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I immediately jumped up and continued to flee to the west. I did not care to borrow a magic weapon to try not to let him catch me.

I have flown hundreds of miles for a whole hour, but the fairy in the flame is still in hot pursuit.
This bastard! I swore in my heart that I couldn’t, so I flew all the way to Jinguangdong, Qianyuan Mountain, and asked the master to clean him up.
But I have to fly! After flying for so long, my mana has been exhausted, but the distance between the immortals in the flame behind me is getting closer and closer.
Suddenly, a vast water area appeared in the distance. Isn’t that what I wanted to see the biggest Yunmengze in Jiuze before?
112 Yunmeng Chaoge
A few breaths were in the flame, and the flame was about to burn my ass. It was Yunmengze, and I plunged into the lake and sank directly to the bottom.
I am exhausted, but fortunately, there is no powerful aquarium spirit in the lake that can threaten me.
The fairy in the flame is still wandering around the lake. It seems that he won’t let it go until he catches me this time, won’t he? I didn’t really get anything. Why are you so petty?
We have to find a way to deal with this guy. I took out a single dragon boat and walked slowly in the water.
At this time, I found out that there was a small fleet of four ships ahead, with a total of about 30 to 40 people. The spiritual level was not too high, and the highest was less than half of my level.
But the fairy in the flame stopped in front of the fleet.
What are these people doing?
I want to swim away from my body but I can’t help swimming to the bottom of the boat. This is another secret of Teacher Taiyi, but is Master reliable? What if these people are in the same boat? Then I’m not throwing myself into it
I don’t think much. I have surfaced. I came out of the water just behind the first boat. When the boatman saw me, he immediately threw a piece of cable and pulled me to the boatside.
I looked around one of these four ships, except for the main ship, the other three were very broken. The crew were dressed in Jiangnan barbarians’ ornaments, and my long-sleeved high-fork swimsuit wrapped more than them, but even so, I took out a silk scarf from my carry-on bag to cover the thigh root.
They brought me to a public, and I couldn’t understand what the dialect said.
The fair-skinned man with good facial features looks younger than my age. He looked at me and asked me in a nonstandard big business mandarin, "Excuse me, but Miss Nezha? Are you avoiding the pursuit of the fairy in the flame? "
I thought there was no need to hide it, so I replied, "I’m asking if it’s official …"
Gong Xiaoxiao "Miss Xiong Yi doesn’t worry that Grandpa is negotiating in the flame of the front cabin, which will definitely protect Miss."
I was a little curious, so I crept into the front cabin with Xiong Yi and saw a tall old man in the middle of the bow opposite to the bow. It was hot wheels who was covered in latosolic red pedals and holding a fire tip and a gun in the flame.
Listen to the old man shouting, "I received an Oracle from the Eastern Emperor an hour ago and asked me to save this girl. Now that this girl is in my place, everything will be decided by the Eastern Emperor. Please come back!"
The fairy in the flame hesitated for a moment and shouted in the middle, "Listen, little girl! Since you are blessed by the Emperor of the East, I will let you go today and wait for me to go back to the old man Taiyi to slowly theorize! " Then he turned and flew away.
The old man turned around and saw me. "Is this Miss Nezha?"
I nodded. "You are the old man …"
"Old Xiong Li, this is in grandchild Xiong Yi."
Xiong Li and Xiong Yi? I looked up and saw the flag with flaming totem floating in the bow, and suddenly remembered that the little boy around me, Xiong Yi, was not the first monarch of Chu in the future?
But at this time, he has not been officially sealed, which is less than ten years later, and his grandfather Xiong Li is just a tribal leader of the Chu people at this time
What should I call them?
"Is it true that you just said that you got the Oracle from the Eastern Emperor to save me?"
"It’s true! An hour ago, I just got the Oracle of the Eastern Emperor and immediately brought my son. Fortunately, I met the girl. "
But who is the East Emperor? What will save me? How did he know that I would come here?
But I can’t ask the Eastern Emperor that he must be the highest god in Chu people’s mind. I dare not profane these things. I’d better ask the master in the future!
"Who is that chasing me? So fierce! " So I asked
"That’s the fairy name Luo Xuan in the flame of Huolong Island."
Luo Xuan? I carefully thought about it. There seems to be such a person in the Romance of the Gods in my past life. But how did I, hot wheels, Huojian Gun and BRIC all get into his hands?
"Sister" Xiong Yi asked, "Why does he chase you?"
"How should I know?" I replied, "I went to Peng Lize to play and saw that the reef was a red dragon island. I was curious and went for a turn and he kicked me out!" I have been chasing here. "
Xiong Li patted Xiong Yi on the shoulder. "Don’t ask if the grandchild Nezha girl doesn’t want to say it."
"But he seems to be afraid of you," I said. "He left as soon as you arrived at the East Emperor."
"That is!" Xiong Yi is confident that "my ancestor, Wu Hui, Zeng Yaodi, was on fire, and Zhu Rong Naluo Xuan once saw my Xiongshi clan in my ancestor’s cure, but he still had to give in three points".
After staying in Xiong’s boat for one night, I got up the next day and flew northeast to Chaoge.
It was another two days and one night, and I flew over Deng Guo, Sanshan and Sishui continuously, but I didn’t stop. At this time, I was already in anxious to return.
At dusk the next day, I finally flew over Mu Ye and returned to the Chaoge branch of Fuxi Nuwa College on the bank of the Yellow River.
I didn’t seem to have changed much when I left the Twilight Women’s College a year and a half ago, but the two new statues in the square had already been completed.
I just flew into the vicinity of the college square and suddenly saw three girls in short skirts flying head-on
"What person?" The leading girl shouted, "I don’t know if you are not allowed to fly over in the college without permission?"
I hurried down to the ground and three girls followed me. At this time, many students ran out of the dormitory.
I look at that unusually beautiful face across the street. Isn’t that the girl I miss so much?
"Xiaoqian!" I shouted.
Nezha!’ Xiaoqian lost her voice and shouted, "It’s you!"
I ignored many people around me to hug Xiaoqian and hold her head for a crazy kiss until she almost suffocated.
I heard a few stars clapping, and I immediately let Xiaoqian go. I turned around and saw the rocky mountain on the steps.
Xiaoqian’s face is flushed and I feel feverish.