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Yang Xiao looked dazed = = = slightly opened his mouth and then nodded his head and stopped talking. The law of prohibition is a very distant term for Ghost Xiu! Prohibition and array law all need spiritual power to cloth! Those soul forces can make the law banned, so it can’t be called law and prohibition! Or, as Zhang Dianfei said, pay a heavy price! Please welcome those who cultivate truth or high-powered ghosts to cultivate spiritual power to control spiritual power before the array method can be banned! Zhang Xiaotian’s spiritual cultivation is not high, but he can make spiritual cultivation! This is something that ghost repair can’t compare with.

Find a remote place Zhang Xiaotian put all the people out when they woke up! Sanying! Ling Tian’s three disciples! Zhang Dianfei and Lynne! And Zhang Yande, Gong Sunziyin and Li Yaner! And fatty!
In the end, Zhang Xiaotian also released the words of staying in the fire and winning.
"Don’t panic, two champions. Now you are in Tianyi City!" See because of the sudden change of position and some panic words and win all Zhang Xiaotian light said.
"We are now … in Tianyi City?" Words and winning all look surprised and unbelievable. No wonder they have this expression. One moment they are still closing their eyes in the fire and practicing, and the next moment they arrive at Tianyi City! The environment in the two places is so different that it has changed so quickly! This makes them feel a little incredible! Some can’t believe it! They don’t know that the fire world in which they live is just a magic weapon, otherwise they wouldn’t be so surprised.
Therefore, the words and the rebellious heart in the bottom of my heart immediately disappeared! In their hearts, they recognize that the fire they treat is another world! The avatar who can instantly transfer them from another world to hell …
Before that, they had been a little angry with Zhang Xiaotian’s heart! But now they are talking.
"During this period, your alliance site the day after tomorrow was robbed by other forces except twelve cities! Now there is a third-rate force sent by a thousand souls to collect your alliance ghost repair family the day after tomorrow! " Zhang Xiaotian tone said slowly
"What? The territory was taken by other forces? What are they, the Thousand Soul Sect, who dare to accept our alliance family power the day after tomorrow! " Win the capital and the words are furious at once!
"In the previous hell, Ghost Xiu knew that the two leaders of the alliance the day after tomorrow were dead!" Zhang Xiaotian is ignored expression but export light said.
Hear Zhang Xiaotian light words win all and words expression zheng immediately became dim! Bow down to Zhang Xiaotian and respectfully ask, "What do adults want us to do?"
"I want you to support the alliance again!" Zhang Xiaotian responded and said.
Winning the capital and the expression of words are first stunned and then ecstatic. "Is what adults say true?"
"Hum! Are you and I lying to you? " Zhang Xiaotian cold hum a coldly asked.
"Damn it, you shouldn’t question adults!" A listen to Zhang Xiaotian this win and words face transient pale quickly said! Look scared!
"Listen to my command to do things! I won’t treat you badly! " Glancing at two people Zhang Xiaotian light said.
Nuo Nuo, the two people who won the capital speech, said it was
"Let’s go! Now those ghosts are outside the east gate of the city! " See two people performance Zhang Xiaotian nodded and said.
When a group of people walked to the east of Tianyi City,
"Ling day! Why are you here? " Walking words notice the sky in the crowd! Can’t help but ask with a face of surprise about Ling Tian, a genius of martial arts who is second only to Yan Hao in the new generation of Tian Zi tribe.
Just saw the dead two champions suddenly appear alive in front of Ling Tian, shocked and flustered, conscious of saluting forward, and then saw the attitude of the two champions towards Zhang Xiaotian, only to guess something vaguely, and then Ling Tian’s mentality could not help but return to its usual arrogance again!
"I am following my master!" Glancing at the words, Ling Tian said lightly that what he saw was Zhang Xiaotian walking in front.
"Master? Isn’t your master … an adult? " Words a face of shock asked ling day worship a ghost period the day after tomorrow kid teacher this matter in the day after tomorrow alliance, especially the day word tribe soon! Words are also quite impressed by this matter! But look at Ling Tian’s eyes now. Ling Tian said that the ghost master is Zhang Xiaotian, who is their adult!
I can’t help but smile when I understand this! Look at ling day eyes can not help but become more and more complicated! Finally, the two men made a bow to Ling Tiangong. They saw the attitude of the fifth-order monster beast and the fire spirit towards Zhang Xiaotian in the fire inflammation, and at this time, they experienced the transformation of the two worlds! Zhang Xiaotian’s impression in their hearts has become very tall! They don’t recognize what they can do for Zhang Xiaotian, but Zhang Xiaotian can’t help but not kill them, and now it’s even more important for them to regain the alliance after tomorrow. They owe it to Ling Tianshen that they can get such treatment as Zhang Xiaotian.
Chapter two hundred and twenty-three Find XiaoRan
A face of cool nodded Zhang Xiaotian no longer speak! Set a time in your mind when the biological clock passes is ten days! Ten days later, the biological clock will wake up in Zhang Xiaotian’s mind, and it will pass when Zhang Xiaotian gets lost in the array.
Cut off the spirit of law form a flash Zhang Xiaotian into law form which passes.
Phantom! Distracted thoughts in my heart! As Zhang Xiaotian entered, he followed suit.
Alternative experience!
