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"This" even hesitated.

Persimmon death ray looks at her.
"Together, together, even my uncle is leaving." Momo Taowei persimmon looks pitifully at this company.
Who can refuse this?
Anyway, not even.
"Then let’s go together."
Momo Taoye played for a while and then quietly moved for a while, trying to run to Lianjun to avoid persimmon.
However, it is obvious that I want to sneer at persimmon too much, and I caught the baby with the load. Now I don’t tidy up, and I plan to tidy up her after I go back later.
If it weren’t for today’s chance encounter with persimmon, we would all suspect that this cub is up to something.
But even if it wasn’t at first, it would be
The only good thing is that it doesn’t seem embarrassing for three people to walk together when they are talking here with this chatter and chatter of Momo Peach.
Then again, although Lian Jun and the Qu family are quite familiar with each other, it is very common to talk to Lian Jun and ask him a few times.
Zhenwei, that is, she is still twittering and chanting that Lin Qinghe has left, and now even Jun is leaving.
Even now looking forward to the resumption of the college entrance examination, they can also go to S city when the time comes, and everything has been explained again.
It’s nothing here, but it’s strange to say this at this time.
But forget it. She’d better keep silent.
As a result, there were three protagonists all the way, but Momo Tao was the only one.
It happened that after all the way, the little guy wiped his head and looked left and right, sweating and wondering because of the rising sun.
"Why don’t you talk?"
"It’s not enough for you to talk alone?" Persimmon light hum
Momo Tao also seriously thought about it for a while and then nodded seriously, "It seems that it is enough."
Then she kept talking while she continued to whisper.
I don’t know where all this talk came from.
By the time they get back, it’s time for their families to go to class.
Yu Xiaotao has just been busy for a while, and now she can have a rest.
However, I can’t rest for a few days. In a few days, I should register and read the second day of junior high school.
I still can’t come to Momo.
Lian Jun came to the city this time to say goodbye to nature, and he couldn’t stay for a few days. On the third day, he took the train to S city alone and left this place for nearly seven years
I was only in my early twenties when I first arrived, but now I am thirty years old.
After seeing off an acquaintance again, Momo Tao is not sad.
As soon as school started, she was a busy baby again.
Of course, being busy is not academic, but Ban Pizai.
In addition, persimmon rested for a few days and then set foot on the road to address unknown.
Although Momo Tao regrets that she can’t finish the class, she is still very’ considerate’ to take some liberal arts notes that can be sorted out without taking too long for her to take.
On second thought, it’s good for her sister to do science problems when she is tired of driving at ordinary times.
Persimmon? ? ?
In the end, she didn’t forget to send blessings.
"Come on, sister."
"… Goodbye" Persimmon really doesn’t want to see these, but if you don’t want to see them again, you should take them with you.
I don’t know how important it is to hand it over and pick it up.
Because just a week after persimmon left, in the newspaper notice column on the radio.
It’s written all over the place
Resume the college entrance examination’
You have something to say.
Thank you for casting the overlord ticket or irrigating the nutrient solution angel during the period of 618:8:31~61817:3 ~
Thanks to the irrigation nutrient solution, the little angel Heheer, Yaya 5 bottles; Rice bottle;
Thank you very much for your support. I will continue to work hard!
Chapter 19 Chapter 19
The news of the resumption of the college entrance examination is very fast.
The news came out at noon, but by the time Momo Tao finished school, the library in the city had been ransacked.
The story is all ov that streets.
Momo peach and several small flowers were shocked by this.
"Resume the college entrance examination?"
"So suddenly?"
They only had one afternoon class. Why do they feel out of touch with the outside?
"Really resumed the college entrance examination?" Momo Tao took Wu Manzhu’s hand and was very shocked. After the shock, it was a strong worry.
"When was that college entrance examination?"
"Just a month later," Wu Manzhu said.
"A month? ?”
Everyone is even more surprised. It’s a little too soon, isn’t it
Especially, Momo Tao thought that her head was going to smoke for a month, and she was in a hurry to circle.