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He muttered to himself, "Everything will be all right when it gets dark."

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Chapter 14 Chapter 14
Wenxin Xiaojia 13
Mr. Schell
There seems to be something moving in the glass dome.
A strangely shaped shadow appeared on the dome covered with moss. Zhou Yan got up a little nervously. This figure is much bigger than Diandian. It shouldn’t be it. Then who is it?
Glass breaking and sound starting
A few bits of debris fell to the ground and reflected a little light.
A flesh-colored limb tip leaned out of the glass crack, and the red mouth was slightly opened to show sharp teeth, which seemed to greet Zhou Yan.
It turned out that I waited a long time to find myself, but how did it run away? That shadow is not like a dog …
It seems to be verifying Zhou Yan’s statement that the glass fragmentation is gradually expanding, and the cracks are spreading like cobwebs, and the roots are spread all over most of the glass dome.
"Ow meowed-"
A thin dog’s leg suddenly stepped into the glass crack, and Zhou Yan could see it spread out because of nervousness. The black meat pad.
"Wait, don’t move!"
Zhou Yan hurried to the crack, and if he dropped at this height, he would surely fall to his death. He turned to look at the strange statue.
If you move it here and let a little leg step on the statue head, then this height should be appropriate.
Picking up the falling glass fragments, Zhou Yan ran to the statue of Mr. Schell and leaned over to try to find something that could let the glass slag enter the gap. Perhaps it could reduce the friction through the glass and slowly push the statue to catch a little before the glass completely broke.
He groped carefully at the bottom of the statue for a piece of paper that was soaked and couldn’t see the original color. He pulled it out and didn’t look carefully. The glass broke and suddenly came.
"Wow, whoa-"
Little by little, half of his body fell into the crack, and his hind legs swung wildly through the dark glass, and a square was faintly visible beside him.
"Oh, my God, you brought the toolbox here!"
Zhou Yan’s positive method imagines a little magic. What kind of dog can climb the roof and carry boxes?
The glass fragments are falling off one after another, and the crack is getting bigger and bigger. It’s even more pitiful, and I can hear sobbing and crying.
Zhou Yan couldn’t run to the other side and looked up and shouted, "Be careful, I’ll pick you up."
With such a height drop and the weight of the toolbox, Zhou Yan is not sure whether she and the dog can be safe.
Ann …
Zhou Yan’s mind flashed and said, "Come!"
Zhou Yan affirmed that "take your time" again.
The dog barked hesitantly that the doll in Wendy’s cloth had a conditional letter to Zhou Yan, and it twisted its short tail and circled uneasily.
Along with the huge fragmentation, a Dalmatian glass fragment fell on its head and Gongda felt a great threat.
In an instant, several flesh-colored limbs were woven into a meat net and caught a little bit firmly.
Immediately, a black toolbox also fell on the meat net woven by Gongda, which seemed to be unbearable. Gongda retracted his limbs and became a sarcoma again, curled up in his little head.
Fortunately, this buffer made Zhou Yan catch the little dog steadily, and his baby toolbox hit the ground hard and made Zhou Yan feel distressed and broken.
The tools in the box must have been broken!
He put a little dog next to the toolbox, unzipped it, carefully checked it, and some precision carving tools were smashed. Fortunately, he cherished that the spray gun was still intact.
Dalmatian ran to Zhou Yan and stood up to show that he was brave and hoped to be praised by Zhou Yan.
Zhou Yan smiled and touched his head, which was a wish to raise a puppy.
We have to find a way to get rid of the parasitic gundam on its head.
Zhou Yan picked up the paper hidden in Mr. Schell’s statue and brushed away the stains on the surface. By pouring through the glass gap, the sun read the words on the surface-
Dear friend, if you can read this letter from me, then you must be a stranger, because no one in Amber Town is as timid as a flea, and they will keep an eye on this statue.
Haha, I’m writing this crazy experience. I’ll tell you a stranger.
I’m from other places like you. I can’t remember clearly where I came here because of insect sketching.
But I can’t go out, because I’m also infected with this terrible and permanently cursed town. God, what did the ancestors do here to make his descendants suffer such a curse?]
However, things have changed for the better. I am ashamed to say that when I met Cathy, I gradually became addicted to her life together.
Sometimes I want to live with her in such a cursed town. It’s good to have her and me. Let me share the pain with her. We will never part.
But when she gave birth to Wendy, she was greatly stimulated. Forgive me, and I was just like her. At that time, both of us were in pain. God, what happened to Cathy and me?
I love Cathy and I love Wendy. I want them to give me everything. I came up with a crazy and bold idea that people here are crazy enough.
But I was crazier than them. I went to see the Emperor. I used words to express my experience and everything I saw.
At that time, I managed to sleep every night. I funded the construction of this library and hid in this dark laboratory. Harvey is my partner. I don’t like him in this town. I don’t like being alone or being a worm except Kathy and Wendy. Haha.
[I’m almost there ▇ ▇ ▇ ▇]
The handwriting on the face has been polluted to see clearly.
[ding! Congratulations to the player for getting important clues.
[Current clue progress (/4)]
[Warmly show that the player’s ability is too low, please pay attention to safety]
It turns out that Wendy is Kathy and Schell. No wonder there are many fine insect pictures in that room. They should all be Mr Schell.
This letter information can infer that Wendy is seriously ill, which makes Mr. Schell come up with a crazy idea, and this library was built to cover up his secret test base.
Just now, those two powers who were cheated away got the same clues in the biological experiment and medicine, which means they should be looking for this secret test base.
Zhou Yan hid the letter and intended to find Wendy before giving it to her.
It can be seen from Wendy’s photos that she should seldom live with her father. Perhaps it is because Mr. Schell often goes out to find a cure for Wendy that he is not at home all the year round.
Zhou Yan’s impression of Wendy always stays in her lovely photos, plus the impression that she was playing in the house that night. Wendy should be a very lively and lovely child. What kind of serious illness will she get?