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Although the exchange price of the temple of knowledge has been adjusted by mechanical calculation, the exchange price of knowledge is almost the first tenth, but it is difficult to find the need because of the chaotic classification and irregular placement

After this period of operation, Wang Gang also found that the knowledge classification in the knowledge hall is also very problematic
There is no need to divide Tugen into so many grades. Two grades are enough for the knowledge hall.
General secrecy!
Ordinary citizens can access the map in reality, and the security grade map is very important to a country, and the disclosure of technical data will cause great losses to the country.
Wang Gang, who is divided into two grades, also has his own considerations. With the development, especially the appearance of the official website before hanging out.
The rule of registering to get the number of players is set by Wang Gang himself. It is certain that there will be foreign players in the near future.
Every country’s technology is developed by its own great efforts and a lot of money, so the fruits of labor need to be respected.
If we don’t respect the achievements of others’ labor, how can people have the enthusiasm to continue scientific research and promote the improvement of scientific people’s living standards if they develop technology for decades?
Now Wang Gang’s adjustment problem is this problem, unless Chinese people are qualified to view these technical materials, they also need gold coins when viewing them.
Moreover, even if the player understands the technology, Wang Gang will supervise these technologies, and they must not be commercialized unless they are granted by the developer, and they must not be leaked.
Of course, even if Wang Gang is a god, it is absolutely impossible to supervise every player, but Wang Gang has thought of a way to add a reporting option to the official website.
To create technology, people who find that their technology has been stolen by others can report this player. Then Wang Gang will find out in his mind if the report is true, so that player Wang Gang will not show mercy!
Only by the most iron-blooded means can bad style be turned around.
Because when reading these technical materials, Wang Gang will put a ban in the player’s mind, so that the player must never tell the second person about these technologies through formal means. A report is enough to deal with those bitches who want to trample on the fruits of others’ labor.
Of course, if you look at these technical materials, you can get 10% of the gold coins as creators.
This value is ten times higher than other martial arts knowledge, and Wang Gang wants to encourage researchers to study enthusiastically.
The development of science and technology can benefit many people, which is beneficial to the increase of the fragmentation of heaven and earth will consciousness
The development of science and technology and God are contradictory to most people, but they are not at all contradictory to Wang Gang.
Although technology is also a means to observe the analytical laws of world rules, technology has its limits, that is, the material world!
There is absolutely no way for science and technology to touch the fields of soul, belief and spirit. These fields are gods, the fields of heaven and earth consciousness, and heaven and earth consciousness will never let its own consciousness fragments know that it is increasing the source of heaven and earth.
So Wang Gang is very relieved. In fact, the more materially developed society needs faith, the more spiritual sustenance it needs.
Developed materials can create comfort for people, less labor than living environment, and sometimes it takes up to several people to do the most. One thing is to talk about fantasy without spiritual support.
In the end, these people have a deep sense of emptiness when they speak politely, and a rough blank is a pain in idle eggs!
These are the empty expressions of the mind, which human beings need. With faith, the mind is enriched by faith, and people have more motivation!
If the country reaches an agreement, Wang Gang will supervise according to the agreement, so that the country can integrate with each other and promote scientific and technological progress.
Every country will have its own exclusive floor in the knowledge hall, and it is not up to the information country to decide whether it can reach the confidentiality level.
Now, due to the short time of discovery, there are not many talents. Wang Gang can personally array the vast amount of knowledge in the knowledge hall to judge the data level.
After the holy spirit has scientists, Wang Gang will give these little things to them who are best at it.
In addition, there are too many hidden in the knowledge palace, which is very troublesome to find, and this will not only reduce the pressure, but also make the players feel negative. Wang Gang naturally wants to change all this.
In fact, it is very simple to change, adding a knowledge hall search function to each player’s watch.
If you are not in the knowledge hall, you can read the book directly through the search function through the reincarnation watch browser. In the knowledge hall, you will automatically appear in the hands of players by searching for the book. This is not complicated for Wang Gang, but it is a very simple idea!
The appearance of the knowledge hall has not changed, but the first floor of Wang Gang’s knowledge hall has been expanded a hundred times in an instant, and no matter where it is, the area of each floor of the knowledge hall will meet the needs of players with the increase of the number of visitors.
Chapter 75 Bank 3
Adjust the knowledge hall. After the problem, Wang Gang searched for no less than financial and bank interest rates from the knowledge hall and glanced at it. The knowledge recorded in it has reached Wang Gang’s mind.
"So that’s it. The interest rate of Chinese loans can refer to reality."
"But in reality, risk control is unnecessary, but the loan period of players must not exceed one year, and at least 30% of the players’ loan gold coins must come from the players’ gold coins in the bank!"
If Wang Gang makes too many gold coins in circulation, it will inevitably lead to a lot of consumption of his divine power, although in this way, the players will definitely not consume as much divine power as when they don’t lend.
But the outflow of too many gold coins is also very stressful for Wang Gang, who lacks divine power now! So Wang Gang is willing to pay less after income.
"The bank is named Gold Coin Bank, and it doesn’t need to be built in reality."
"If you can make a software and put it directly into the player’s hand and take the current interest rate at will, it will be calculated according to the annual interest rate of 35%. If the annual interest rate is fixed, it will be 38% for one year, 49% for two years and 54% for the highest three years, which should be attractive to some players and increase the enthusiasm of players."
However, Wang Gang also knows that there are very few gold coins in the hands of players now, unless the real money is exchanged for gold coins as the emperor and Lin Dad strictly said.
Most other players spend their money after they get the gold coins every day.
In other places where gold coins are needed, few magical powers are opened, so that every time the magical power is limited, gold coins are needed, especially the consumption of gold coins in the practice of blessing the gods is even more amazing! Many people in the temple of knowledge need gold coins.
If you are familiar with real life, many players will generally choose to exchange it for a lifetime without forgetting knowledge and skills.
Moreover, it is absolutely necessary to exchange physical exercises such as the theory of basic qi and blood operation, training yuan and raising qigong into Dacheng realm.
There are also cheats of cultivation power and so on!
In the battlefield, it costs a lot. Although one round of ammunition needs one gold coin, it needs to be consumed constantly, so that the purchase of weapons will be damaged when it is necessary. Naturally, players need to pay for it again, and the power of weapons is different
In order to win on the battlefield, players naturally need to upgrade and make better weapons to fight, which is another big account.
The software system is very fast for Wang Gang, and an idea has succeeded, and I feel good about it myself.