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"I practice Buddhism. What will you do? We have to double major. "

"It’s okay, Buddhism also has happy Zen."
Chapter 32 Life Plan
In order to double major career, life plan and beautiful day, Mei Qing students burst out with unprecedented enthusiasm for learning.
Double major is very romantic, ambiguous and reverie ―― in fact, Mei Qing is so reverie, but it is actually a very serious matter, as serious and much more complicated as other cultivation methods.
One yin and one yang refers to the Taoist gate, and almost all cultivation methods are inseparable from the change of yin and yang. There are yin and yang in the sky, and men and women are divided into a large number. In the Taoist scriptures, the word yin and yang refers to the main road, and the male and female are yin and yang.
However, in the double cultivation method, it is not simply recognized that men are pure yang and women are pure yin. According to Taoist epistemology, men and women are both yin and yang, so-called "pure yang, immortals, pure yin and ghosts reconcile yin and yang"
Of course, there is no difference between men and women. Men in the double-cultivation door are yin in the yang if they are separated from the fire. The divination of a woman’s water is that yin has yang.
The double cultivation method, the alchemy method and the clearing method are not far apart. The difference is that the two sides of practice are fighting each other, and they are on their own side when they interact. Their yin and yang are more pure and natural.
However, the conditions for achieving it are higher. In addition to the double cultivation, it is required that the mind, skills and talents can be matched. The formula can do this.
Therefore, now Mei Qing has to be forced to cram a duck. Compared with the previous paragraph, the situation in his training years is a real hell. The only consolation is that it is conceivable that the sky is still beautiful.
But this day seems a little far away, because according to Bizhen, the double cultivation method always needs to go through emotional robbery before it can be implemented, otherwise the two sides will force this method, and the disaster is unpredictable
Therefore, it is hard for Mei Qing to study all kinds of postures, mental methods, air movements and lines with Bizhen every day. Both sides are more emotional than ambiguity, but it is just a paper talk that their hard work is not enough for humanity.
The hardest thing is not this, that, so observing the dharma is even more deadly. When I came to Mei Qing to explore for myself, I already had some problems. I counted the key plums a little bit, and I quickly let Mei Qing know the real mystery. Now they are very happy in it. Every day, they all have to talk and think, and they love each other naturally.
It’s a pity that other thoughts are not so good. Anyone who sees a lover who was still in love a moment ago suddenly has a change of mind and suddenly refuses to accept people thousands of miles away may find it difficult to adapt. If you turn into hatred in a blink of an eye, you will be crazy if you are afraid of being slightly weak.
But there’s no way. Mei Qing doesn’t have a magic weapon to help him practice, so Bi Zhenren can be his sparring partner. Therefore, Mei Qing often tells Bi Zhen that you are my magic weapon.
In fact, this practice is not right. Mei Qing is also a kind of practice for what she has achieved. Although she has experienced all kinds of life in the mirror, it is not easy for a couple like Mei Qing to express hatred, anger and resentment. Being clear-minded does not mean that monks can face this feeling more calmly without emotion.
Another gain is that the two people show their feelings for each other very quickly because of other troubles. Both of them cherish each other’s love for each other. During that period of practice, they were deeply in love, which is even more profound. According to Bi Zhen, when they were in love, they almost reached the Buddhist world.
Mei Qing knew that Bizhen’s statement was not a love story, and he did feel that both sides had a meeting when they were in love with each other. The result of this situation was that the level of cultivation of the two lovers was far higher than that of other lovers. In this way, the foreign minister also entered Bizhen with certainty, saying to Mei Qing that Mei Qing is now in love with each other’s strength to sneak attack and practice almost the same as others. In practice, people in the other side are not hindered and rarely can resist.
"If you dare to teach this method to another woman, I’ll treat you badly!" Bizhen gave Mei Qing a shot. Although her face is as beautiful as a fairy, this evil thought is imposing. Ordinary people will surely see ghosts when they see it.
Except for female practitioners, it is even easier for other secular ordinary people not to add up spells. It is like Mei Qing’s taboo to read the sutra depository and make the technique like that.