This illusion experience Zhang Xiaotian is almost devoted to carefully savoring the joys and sorrows of the characters in the illusion!
Sweet and sour!
It is very dangerous to take the initiative to join in the illusion! It’s easy to get lost in the illusion!
Invest without getting lost! Zhang Xiaotian spirit extremely fluctuating shock! Shock! Shake again Like a small sail boat in the sea, it is in danger of being submerged in the sea at any time!
Phantom! I have experienced it all my life! Every life, Zhang Xiaotian has a little understanding!
Time flies! Sometimes white and sometimes heroic and dry!
"Hum!" Suddenly I have forgotten what it was when Zhang Xiaotian came to my mind with a buzz!
Almost lost, eyes are getting brighter! Illusions and distractions have become alienated!
Looking at the illusion of lang Qing Zhang Xiaotian smiled!
A long whistle and a long black knife! Slap the world in the illusion!
Broken to reveal a dark hole!
Shape a flash Zhang Xiaotian instantaneous stepped into the broken!
One hundred and sixty figures in the dark are instantly displayed! Heading towards a bright spot, Zhang Xiaotian’s figure flashed!
For a moment, suddenly a bright picture of ice and snow appeared in front of me.
Ten days! It’s over!
"Hum!" There was another roar in my mind. Zhang Xiaotian immediately sat on the ground! Huge name energy immediately emerged from the interest rate to Zhang Xiaotian’s mind.
Zhang Xiaotian mind essence bead to absorb the famous energy then transform body spirit! Spirit is increasing at an extremely high speed.
The ghost will be in the middle! The ghost will be late! The ghost will peak!
Spirit continues to climb! Zhang Xiaotian mind spirit soon broke through the ghost will peak reached … Early ghost king!
It was not until we reached the peak of the Ghost King that the spirit stopped growing!
After the spiritual realm reaches the level of the ghost king, Zhang Xiaotian is gratified to smile. These days’ hard work is finally not white! Although there are some dangers, the results are not underestimated! After ten days in the array, the spiritual realm rose from the middle of the ghost general to the early stage of the ghost king! Almost broke through to the middle of the ghost king! Spirit has risen a lot.
Suddenly, Zhang Xiaotian’s face smile became frozen until Zhang Xiaotian’s mind became stable! The two Yuan gods in the abdomen became different!
The spirit in the pearl slowly flows to the two Yuan gods in the abdomen. Although the degree is not fast, Zhang Xiaotian can clearly feel it and the degree is gradually becoming faster and faster.
Zhang Xiaotian’s face expression became very strange. Two Yuan gods sucked the spirit from Jing Zhu, and he didn’t know whether the effect was good or bad!
Zhang Xiaotian once again experienced the feeling of realm health! In a short time, the realm of Jing Zhu fell from the early days of the ghost king to the peak of the ghost!
The spirit in the refined bead is still slowly absorbed by two yuan gods, and the two yuan gods become stronger and stronger! Just when the realm of Jing Zhu fell to the peak of the ghost, the realm of the two Yuan gods had reached the late fourth order.
Finally, just as the Jing Zhu realm is about to fall to the peak of the ghost, the two Yuan Shen realms finally reached the peak of the fourth order and the Jing Zhu realm reached a balance! Three spirit crystallization realm has reached a balance, and two yuan gods no longer absorb the spirit in the pearl!
Zhang Xiaotian slowly out of breath! Although a realm has been repaired, it has not been dropped again!
It seems that these three energies must be practiced at the same time, and even their realms must be the same! No wonder it is so difficult for those who practice double spiritual power or multi-spiritual power to practice what is true! Spirit is the most difficult to rise, but practice double spiritual strength to fix truth. Every spiritual realm level has to rise twice! And the spiritual level of practicing multi-spiritual strength and true cultivation should be raised many times.
Body black stone slowly flowing out of the soul liquid! After this period, Zhang Xiaotian’s spiritual cultivation has reached the late stage of ghost generals!
Water, fire, water and Yuan Shen’s realm is also slowly absorbed! Zhang Xiaotian waved around and released a lot of fire spirit stone fire spirit force is slowly Zhang Xiaotian inhalation!
With Blackstone’s soul-practicing liquid and black psychic substance in my mind, Zhang Xiaotian’s soul-repairing fire, water and spirit-repairing spirit is extremely rising.
About half a day passed after coming out of the array!
Zhang Xiaotian closed his eyes and opened them! Repair has been completed!
Soul, fire, water and spiritual cultivation have reached the peak of ghosts!
With a wave of his hand, the remaining soul stones and flint stones around him were collected by Zhang Xiaotian.
Mind, fire, water and spirit melt into purple spirit, and it is full of body at once!
Zhang Xiao, as a slight joy! Three kinds of energy are improved by two levels, and the physical strength after fusion is three times stronger than before! It’s four times stronger than before!
After the fusion of the first three kinds of energy, the physical strength is more than twice that of the ghost king at the peak, and now the physical strength after the rise is four times that before! Generally speaking, Zhang Xiaotian’s physical strength is twice as strong as that of the ghost emperor in the early days, and it is already different from that of the ghost emperor in the middle days!
Clenched his fist and waved his hand slightly ahead! It was extremely cold at the moment and a dark hole was broken! Then the crack disappears and instantly recovers!