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Jiang Shang explained: "If this list of gods is used once, it can seek opportunities for a monk to be promoted, or it can be used for many people, but every time it is used, it will take millions of years to use it again."

"Millions of years, not too long." Xiao Lingyu easily tunnel.
"Millions of years is not long, but in the next few million years, Tongtian Shengdao may be very restless. The birth of that magic tower a few days ago is a signal." Jiang Shang seems to point to the tunnel.
Xiao Lingyu frowned slightly, not understanding what Jiang Shang was referring to, but did not take the initiative to ask the wise men.
In fact, Xiao Lingyu has a way to shorten these millions of years. For example, by bringing the sacred list to the chaos spectrum, millions of years can be shortened to hundreds of years.
"Besides, I’m afraid I’ll be very busy these years. After I talk to my Taoist friends, I’ll leave for the peacock Ming Wang, and I’ll have no fixed place and walk around in the future." Jiang Shang seems difficult tunnel.
"Then I can only find another opportunity." Xiao Lingyu seems to care less.
"Actually, there is still a way."
Jiang Shang pointed to Jiang Lanyue’s sisters and said, "I’m not far away from soaring, and the master has a life first. The two magic weapons of sealing the gods list and beating the whip must stay in the divine world, so I’m going to pass the sealing the gods list on to their sisters."
Shen Gongbao and Jiang Lanyue sisters are exclaimed.
"Brother, the list of gods is a legacy, how can you pass it on to them? Even if they are your descendants, I strongly disagree. " Shen Gongbao protested immediately.
"Teacher younger brother, when the master soared, he once told me that the list of gods and the inheritance of playing god’s whip, as long as it is suitable for me, is not limited by his legacy. Therefore, your protest is useless. " Jiang Shang answered lightly.
Poof …
Jiang Lanshang couldn’t help laughing.
Shen Gongbao was so angry that he blew his beard and stared at him. He slapped him on the table and took it back bitterly.
It seems that Shen Gongbao still has a little awe of Jiang Shang, which is a little different from the legendary story.
"You pass it to them on the list of gods. What about the whip?" Shen Gongbao poured himself a cup of tea and asked.
"Strike the whip, and then choose the right monk to inherit after I am in Du Jie." Jiang Shang answered.
"Hum! You and Master have never taken me seriously! " Shen Gongbao said with deep anger.
"If you have been very disappointing, and shall be like this? If you want others to take you seriously, you must first take yourself seriously. Such a simple truth, younger brother, you have been practicing for so many years, why haven’t you understood it? " Jiang Shang said in an admonitory tone.
"Okay, everything you say is right, and everything I do is wrong. If the master is not eccentric, I will not be worse than you!"
Shen Gongbao’s anger is getting bigger and bigger. If it weren’t for the presence of outsiders, he would have lifted the table and left.
It seems that it is not a legend that Shen Gongbao and Jiang Shang are not harmonious.
"The list of gods was passed on to their sisters. If Xiao Daoyou wants to borrow the list of gods in the future, he can ask their sisters for help." Jiang Shang ignored Shen Gongbao again, but went on to talk about it just now.
"Hum! I won’t help this heart breaker and baiwenhang again! " Jiang Lan petticoats muttered in one side.
Jiang Shang glanced at Jiang Lanshang, and then said to Xiao Lingyu, "There will be great turmoil in Tongtian Shengdao soon. Since these two old friends have come from afar to take refuge in me, I have no time to take care of them. As a condition of borrowing the list of gods, Jiang Shang hopes that Xiao Daoyou can take care of them more in the future."
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Chapter 927 Weird wake up
? Chapter 927 Weird wake up
"If you have been very disappointing, and shall be like this? If you want others to take you seriously, you must first take yourself seriously. Such a simple truth, younger brother, you have been practicing for so many years, why haven’t you understood it? " Jiang Shang said in an admonitory tone.
