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Yang Ling walked in with her backpack and saw Ruan Danning politely say "hello, madam"

Ruan Danning looked at Yang Lingwei and smiled. "Hello, are you Ning Dai’s roommate?"
"Yes," Yang Ling nodded. "I’ve been in this dormitory for a semester, and it’s just my turn to be a single number."
"After that, I’ll trouble you to take care of Ningdai." Ruan Danning stood up politely and asked, "She is still a child and doesn’t understand anything … If sex bothers you or does something wrong, don’t dispute with her."
"Ha ha" Yang Ling nodded with a smile. "Madam, you’re welcome. It’s too cold and cheerless for me to live alone. It’s just that Ning Dai is here with me."
Ruan Danning is very satisfied with this Yang Ling. She thinks it is good for Ning Dai to have such a roommate because of her generous speech and decent behavior.
Everyone who has arranged everything wakes up in Ruan Danning. "Young housewife, you have to attend the state banquet with the Prime Minister tonight, and now you have to go back and prepare."
"Oh, yes," Ruan Danning looked at the watch and got busy. He took out a stack of cards from his bag. "Come to Ningdai and give this to you … after your campus card, you will have this letter card. Your father stopped it for you …"
"Ah?" Hang Ningdai was amazed at why she stopped her credit card! What if she wants to buy something?
Ruan Danning didn’t explain that he had to leave in a hurry. "Just take good care of yourself … Cary has enough money for you to spend a week and weekend. Remember to go home!"
Say that finish with people act quickly out of the dormitory.
Hang Ningdai looked down at the campus card in her hand and then at the narrow dormitory. She felt that everything was so unsatisfactory and the most terrible thing was to stop the letter card! She still doesn’t believe that she quickly took out her wallet and asked Yang Ling, "Where is the money machine for senior?"
"There is it at the entrance of the building!"
Hang Ningdai promised to rush to the front of the cash machine quickly and never give up. Insert the letter card and enter the password to freeze it! Can’t! Another one was given to her by Han Xilang!
Hang Ningdai is so excited and crazy that Dad won’t be so cruel. It must be Dabao’s idea! Hang Ning Dai was so angry that she took out her mobile phone and immediately dialed Han Xilang. Han Xilang was taking people to inspect the phone and it was not surprising to see the name displayed on the surface.
"You told dad to stop my card, didn’t you?" Hang Ningdai was furious.
Han Xilang admitted "yes"
"You …" Hang Ningdai was angry. "And the one you gave me can’t!"
"hey!" Han Xilang sneered, "If you want to stop, of course, stop together. If you spend the most on my supplementary card, of course you have to stop!"
"…" Hang Ningdai didn’t know what to say and gasped.
Han Xilang chuckled, "Don’t you want to live a normal life? From today on, you will sleep in the dormitory and eat in the canteen … You can’t buy anything if you want! That’s what ordinary people do. "
That’s true, but Hang Ningdai is not prepared for it at all! She was so angry that she almost wanted to drop her cell phone.
"Hey, don’t smash your mobile phone!" Han Xilang seems to have guessed her mind, "I woke up that your mobile phone was smashed and you have no money to buy a new one."
Hang Ningdai hangs up her mobile phone angrily and shakes all over. "Han Xilang, please wait for me. I will definitely show it to you!" She turned around and threw the card that Han Xilang gave her to the ground.
Stamped his feet "bad guys! Bad guys! Bad guys! "
Turn around and go, think about it, come back and pick it up, rush back to the dormitory, pick up the scissors and cut it into pieces!
Yang Ling looked at her and worried that this girl was so stupid?
Chapter 76 Our early sour gas
Section 554
On the first day of living on campus, Hang Ningdai felt seriously uncomfortable.
At dinner, Yang Ling took her to the student canteen. It’s not natural that Hang Ningdai hasn’t eaten in the canteen, but the imperial college student canteen is also divided into popular and similar private restaurants.
However, it is natural for Yang Ling to take Hang Ningdai to the general dining hall.
As soon as she entered, Hangningdai was shocked by the vast crowd. So many people? How can she make a living?
"Senior, let’s go to a small restaurant?" Hang Ningdai felt guilty and pulled Yangling.
"Ha ha" Yang Ling tried to endure a smile to wake her up. "How much money do you have in your card? Isn’t the credit card stopped? You can’t go to a small restaurant for a week. "
Think about the economic situation. Hang Ningdai can refute that there are too many students waiting in line behind Yang Ling in the canteen so that Master Hang Ningdai can ask her, "What do you want?"
Hang Ningdai has a look at these dishes … What should she order? This is also far from her previous experience. Hang Ning Dai can’t even name it.
"Hey, hurry up … there are so many people waiting behind!"
The long student team expressed dissatisfaction with Hang Ningdai’s travel.
Yang Ling shook her head and went to help her order two dishes. She left the window with a plate and found a place to sit. Hang Ningdai frowned and held chopsticks. She didn’t know how to handle it.
"Not hungry? Eat! " Yang Ling urged her.
"Oh" Hang Ningdai picked up chopsticks and put them in her mouth. She immediately frowned and covered her mouth.
"What’s the matter?" Yang Ling was surprised, wasn’t she? Is the big lady really so spoiled?
Hang Ningdai shook her head and took out a tissue from her bag to spit out the food in her mouth.
Yang Ling surprised reached for a chopsticks and tasted "so exaggerated? Not that bad, is it? "
"No," Hang Ningdai shook her head again and again. "It’s not bad … it’s that I didn’t eat ginger and just bit it so spicy!"
Yang Ling nodded her heart to express her understanding that "the school canteen is like this, no matter what dishes are cooked, they all taste the same, and all seasonings are the same. This chef’s craftsmanship is also first-class."
"hmm? Ha ha ….. "Hang Ningdai was teased in stitches.
"Eat a few more times and get used to it!"
Fortunately, it’s not so unbearable to have Yang Ling to help Hang Ningdai, but it’s too early for Hang Ningdai to eat much because there are too many condiments in the food, which is not very appetizing. Of course, I don’t think so.
But by the time she and Yang Ling came out of the library, it was almost ten o’clock, and their bellies were growling unwillingly.
Yang Ling’s cell phone just rang. She took one look at Hang Ningdai and picked it up. "Hello? I’m in the library and I’m going back now … Well, let’s say so. "
Hang up Yang Ling holding Hang Ningdai back to the dormitory.
At the other end of the words, it was Han Xilang Ning Dai who didn’t eat anything. He learned this news from Yang Ling early in the morning. Although he came to Jeannin Dai to "suffer hardships", he still didn’t give up and let her go hungry.
What should I do if my little girl is only seventeen years old and hungry?
Han Xilang came from the car with the exquisite takeout box of "Imperial City Hotel" in his hand, and the card was just right when he arrived at the building, and Yang Ling and Hang Ningdai also arrived.
"Yang Ling" Han Xilang waved to Yang Ling.
Hang Ningdai took a look at this situation, and her heart thumped and braved sour bubbles. Then she took a look at Han Xilang’s hand carrying the delivery box of the Imperial City Hotel! He is so kind to his senior? Sour as hell!
What should we do? Is she going to move on in this situation?
The savior came, and the cell phone rang.
Hang Ningdai picked it up without looking. "Hello?"
"Hello" Du Yuheng laughed "so fast? As if waiting for my words … "
"ah? Now? " Hang Ningdai grabbed at straws. No matter what Du Yuheng said, she sang a monologue "Yes, yes … I’m just hungry. See you at the west gate of that school!"
Listening to her speech, Han Xilang suddenly tightened his eyes with a delivery box hand to deliver food to her. As a result, does she have an appointment now?