"What else is there to learn magic? Can people in the circle pinch each other and play?" Mei Qing said gloomily, "Even if you are bullied, can’t you defend yourself properly?"
"You little argue irrationally that day YuZhen is only a hundred ~ ten thousand small! It’s not true that you took the axe to chop it. If someone really deceives you first, it’s not a violation of the rules to counterattack your magic. You should also grasp the degree, "Bizhen Mei Qing explained.
"Ah, that’s why. I saw that fly buzzing around you the other day. You were so annoyed that there was nothing you could do. I also thought that you should set a bad face free for fear that he would break his heart and never come to this door again." Mei Qing suddenly realized.
Bizhen’s reputation is famous, and there are many young people who want to entangle before Mei Qing may not care too much, but now that Bizhen has been designated as a private residence, it is difficult for someone to turn around next to Mei Dagong, which is somewhat jealous.
"What flies that can also be open after the frenzy, people treat me with courtesy and kindness? Don’t provoke "BiZhen smiled at MeiQing way.
"Be polite? Hum, I’m afraid I’ll be a Duke of Zhou gift if I go again! " Mei Qing thundered, "which side is your wife’s elbow turning toward? Don’t help husband to help outsiders! If you keep your mouth shut again, be careful of your young master’s French service and beat you half! "
"Good good husband, when he comes again, you will come forward to your wife and make a bad face to scare him away? Is it possible that someone molested your mother, and you, a big man, are still shrinking behind to watch the play and let me be a woman’s family to act as a villain? " Bizhen smile diligently tunnel
"Er … that’s all. You dare not do anything to master. I’ll cut you some slack." Mei Qing listened to the ramp quickly.
In fact, I don’t blame Mei Qing for being jealous. The little grandfather behaved too much. The young master is not born in general, but the young master of the Guo family is that you don’t take care of a lot of things in your family. You always go to Rensheng Palace to find Bizhen to learn the roots, which is impure.
What’s more, the image of this young man is a little too small. His skin is tender like petals, and his eyes are watery like peach blossoms in March. Even when he speaks carefully, he speaks with Bizhen, and he really has some sisters.
"Not as hard as you are!" BiZhen listened to say with smile "that although the image of Duke Guo is slightly less heroic, it is a young master with a silver spoon in his mouth. What else do you want? Ok-my good man, who are you angry with? I’ve seen these Wan Ku brothers a lot, and I knew how to deal with them. No matter how hot Guo Gong is now, it’s not worth provoking him. I’ll find a question to make him come less and save you the trouble of seeing. "
In addition to munching on professional skills and knowledge, practicing all kinds of reading methods, snacks and some foreign flying vinegar, another important job in Mei Qing is gradually getting on the right track, that is, releasing several rolls of ancient silks in Bizhen’s hand.
According to Bi Zhen, the origin of these things is quite mysterious, whether it comes from Da Ruo’s tracing source or from the Yuan Dynasty palace. When things were in harmony, the two doors, namely, Zhengyi and Zhenzhen, were in harmony with each other, but the three mountains, the four schools and the two schools were fighting for each other. Naturally, there were not a few doors that could not see things. In the end, it was the most thrilling to bow their heads and recognize the school of God only.
Most of the heavenly gates are self-contained, such as the three mountain symbols? Dragon and Tiger inherit directly from Tianshi Maoshan, Pavilion Soap divides into Qing Dynasty, Lingbao others, such as heavenly heart from Dragon and Tiger Donghua, net from Lingbao, etc. Only Shenxiao is a door, but its origin is unknown as if it were born.
Shen Xiao, a creative person, was known as Xiu Zhen Chong and Chong and the common name Wenqing Wang in Song Dynasty, and he didn’t know the origin of his learning. He knew that Shen Xiao Lei Fa actually had ghosts and gods, and he could rush and set up Qingcheng, his eldest brother Sa Shoujian, and he had a blue reputation. Shen Xiao School was in full swing for a while.
