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Li Shishi regretted at this time that he had lost his mind and cheated such innocence into this abnormal gathering place.

Seeing that the two sisters are hugging each other, they will cry into a pair of tears. Li He coughed guiltily. "Who should show me first?"
Li He hands a solid two people at the same time will own silks.
Li He read the two volumes of "Life and Death Lock" in a quick glance, then closed his eyes and meditated.
Du regrets that life flies by, but after all, she is the peak of Yuan’s infancy, which is several times larger than ordinary people. It will take some time for the vigorous life to pass.
Two women also quickly finished reading these two rolls of silks and closed their eyes to understand.
After a quarter of an hour, three people opened their eyes at the same time.
Li He two women looked at each other and saw two women nod at the same time and then closed their eyes again.
Three people at the same time according to the method of life and death lock in two volumes.
Outside the door, the tail-shaping repair shows Kyubi no Youko’s lost trace. Hu Lian’s son is even unaware of her presence when the two elders, illusion and extinction, are distracted.
Hu flow son, of course, don’t trust Li He to go deep into the hinterland of the world of mortals. At this time, he is invisible outside the door, but it is for Li He to protect the law. Of course, there is also her little curiosity. It has always been that she wants to know about the possibility of failure. Hu flow son even thought that Li He was synonymous with miracles in her eyes.
However, at this time, Li He said in his heart that he was not nervous. That was a lie. This time, it was not just about his own life and death. Du regretted his position in his mind. People can replace all the life and death that he had experienced before the so-called heart disorder. There was no such moment to make Li He’s heart beat.
After several deep breaths, Li He entered a state of calm performance.
Although he didn’t practice the world of mortals’ achievement method, he refined his mind at this time with four centers of gravity and added soul. After nine years, Li He was actually equivalent to nine masters of refining his mind at the same time.
There are many difficulties for Li Shi’s poems, but it is not difficult to put them to use here.
If not, the ancestors of Kyubi no Youko in the totem pole did not deliberately instill in him any mind-training method, but it was the soul-training song, not to mention that every note in the whole song already contained enough master of mind-training to complete a thorough transformation and heart-training together.
Although Li He hasn’t learned the formal practice of mind-refining, he can consciously receive all kinds of soul-repairing spells that represent the peak achievement of mind-refining, which are naturally contained in these soul spells, and his understanding of mind-refining has naturally infiltrated Li He’s soul.
At this time, Li He, though not for a reason, also felt that it was too simple for the leaders of the two factions of the world of mortals to keep the life-and-death lock in two volumes.
And this simple form is a polite way for Li He to find it. If Li He is asked to comment on this life-and-death lock without modification, the word is crude.
Yes, after the actual work, Li He realized all kinds of cruelties of this achievement method.
Is it because of heart du regret Li He really don’t have the heart to put such a yourself but eye achievement method in her body.
So Li He slightly changed a line of work according to his own ideas. This little change made Li He feel that some of the original stagnation was instantaneous and smooth.
Li he was pleased to know that this change was right, and his confidence increased greatly, so he revised it one by one according to his own mistakes and omissions.
At this time, the two women have already finished the operation of the achievement method, and at the same time, they have used the life and death lock to break into Li He’s body.
At this time, the mutation suddenly occurred.
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Chapter one hundred and nineteen Disillusionment ()
The two women fought a deadlock and decided to die for life.
Du Regret is a deadlock, while Li Shishi is a lock.
Li He wants his body pivot to transpose the two locks, and then the deadlock breaks into Li Shishi’s body and the life lock breaks into Du Regret’s body, thus reversing life and death.
But at this time, the lock pivot had an accident because it was good at changing the achievement method.
After the two locks broke into Li He’s body for life and death, the two women saw that Li He was suddenly a virtual person, but it seemed that there was a virtual shadow in front of them. However, the two women were shocked, but at this time, they did not change the function of interrupting without authorization, while continuing to practice according to the method of "refining the heart" modified by the unknown "genius" founder, while waiting for Li He to turn to the second lock to reverse life and death.
At this time, Li He is continuing his great cause of change, and the two locks of life and death into other bodies are being studied by him.
After a cup of tea, Li He’s life and death locks were changed. Suddenly, a flash of light flashed in his heart. This combination of life and lock deadlock seems to be a complete set of achievement methods. The illusion road and the disillusionment road were differentiated from the disillusionment road created by the Taoist priest in the world of mortals thousands of years ago. Isn’t this illusion and disillusionment a true disillusionment road?
However, since this disillusionment path was divided into two ways of disillusionment, there have been various drawbacks now.
It is said that the disadvantage is still light in Li He’s heart. The achievement method of destroying love and illusion is determined to turn people into love Yu freaks, which is simply a tireless magic power to destroy people.
Li He’s resentment against these two schools of achievement methods is not a day or two. At this time, when he found this life-and-death lock achievement method vaguely, he seemed to be able to see that some disillusionment roads were split into illusion roads, and the feelings were destroyed, but he changed his mind.
This time, Li He will not only give Du regrets a temporary solution, but also cure it.
Otherwise, after today, Du regrets that he will still be practicing the method of eliminating emotion, otherwise he will still be in this general field today.
Just now, Li He thought about saving Du Regret. At this time, when he saw that it was possible to solve the problem once and for all, where was the truth?
After about half an hour, Li He tried to adjust the two locks to fight together.
Li He has a feeling that if he can successfully combine the two locks of life and death into a whole, the original disillusionment with the complete law may reappear in Shidu’s regret that Li Shishi buried hidden dangers in practice because of the shortcomings of his skill, and he may be cured at once.
In order to speed up the spell lock, Li He made up two locks and at the same time copied a set of locks for life and death, and tried various splicing schemes.
Li He doesn’t know that this movement has touched the core essence of refining the heart. When it seems near or far in the eyes of two women, ripples are a sign that this state naturally derives.
Hu pity son outside is far more surprised than the two in the room.