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Whoever goes first is a big idiot.

I don’t know him yet.
How can the pit owner leave no tidbits of eggs?
Sure enough, after the subtitles, the film released all kinds of funny tidbits, which made people laugh.
When the film tidbits suluo saw someone on the set with a suona.
"School sister, your brother suona has achieved five successes now, so I’ll show you how to be optimistic and eager to learn."
Then tease.
"Brother Yi, you are so annoying."
Being rejected by Younger made people laugh.
Finally, I didn’t forget to come to the solo chorus suluo studio to play the suona accompaniment.
Boys and girls
"Sister, you sail forward.
Brother walks on the shore.
Yeah, yeah, love, love, string swinging. "
"Little sister, I’m heading by boat.
Brother, you walk on the shore
We love each other. We love each other.
Swing on the string. Oh, swing. "
The fans have laughed till their stomachs cramp.
"Ha ha ha ha"
"It’s funny when the pit owner dies"
"What kind of song is this? It’s so interesting."
The scene is out of control again, and the film tidbits make the audience want to stop.
Suluo and Gong Yu didn’t watch the tidbits, but slipped away in the audience’s hilarious laughter, otherwise many people would be exposed later.
Obviously, suluo thinks too much.
When the excited audience left, they didn’t pay attention to two masks. The weirdo walked and danced with his friends to talk about the plot in the movie.
The shadow is on fire
In the circle of friends in Weibo, I immediately went to see the fans crazy about Amway with their friends.
"Don’t miss the most amazing flash girl in this year’s domestic films."
"The pit owner deserves to be a master musician. Now I want to shout" I want the original album ".
"This movie is great, and I boldly predict that he will become the domestic box office champion this year because I am going to brush it."
"Haha, after watching the flash girl, the feeling of watching movies is warm crying, cute crying, burning crying and then laughing and pumping repeatedly."
"I laughed as soon as the pit owner appeared. Don’t ask me anything. Say the important things like suona, super handsome, super handsome and super handsome three times."
"I was so excited that I screamed directly when I was fighting the piano in the big folk music. I didn’t feel rude at all because I screamed at the cinema."
Warm before the response
After reading it, the audience has too many topics and feelings to share.
All the characters in the film are on fire
"Twins Beibei and Tata are so cute that they cry."
"I really like my classmates."