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A sword is a sword. Am I really wrong? Laugh at the sky and whisper.

When my brother really understands this Taoist way, he has entered the Kendo Gate.
It’s the beginning. After that, I’m proud to be a child.
One step further, I look at the sky, and one step further is that the sword is not a sword.
A sword is not a sword. Everything in heaven and earth is a sword. Isn’t this my present state? I don’t understand it.
No, it’s not the same. I took a deep look at him and sucked a dead branch into my hand with a turn of my left hand.
Qin Longgong smiled proudly and exclaimed, "It’s not like it’s not."
This is the kung fu of catching dragons and controlling cranes and hands. I call it the wind rider.
It was Xian Di who created a smile and proudly moved again.
I nodded and waved the dead branches in my hand. Brother, do you think this is a sword?
Not yet in my brother’s hands, but in mine.
Oh, really? I smiled and handed him the dead branches in my hand, so the big brother chopped up the big tree in front.
Split the tree and smile proudly and take the dead branches and don’t understand.
Brother believes me, just split it.
Funny ao Tian should be a figure, and now he is in front of the big tree, and the dead branches with white awns in his hands should be broken.
Wrong, my brother behind him now, don’t put the true qi into the dead branches.
Dear brother, you’re not shaking me, are you? How can you cut off this tree if you don’t penetrate the true qi into the dead branches? You look puzzled with a smile.
I don’t talk, my right hand turns to sapphire, and now my hand swings toward the big tree next to me, and the big tree should be broken. I didn’t penetrate a trace of true qi into the sword and return to sapphire. I light way
This is the sword. Is it a sword? Smile and ask God.
I nodded my head.
Then what do you mean, a sword is not a sword?
I called sapphire again and looked at it and said it was not a sword.
I seem to point out that I smiled proudly and nodded, and then my eyes were on sapphire in my hand.
It’s a shock to be naive and laugh at the sky.
I don’t know what to ask.
I took a deep breath. I also saw it in the sword record. The last leaf of the sword record recorded the name of Tiandi Sword. After several subversion, I entered the imperial dynasty. After the emperor won the emperor’s kindness and wandered the people’s officialdom, Germany finally stood tall. Skyquake’s national sword was smashed by a minister, Yan Qingjian, and the traitor was beheaded. The responsibility of supervising the country was chosen by the sword owner of each generation, but after fifteen generations, I didn’t know that it was in Fang Xian’s hands. The sword tilting the sky was an ancient artifact, but it was more advanced than the ancient artifact.
I really want to laugh at the sky when the sword of the heavenly prison has entered a different magic door.
Come on, you’re still an antique. I smile at sapphire, pour the sky into the sky, and I’ll call you pour the sky when my name is good. Pour the sky into my hand and buzz like it’s responding
All ancient artifacts are gods, free and unfettered, three swords, reincarnation, six rounds, hate thousands of times, hate the heavens in the hands of my brother, and it’s ancient artifacts that are more advanced than ancient artifacts. What should I do to match them? Smile and stare at my hands.
I was stunned by a teacher but never taught me anything.
Ha ha, smile proudly and smile foolishly. Is it a divine decision?
Can’t you talk about it? I mumbled and looked at the sky in my hand, but there was a strong suction. I was lost in my mind and a thick green gas covered me in the center of the sky
The first volume Sword dumping day Chapter 15 Dumping day definitely
Where is this? I’m swinging in a huge stone room. I don’t need a trace of axe and stone work. I usually look up. A real Youlong dish is shaped like a bucket of heaven at the top, but the blink of an eye turns into a word of heaven, and then it turns into a word of heaven. This capricious day has become Pangu’s main life and death, Pangu’s innovation has died, and the stone wall in front of me has flashed with golden light. It’s not a sword. It’s both natural to keep punishment and punish and kill, and it’s a sword. It’s not Pangu’s ten
Ten decisions
Where the dust is determined to play the game, the world of mortals is free and unfettered, and all beings worship the sword.
Swing the ghost and decide the sword. Hua Haohao’s photogenic type is full of anger and yin.