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Yu Jae Seok glanced at the black nanny car and couldn’t tell whose car it was. Because this style of nanny car is so common, every artist who is coming today may take this car and casually guessed "3 years old". Among the guests, Yin Zhongxin was 4 years old, Jin Xiulu was 39 years old, Li Tianxi was 3 years old, Lee Hyo Ri was 3 years old, park ye jin was 8 years old and Jiang Dacheng was 8 years old, so he guessed that 3 years old was a compromise.

Zhang Chengyuan smiled at him and said confidently, "I guess it’s years old."
No sooner had he finished than the car stopped. A young man dressed in casual clothes, about 175 cm tall, looks ordinary but smiles brightly.
Yu Jae Seok said, "Oh, it’s Dacheng! Ah … "I suddenly realized that I had lost the bet and then angrily took out a hundred-dollar coin from my pocket and threw it to Zhang Chengyuan.
Of course, he didn’t care about a coin, but he pretended to be lost, and Zhang Chengyuan laughed in cooperation. It seemed very happy because they all knew that they bet that this passage had been recorded by vj at any time and might be played in future programs after editing.
Jiang Dacheng looked at the back of the car slightly and immediately came over to salute and greet the pd, Yu Jae Seok and Zhang Chengyuan workers. The courteous manner and sincere smile had to make people feel good about his group bigbang, but it is really rare for him to have such an attitude.
However, Zhang Chengyuan, who has always paid little attention to the field of ballads, didn’t know him. If he had done it before, he would have nodded politely to him, but now he is much more enthusiastic. He also reached out and shook his hand, which surprised Jiang Dacheng, who has always been very cold and arrogant. At the same time, he immediately had a good impression on Zhang Chengyuan and was a little flattered. After all, would the younger generation of the artist like Zhang Chengyuan, who has status and status, bow 90 degrees in return, be unwilling to accept it?
Yu Jae Seok could see that Zhang Chengyuan didn’t recognize the Jiang Dacheng service road. "Cheng Yuan, when we recorded that family press conference the other day, you didn’t meet our family members because you didn’t come to film. Now I solemnly introduce to you that this is the youngest son of our family, Jiang Dacheng. How old is this year? Yeah, how did you guess it was twenty years old just now? Actually guessed so accurately! "
Naturally, Zhang Chengyuan scanned the fruit, and he "saw" that Jiang Dacheng was about years old and reported an integer. Unexpectedly, he really guessed it.
At this time, of course, Zhang Chengyuan won’t explain the reason to Yu Jae Seok. He said, "It’s impolite to leave others aside after you introduce them first in Shige!" He and Yu Jae Seok and Yu Jae Seok have good personalities, so it’s no big deal to ridicule and criticize Yu Jae Seok, but it makes Jiang Dacheng feel that he and Yu Jae Seok are very good.
Yu Jae Seok said, "Oh, you’re right. I haven’t finished introducing Dacheng. Well, this is Dacheng’s most popular … good at …" After being changed by Zhang Chengyuan, he didn’t care to ask Zhang Chengyuan how he guessed so accurately. After all, this question is not important. It’s called whether you ask or not.
And even if he asks Zhang Chengyuan again, he can never answer him truthfully.
After Yu Jae Seok introduced Jiang Dacheng, Jiang Dacheng hurriedly bowed respectfully to Zhang Chengyuan again and said, "Hello, senior, I am a fan of yours. Nice to meet you!"
Another public figure who claimed to be his fan, but Zhang Chengyuan felt that he should be polite and didn’t take it to heart. "Most of my fans are women. Are you a big man also my fan?" There is a faint doubt in the words, but there is no doubt or ridicule.
Jiang Dacheng explained, "I became your fan after watching Rush Hour 3 and Kung Fu King. Your kung fu performance in it is so strong. I hope you can teach me some tricks when you have the chance."
Zhang Chengyuan politely said, "I will if I have the chance." If the two sides can become real friends, it’s nothing to teach him a few tricks. If he nods, it’s all right. Although his personality has become gentle, he has not become a bad guy.
After a while, a female artist named park ye jin came. This time, Zhang Chengyuan was not introduced by Yu Jae Seok. Because this park ye jin is a good friend of Yuzhuxuan, he once met her and greeted her when Yuzhuxuan Yoga Hall opened in 5 years.
It’s Zhang Chengyuan’s turn to say hello first, because although park ye jin’s fame and popularity are much worse than his, she debuted one year earlier than him and is older than him. More importantly, she is a friend of Yu Zhuxuan. If Yu Zhuxuan knows that he is rude to her friends, he will definitely reprimand him.