"Okay, what you say is right, what do I do …
Chapter 928 Use the list of deities
? Chapter 928 Use the list of deities
From her nostrils, from her eyes like red gems, from her mouth and ears, blood is constantly overflowing at the moment, and it looks very sad.
And the small pool, it is then fly up, upside down on her head.
In an unknown place on Tongtian Holy Island, the recovering witch king suddenly opened …
Chapter 929 Breaking Bad Bi 1
? Chapter 929 Breaking Bad Bi 1
When the gods dispersed, Xiao Lingyu also found that the natural power of heaven and earth in the surrounding large space was constantly surging into the blood flute.
The blood flute is already a spiritual treasure, and it absorbs the natural power of heaven and earth at this time, which can provide convenience for Miao Ying to use it to launch magical powers in the future.
Miao Ying, after all, is also in chaos spectrum …
Chapter 930 Breaking Bad Bi 2
? At present, the powerful people on the island are very busy, busy dealing with the legendary turmoil.
In addition to the unexpected birth of the magic tower, Xiao Lingyu really can’t see how this sacred island will be turbulent, but look at the appearance of those top strong people who are all very worried. He estimates that the turmoil will really come.
The strong are self-sufficient, and naturally no one will run around, and no one will disturb the practice of Xiao Lingyu and other monks.
Even Jiang Shang, the former owner of the list of gods, probably never thought that the list of gods could be reused so soon.
Xiao Lingyu and other monks stayed in that valley for fifty years, and the help of the gods was stopped.
The powerful role of the list of deities is not boasting. In the past 50 years, Xiao Lingyu’s soul realm and skill have all been promoted to the middle of the ninth turn.
The cultivation effect of the nine-turn chaos tactic is far beyond the ordinary achievement method. Although the nine-turn chaos tactic corresponds to the ordinary monk’s heavenly realm, Xiao Lingyu in the middle of the nine-turn chaos tactic should be able to easily deal with the strong in the later period of the heavenly kingdom, unless those strong people are the top of the heavenly island and have powerful magical powers or magic weapons.
The nature of progress is not only Xiao Lingyu, but also Chihuo and Miaoying have reached the middle stage of reaching the sky. The rest of the monks are already in the realm of reaching the sky. As long as they improve their skills, they can also become strong.
In this way, if Xiao Lingyu is surrounded by several powerful people, the overall combat effectiveness has been greatly improved.
Perhaps because of the kindness of Jiang Lanyue’s sisters, Miao Ying, Qing Xuan, Shine, and even Yue Ru have softened their sisters’ expressions a lot, and it seems that they are no longer excluded from joining.
As for eating goods, swallowing dragons and Xiao Bing, they are all lazy goods. They don’t care about the business between those women. They can eat well and sleep well, even if the sky falls, they don’t care.
At present, Xiao Lingyu began to help relatives and friends whose skills have not reached the sky to improve their skills. He has a large number of psychic stones and many kinds of high-order materials, so these help are almost effortless.
After sending everyone back to Chaos Spectrum to speed up the practice, Xiao Lingyu began to plan to go to Shengshan Qiongchi to wash himself.
It is worth mentioning that in the past, Xiao Lingyu has made numerous sacred mirrors of Yin and Yang, and Xiao Lingyu is basically useless now.
Although Xiao Lingyu is in the realm of heaven, he can drive the virtual shadow monster released by the mirror of Yin and Yang, but still only the strength of the late peak of the holy spirit.
After all, the mirror of Yin and Yang is only a sacred object, not a celestial treasure, and its power will naturally end.
Such as the existence of virtual shadow monsters born by magic weapons, it is naturally difficult to exert the magical power with the help of the natural power of heaven and earth, and the strength can no longer make progress. -/-full text of advertisement
While trying to go to the Qiongchi of the Holy Mountain to wash himself, Xiao Lingyu took out the dark gold box that he got in the magic tower and studied it.
This dark gold box, but let Xiao Lingyu use all means have not been opened, visible quality is extremely high.