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"Yi Erde?"

"Er, it’s not too cold to go out and say that you want to build a sand sculpture castle with the elder martial sister after playing The sand with her outside."
"Don’t say I’m a grown-up child in the future. I’m even younger at home. I really came all the way from Germany to play with mud."
"Ha ha ha"
This is the feeling of home.
Everyone’s face is full of happiness, round and round, and happy.
It would be nice to live like this every day.
Suluo silently made a New Year’s wish in his heart, and I will guard every smiling face at home.
Chapter three hundred and twenty-nine Idiot
It’s been a good year, but it’s really hard to be happy when we have to part.
"Master, I’ll see you again in a few days."
The most natural and unrestrained is Tang Yike carrying her small bag containing a bunch of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck cards. suluo personally painted her and waved her car and left.
Speaking of it, the Yike family came early because they wanted to gain and lose the Spring Festival Evening, which was probably the case, but it was still a good year.
Er De Ma gave him a bunch of pianos.
Reading in sections 179
The manuscript is stuffed with a pile of new year’s gifts and kicked off directly at Christmas in 2008. Do you want to organize a delegation to see his Christmas ballet? I can’t say whether it is true or not, but if you go, the Alps will climb a mysterious and beautiful Alps for a long time.
Send two DE can kick him to send two master is going to be kicked.
"Keep my room for me."
"Me too. I’ll stay for a few days."
"Okay, be sure to clean it up and hang your names in your room. No one is allowed to go in."
"Fuck off and give me the bright sword. I can’t wait."
"Ha ha"
"I have sent the plane."
Brother pao and baby yang are back, too. They sent their parents to the airport.
Suluo lost a bottle of drink and asked in the past.
"Well, I want to ask my mother to leave her at home, and I have to say that her presence here will affect my work."
"Poor parents’ heart"
"At home, we really don’t care much about her when we are busy. She still has several neighborhood women to accompany her in her hometown."
Brother Bao shook his head and smiled. I don’t want to continue this topic.
"Are you ready for work, captain?"
"Aha, you can sail at any time."
It’s not always so beautiful
When the peak comes, throw a document.
"Trouble is coming."
"What is it?" suluo asked.
"V lawyer letter, suing you for breach of contract?"
The knife picked it up and glanced at it and threw it directly into the trash can.
"They’re really going to be shameless to the end. New Year’s Day is a net nuisance."
"Aha, maybe the Spring Festival Gala is so bad. Now it is called the worst Spring Festival Gala in history by netizens. Hum, you have uncovered the cover of lip-synching. Now the net is a fake singer. A list of lip-synching this year’s Spring Festival Gala makes netizens feel cold. Really sing a singer without lip-synching."
Brother Bao threw the drink back and found a bottle of beer for suluo and blew it himself.
"So now jump out and sue me because I want to throw the pot at my head and find the wrong person."
Suluo threw the drink to Gao Feng and found a bottle of beer.
"Eh, are we really that easy to bully?"
"Haha, it’s not high to pay for the Spring Festival Gala. It’s not even money. It depends on whether you want to find another job."
The knife smiled and threw the drink to Gao Feng and bought a bottle of beer.
"What do you think of this lawsuit? We still have a high chance of winning."
Well, poor drink. Nobody wants beer at the peak.
Suluo shook his head.
"I’m busy if I don’t play. If I don’t pay attention to them, I’ll pay for it. I promised my master to keep a low profile."
"Don’t fight is the wisest thing to see. It makes sense for us. But since V dares to sue suluo at the forefront, it is said that people can win if they are accurate. Who knows how dirty the shadow is? You didn’t write a lip-synching in the contract. Even if you break the contract, you can unilaterally terminate the contract."
Knife base laughs. This little condom is trying to trick you. He meows at me.
"Hey, light a stove and burn it. It’s easy to get drunk without meat."
Brother Bao has already set up charcoal, lit barbecue wax and lit a cigarette conveniently.
"Look at this guy. Hey, you really put up with it. I don’t know Sue."
"I can’t bear it if I want to give them more liquidated damages. Pass the seasoning with a knife."
Before the charcoal burns, suluo has already taken care of his lobster.
Gao Feng is quick to chop garlic and roast oyster scallops without this thing.
"You don’t mean to"
"Yeah, it’s not expensive, is it?"
"It’s not a question whether it’s expensive or not. The key is to see if people have breached the contract. It’s impossible for us to terminate the contract unilaterally and not want to give it to them unless the contract period is up."