is absolutely no fake for the notary of Aoki City Lord!" My girl saw Xia Qi surprised look very proud way
"Little girl, you still don’t want to join in the fun. A piece of Jin Yaoshi is of great value, that is, the baby Johnson will be tempted by Xiaobai. Although it is miraculous in the third-order monster beast, it is only the middle of the third-order monster beast. This event will definitely have a third-order peak monster beast, and Xiaobai will be damaged accidentally."
Xia Qi’s eyebrows are slightly wrinkled. Although there is a desire for Jin Yaoshi in my heart, Xia Qi still discourages jade bells.
"Hum … Brother Xia Qi, you guessed wrong. This time, although the prize of the spirit beast contest is a rare Jin Yaoshi, this news is only spread around the Aoki Mountains, so Xiaobai is very promising to win the championship. Besides, this time, it is stipulated that if the owner of the spirit beast gives up, it will immediately stop the spirit beast from fighting. Xiaobai will not be in danger."
My little girl plausibly seems to know a lot about this spirit beast competition.
Xia Qi’s frown deepened when she heard my little girl’s words.
A piece of Jin Yaoshi rewards, but only the news of the spirit beast competition is not distributed in this Aoki mountain stream, which is a bit weird in any way.
"Little girl, I feel that this spirit beast contest is a little weird, so don’t attend it."
Xia Qi thought turns but can’t figure out a clue. He turns to look at a pair of clever big eyes and looks at his jade bell. He rubs his little girl’s hair and says
"What’s weird about a small Aoki city? Besides, with Xia Qi’s brother here, I think you will be able to resolve all the dangers. You are a great genius! "