In the face of Zhang Chengyuan’s salute and greeting, park ye jin didn’t dare to return the gift with a big smile. Then Zhang Chengyuan immediately backed away and asked Yu Jae Seok to talk to her because he realized that it would not be good for both sides if he got too close to young women who were not familiar with him. I have to say that he was sometimes too natural.
When Yu Jae Seok and park ye jin chatted casually while Zhang Chengyuan chatted with Jiang Dacheng for a while, Zhang Chengyuan found that Jiang Dacheng was very cheerful, honest and kind, and he had a lot of affection for him, so when Jiang Dacheng wanted to call him "brother", he didn’t object.
Although it is common for Koreans to be brothers, it does not necessarily mean that they have special friendship, but for Zhang Chengyuan, if he allows someone to call him "brother", it means that he values this person to a certain extent, and this person will have more opportunities to win his deeper friendship.
Chapter four hundred and forty Meet (2); Into the village
And Lee Hyo Ri also arrived. As soon as he saw her nanny car coming, Zhang Chengyuan quickly stepped forward to meet him, but he was talking to him. Jiang Dacheng involuntarily stopped him immediately after going to Yu Jae Seok and said, "Don’t go there. It must be Xiaoli who came. Don’t bother them both."
This is a bit vague, but Jiang Dacheng immediately understood Yu Jae Seok’s meaning. Because I didn’t know how few close people Zhang Chengyuan and finkl had in the Korean entertainment industry, I stopped to look at him from a distance and wanted to see for myself what it was like when Lee Hyo Ri met Zhang Chengyuan. How close were they?
When the car stopped, Zhang Chengyuan was at the door of the car like a greeter, and then the door opened. Lee Hyo Ri bowed his head and stepped out. He suddenly found a strong man at the door of the car. He immediately got a fright and immediately consciously shrank his outstretched leg back. A closer look found that this man turned out to be Zhang Chengyuan. He couldn’t help but rush to the car angrily and threw himself at Zhang Chengyuan and started to kick him. "Are you so small and scare me again?"
When getting along with each other at ordinary times, Zhang Chengyuan often likes to tease his sisters when chatting. This is not less than being cleaned up by Lee Hyo Ri and others, but he is content. This time, Zhang Chengyuan of Lee Hyo Ri played with her and habitually wanted to chase Zhang Chengyuan, forgetting that he was not at home but outside.
In the face of Lee Hyo Ri’s attack, Zhang Chengyuan hurriedly dodged and explained, "Sister Xiaoli, you misunderstood that I was going to meet your car."
"Meet me? How dare you say welcome me when you are so close to the car door? Scaring me is almost the same! " And chase to even kicked a few feet.
Zhang Chengyuan dodged and begged for mercy. "Sister, you have to call later. Are you filming a program now?"
Lee Hyo Ri "leng" a reaction immediately turned around and glanced at it and immediately found that Yu Jae Seok, park ye jin and other artificial personnel were watching them and several vj carrying portable professional cameras faithfully recorded the situation at this time. Presumably, she had just chased Zhang Chengyuan and the situation had been filmed, but she was not ashamed. Anyway, her image in variety shows has always been careless, and no one would think that she had just acted too abnormally.
When she stopped chasing Zhang Chengyuan, she waved to the camera lens not far away and waved a "I am a lady" gesture, then pulled it aside and stopped dodging. Zhang Chengyuan held his hand and leaned his head on his shoulder to reveal a sweet smile. Zhang Chengyuan also tilted his head to Lee Hyo Ri and touched her head together. Then Lee Hyo Ri raised his left arm and Zhang Chengyuan raised his right arm. They put their heads together and made a heart-shaped gesture.
It seems that the two of them are really a pair of "brothers and sisters". The appearance of happiness is that Zhang Chengyuan’s face is full of wry smiles at this time. At first glance, he knows that he is very reluctant, as if he had to cooperate because of his sister’s "arrogance"
After this gesture, Lee Hyo Ri didn’t let go of Zhang Chengyuan, but grabbed Zhang Chengyuan’s arm with both hands. It seemed that he was afraid of being escaped, and then he kicked a few feet on Zhang Chengyuan’s left calf. At the same time, he said, "You dare to dodge when you hit you just now, and you have to hit you more!"
Watching them fight, Jiang Dacheng couldn’t help saying, "Senior Lee Hyo Ri and Brother Chengyuan look really good and Brother Chengyuan seems to be very afraid of Senior Lee Hyo Ri!"
Yu Jae Seok nodded and smiled. "You said it was good. Cheng Yuan was really afraid of filial piety and was very close. I didn’t expect them to cooperate with each other in the recording of the program." Then he said to himself, "Maybe it is a good choice to make Cheng Yuan a regular guest or a regular guest. Unfortunately, Cheng Yuan is too busy to promise."