Hou Chong and Sa Shoujian’s mentor and apprentice have become soaring one after another, which has shocked the realm of Tian Xiuzhen. Although Tian Xiuzhen has a lot of profound training, it is unique that he and his apprentice have been practicing for a hundred years, but it has become the focus of Tian Xiuzhen’s note.
It’s Mu Xiu in the forest that will eventually lead to future trouble. The Yuan Dynasty imperial court felt that the strength of the gate was too complicated and difficult to control, so it was intentional to rectify the gate. The South Sect was the first one. Although there were shaman state religions in the DPRK, there were no shortage of people, but it was not dangerous to fight against the whole gate of the Central Plains.
Things are not afraid of outsiders’ earth and family infidelity. Just when the imperial court had the heart, there was an authentic person from Longhushan who took refuge in Yuan Shizu at that time. This person was Zhang Liusun, the later famous founder of Xuanjiao.
If we say that Zhang Liusun is really rare in the field of the cultivation of the true nature, because he is not a true disciple of the heavenly master Zhang Zongyan, although his cultivation was as early as that of the contemporary heavenly master Zhang Zongyan, he had to be relegated to his second place. It is the door that has its own inheritance. He also tried his best to find an opportunity to see Kublai Khan in Yuan Shizu, and his letter was quickly sealed. Taoism was in charge of Tiandaomen, and Zhang Liusun took this opportunity to stand on his own feet.
Zhang Liusun gained power and soon circled a group of like-minded doors. By imperial edict in the name of the imperial court, Tiandaomen was divided into north and south doors. The north door was long returned to the imperial court, and the south school was the same as Longhu, Maoshan, Gezao, Tianxin, Shenxiao, Donghua, Jingtai, and Taiyi.
The imperial edict is an outcry, and they accuse Zhang Liusun of forgetting the Sect of Buddhism and fixing the true identity of the alien eagle dog. The most fierce one is the Sect of God Xiao who teaches Mo Yueding.
At that time, although the Shenxiao school was not as good as when Sa Shoujian was teaching, it was also a first-class and large-scale talent, especially teaching Mo Yueding to practice. Shenxiao Leifa had reached the threshold of refining gods, and there were few opponents in the sky. This person was biased and he was a jealous temper, so when other doors were still waiting to see, Mo Yueding released the word that Shenxiao was a Shenxiao school, and it would rather die than bow to Zhang Liusun.
But at that time, other factions were jealous of God Xiao, and they had a wait-and-see attitude for a long time. The dragon and tiger mountains were lured to the court in Zhang Liusun, and as a result, when a group of evil spirits in Zhang Liusun attacked God Xiao, few other doors went to help.
Before this fight, the tragic Shenxiao Sect’s Five Thunder Array was broken. Mo Yueding was besieged by three shamans in Zhang Liusun and was beaten to death. Since then, Shenxiao Sect’s Daoji has been destroyed. Several brothers have escaped from the chaos and set up a door in Tianshan again. They are called Tianshan Sect, also known as Xihe Sect.
When the gate of Shenxiao was destroyed, many Daoism was gained by Zhang Liusun. In fact, what Zhang Liusun did to Shenxiao was not because he was jealous of its thunder method. Naturally, be in heaven didn’t expect that the magic of Shenxiao was justified, although it was also a symbol. One school, but other practices are very different. Although Zhang Liusun tried hard to refine the god Xiao Lei Fa, it has made great progress since then, but it has buried the curse. Finally, it caused thunder and fire to bite itself in the soaring apocalypse and got a gray body.
After Zhang Liusun’s death, the occult religion was not as good as before, and the Taoist secrets of these gods and clouds were all missing.
It was not until three years ago that there was a sudden bizarre fire in the palace that the present temple was stolen. In addition to a batch of rare porcelain, a large box of ancient books was lost when it was sorted out afterwards, but it was obtained from the former Yuan Palace. At that time, there were two boxes, except for one box, and one box was left. Unfortunately, the rest of the box was already burned by half.
It is this half that is left that is taken aback by the people in the Royal Guards at the hour. Among them, there are a few letters and silks in various Taoist scriptures, but they are strange words. It is only after people who have seen them that they know that these letters and silks are the secrets of the gods in those days.
Chapter 33 Cracks in the Road Center
"Its origin is roughly so, but it’s a pity that this ancient cloud-sealing person knows that the Shenxiao Sect was able to solve these cheats in those days. Is it because of the inaccurate interpretation that Zhang Liusun, the patriarch of Xuanjiao, finally ended up like that? And these Taoist scriptures are two boxes and another box, and I don’t know if there are keys to explain these cheats?" Bizhen leisurely tunnel.
Mei Qing at this time, however, had already listened to Bizhenyan at a loss, and then combined with the file he had read in the experience department. He didn’t know that another box of ten is the box in Scar Liu’s room that was actually melted by himself in a fog before Scar Liu’s coffin.
No wonder the Royal Guards rushed to their home to arrest people. Were it not for the rescue of Sixth Master for some reason, he was afraid that his ashes would be cold?
At this time, it’s already late to think about whether it is regret or fear at that time. At first, it’s hard for Mei Qing to be at a loss when he hears so many secrets in the fix true world.
"BiZhen you said these soaring things are true? Is it possible that if you and I practice to the realm, we can soar ―― but where can we soar? " Mei Qing asked some absently.
"This natural" BiZhen strange tunnel "practice is, of course, soaring, of course, is to be able to soar to practice, otherwise what do you practice? Where to fly is unknown, so the old man who cultivates the truth is known. If he ascends, he will go straight to the celestial fairyland, which is called the celestial world, but when he enters the celestial world, he will return to the secular world, so it may be known. "
Although Mei Qing has accepted the reality that he has become a practitioner, in his mind, practicing Dan Dao is still similar to an exercise method called "Qigong" in his heart. In short, it is just to strengthen the body. Even if practicing this method, it should be regarded as a kind of spiritual hypnosis. When listening to Bizhen’s preaching and fixing the true world, I naturally find it hard to believe for a while.
"… don’t the gods and ghosts are real … don’t look at me like that. I don’t believe it. I think it’s hard to believe it …" Mei Qing was a little confused.
"Mei Qing, you and look at me" suddenly realized that Mei Qing is not quite right now, and Bizhen hurriedly looked straight at Mei Qing indifferently.
Mei Qing mechanically raised his head and looked at Bizhen, a pair of eyes that seemed to know everything. Bizhen said, "Although the Tao is in the heart and the avatar changes externally? Mei Qing, how can you and I, monks, waver in our desire for Taoism? If you even believe in this, you can practice the Tao? "
Bizhen Mei Qing has a faint empathy. She can roughly feel Mei Qing’s psychological fluctuation. At this moment, she deeply realized that Mei Qing’s suspicion of all Taoism is not frightened-how can a monk doubt Taoism? Murphy Mei Qing was possessed by a demon?
I don’t blame Bizhen for thinking so. In this world, except for Mei Qing, he is afraid that another monk who has successfully built a foundation and is almost on the verge of Jiedan will have doubts about the Taoist body. Therefore, in Bizhen’s mind, it is possible to have this situation when there is a foreign demon riding and losing the Taoist heart.
The so-called possession of foreign demons is mostly the practice of practicing evil methods. Some evil practices take away human bodies and detain other people’s souls by some strange means after losing their bodies. This kind of situation is more terrible for a fix-true, if you really want to survive, you can’t ask for death than being lost in your heart.
Anxious Bizhen can’t take care of too much. He is eager to adjust his skills and choke the road. He worships the southwest and says, "The Qing emperor’s six-year-old six-year-old six-year-old festival will show his immediate illness!"
With Bizhen mantra, the whole body gas seems to suddenly become distorted, and waves of ripples seem to be true. In the constant twisting, it is faint like thunder and crackling, and the golden light is flashing. A huge figure gradually appears from the virtual and gradually turns into an entity.
I saw a huge god standing in front of me with a height of 20 feet and one foot, but I saw him wearing a white gold shirt, a blue dunjia and a golden complexion. The eyes of the three giants were so bright that they shouted, "What does a Jiashen Shenheng call for?"