After kicking Zhang Chengyuan a few feet, Lee Hyo Ri let go of Zhang Chengyuan and quickly stepped forward to say hello to all the people present. After the salute, she took Zhang Chengyuan aside to talk. This time vj had no discretion to follow suit.
Zhang Chengyuan said, "Sister Xiaoli, you should have realized that this is the scene of the program, right?"
Lee Hyo Ri said, "Well, when I rushed to hit you, I suddenly saw it in the corner of my eye, and I reacted immediately at Brother Shi."
"Then you are still chasing me?" It is also interesting for Zhang Chengyuan to pretend to be pitiful in front of Lee Hyo Ri occasionally.
However, Lee Hyo Ri ignored his grievances and said, "I think the scene of chasing you should be interesting. After sending it out, it may attract the attention of the audience. Besides, you have cooperated well and I will reward you well when you get back."
"How to reward?" Zhang Chengyuan smirked and asked if there was a trace of ambiguity in his eyes.
Lee Hyo Ri knew at a glance what was going on in his heart and slapped him angrily on the forehead and said, "I’ll beat you up if you think again."
Zhang Chengyuan smiled and said nothing. For a long time, he enjoyed Lee Hyo Ri’s warm slapping and reprimanding because he thought it was a manifestation of Lee Hyo Ri’s love for him.
When Zhang Chengyuan was talking to Lee Hyo Ri, the remaining three family members, Yin Zhongxin, Jin Xiulu and Li Tianxi, also came one after another to meet them. It was naturally inconvenient to say that they went to meet the newly arrived three.
Zhang Chengyuan is quite strange to these three people. It can be said that this is the first time that he and these three people have officially met. These three people gave him the initial impression that Yin Zhongxin is too old and weak. Jin Xiulu is tall and dignified, but he seems easy-going and naturally engaged. Li Tianxi is tall, similar to him, but thinner and a little shy, but this is just a preliminary impression, and it is not necessarily accurate. How do you need more contact to understand it?
After all the staff arrived, the workers gave us a simple hand-drawn map for us to find the room to stay for these two days. Of course, the program group has already solved the problem of staying for the night, and we can stay and live after we find it.
Look at that map, which is said to be hand-painted by an old woman, with a few words written on it and a winding route, everyone can’t see it after reading it for half a ring, but they all have some doubts about whether they can really find their destination with this simple map, but at this time, they can also crustily skin of head and look for it. If the program group gives this map to everyone, they will say that it is possible to find their destination.
In Yu Jae Seok, lead everyone along a cement road.
For people who are used to noisy and crowded cities, this rural environment is really good, with lush vegetation and green; Small bridges and flowing water are interesting, even seedlings or green onions in the fields make people feel fresh; Breathing fresh, smelling refreshed; The gentle breeze blows comfortably and warms everyone’s mood immediately, and several people forget the trip and appreciate the scenery along the way carefully.
However, Zhang Chengyuan didn’t feel much. After all, last year and this year, because of filming "Hong Jitong with a sharp knife" and "The Wind Painter", he often filmed in a landscape show where the scenery and atmosphere were much better than here. But at this time, his face was full of joy and laughter, as if he was fascinated by the rural scenery like everyone else. He did this not only because he didn’t want to ruin everyone’s feelings, but also because there was a vj following him now. If he put on an indifferent look at this time, it would definitely have a bad influence on the program.
After walking for half an hour or so, after several twists and turns, we finally found our destination-an independent Korean rural house.
In front of the house, there are still several 60-and 70-year-old grandmothers holding bags when they go out. It seems that they are anxiously waiting for the arrival of everyone.
After seeing these grandmothers, Yu Jae Seok immediately walked quickly forward and greeted them affectionately at a distance. When these grandmothers saw Yu Jae Seok, they immediately wrapped up their bags and walked to the front of Yu Jae Seok, and they also embraced Yu Jae Seok enthusiastically. Obviously, they liked Yu Jae Seok very much.
Zhang Chengyuan, Lee Hyo Ri and others also quickly saluted and greeted the grandmother. When several grandmothers saw Zhang Chengyuan’s eyes suddenly lit up, they came around Zhang Chengyuan and hugged him one by one, grabbing his hand and affectionately calling names such as "Chengyuan, Zailong, Gongcan and Jitong".
While others don’t have this treatment, except Lee Hyo Ri, there is an old woman who knows and hugs a group of old women who don’t know any of them. Even though Yu Jae Seok introduced everyone’s names to them on the spot, they were at a loss.
The worst thing is that when Yin Zhongxin and Yin Zhongxin were introduced to pay homage to the grandmothers, the two younger grandmothers also missed their old faces. Yin Zhongxin, who is the same generation as them, also politely bowed down to make everyone laugh. Yin Zhongxin had a wry smile and had to bow to the grandmothers again and again to make amends.