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Emeri live up to his words.

Valencia is famous for being good at dodging in the season. In the past nine games, nearly half of their goals were scored in emeri 15 minutes before the game. It seems that the Bat Corps can always get one step ahead of the game. However, after several trials in the initial stage, Valencia took the initiative to slow down the pace and played slowly. It seems that they are determined to prepare for a marathon with Malaga.
Linsen knew what emeri was thinking, just trying to disrupt Malaga’s rhythm.
As we all know, Malaga plays defensive counter-attack, and defensive counter-attack is a fast word. Whether it is defensive passivity or counter-attack initiative requires the team to be fast, but if the pace is slow, the defense can certainly have more preparation, but at the same time the counter-attack will lose its foundation.
Emeri’s conspiracy is going well because Valencia really has the money to take Malaga away.
Valencia’s "Double David" has long been the target of the Western Super League. Mata has been a "Silva second" style since he joined from Real Madrid freely in the season. Joaquin on the right was once the sharpest winger in La Liga, guarding the midfield, and he was an old and well-known partner, albelda and Ba Laha … Simply from the card, Valencia’s midfield and frontcourt were not lost to Real Madrid and Barcelona, and it was very important to have experience, experience, technology and impact.
Lin Sen suddenly felt a little honored that a team like Valencia had to deal with Malaga carefully. For a newly promoted horse like Malaga, this is really something to celebrate. At the same time, Lin Sen also felt that some Nai Nai Malaga lost its dark horse advantage so soon. The dark horse can become a dark horse because its opponents are unfamiliar with it. Obviously, these two points are not long-term dependent advantages, which is why dark horses always seem to lack stamina.
In the targeted training before the game, Lin Sen once again made the team return to the high position and forced to grab, and it was the key training, and now the training results are gradually showing on the court.
David Silva, the core of Valencia organization, now feels like hitting a wall and it is more than one wall.
David Silva’s position in this game, or the season, is very flexible. Although theoretically he plays the left avant-garde in emeri 442, he is different from Joaquin’s role as a pure attacker on the right. emeri does not restrict his position, but gives him great freedom. He can judge at any time according to his own judgment or cut the shot, or pull it horizontally, or make a killing …
For emeri, David Silva gave him rich rewards, four goals and six assists in nine games. Not only that, he also brought the Valencia attack line to life, and he was as famous as Villa in nine games, with ten goals and five goals in Mata, which means that only these three people contributed 17 goals to Valencia, accounting for more than 70% of the team’s total goals.
For emeri, this is a sharp weapon. For Linsen, this is the murder weapon.
Since it is a murder weapon, of course, you can’t easily let your opponent shine.
So Silva enjoyed the "aguero" treatment. Whenever he took the ball, there were always three players in Malaga who attacked him and greeted him. Come quickly!
At first, I didn’t believe in evil. Silva really went to the bureau several times. The consequences can be imagined. No matter how talented you are, you can burst into tears. After three transgressions, Silva will be in tears.
Silva’s tears mean that Valencia’s offensive is less than half, and the right side is strangled to death by Cork and Alba. Hua Jin dumb fire emeri soon finds that Malaga’s rhythm has not been disturbed by Valencia, but Valencia’s own rhythm has begun to be chaotic
Malaga has seized the opportunity before emeri can make adjustments.
One of the characteristics of Spanish teams that advocate attacking is that Lin Sen is very happy to see that they always give too much responsibility to the defensive midfield, and the bigger the team, the more so Valencia is no exception. If the pair of albelda and Ba Laha had been three years ago, they would never have made such mistakes.
Let lewandowski easily unload the captain from Gundogan and then wait until he turns around before forcing him to rob him? What’s the difference between this and saying that cowboys in the western United States first draw their guns and then aim at themselves in a duel?
Compared with their talented frontcourt, Valencia’s defensive line is much more mediocre. Although they also have young talents like Albiol, what Albiol can do after marchena’s bold shovel was lightly flashed by lewandowski is to try to change the ball route when the opponent shoots, but even this last effort has become a fatal factor to disturb goalkeeper Renan’s judgment.
After shooting, lewandowski followed the ball, watched it pass Albion’s toes, watched it bypass Renan’s fingertips, and then crossed the goal line and hit the net, causing a ripple …
The fifth one!
This is his fifth goal in the league, five goals in ten games. For a striker, the goal rate is not high, and it is even worse when he was still in the Polish league. But no coach said that if he can score the team, every goal will be full of value!
The value lies in victory.
Lin Sen is not joking. His first four goals brought Malaga four victories.
Which is more important, individual goal or team victory? Lewandowski knows that if he can’t win, what’s the point of scoring more goals?
"gal…… …" The commentator from Malaga finally found the opportunity to show his vital capacity. The long drawl ignited the Rose Garden Stadium and ignited many Malaga fans who were watching the game through video.
"Which side scored?" Mrs. Cruz, who was sit in her chair when she heard that sensational sound, asked quickly.
"Lin team" old Cruz replied with a smile.
"Well, that should be celebrated." Mrs. Cruz got up and poured herself a glass of juice and then a glass of wine for old Cruz.
"Cheers to the Lin Team" Mrs. Cruz’s posture is a bit awkward but her face is full of smiles. Although she doesn’t know much about football, it is the first time for her to watch a ball with her husband. More importantly, it is the first time for her husband to invite herself to watch a ball with him.
"… cheers" looking at the initiative to pour their own wine for the first time, as if they were happier than themselves, his wife, old Cruz, seemed to stare blankly for a long time before he spit out a sentence after taking the glass.
Then the two cups gently touch each other in the water.
Old Cruz actually wanted to tell his wife that this was a goal, not a victory, and the game was far from being celebrated. However, he kept his mouth shut when he saw that his wife seemed to stretch out.
Like many old women, after being busy for most of her life, her wife’s figure has become fat and her face has begun to relax, and her hands that have been holding for most of her life have been covered with calluses unconsciously, but she is still her wife. Like many men, Cruz has also made many unfulfilled promises to his wife, such as skiing in the Alps, exploring Loch Ness, and wandering around Notre Dame … Every promise seems to be realized sometimes, but when it is always intentionally missed again and again, many promises are gradually becoming a law to realize them.
Old Cruz knew that his wife regretted it, and he didn’t feel much regret, but just now he suddenly felt more guilty and then an idea suddenly became stronger in his heart.
I should take her to the scene to watch a game!
Chapter 40 Damn it
Emeri frowned a little, but in Linsen’s eyes, his head remained calm.
A lost goal doesn’t make him panic, but since he lost the goal, he needs to deal with it. It’s also a kind of coping. The half-time is less than five minutes. Because there is no episode at half-time, the stoppage time will not be too long. It is measured that emeri chooses to stay put and emeri chooses no problem, but the football game is never satisfactory.
In this game, Malaga’s tactical thinking is very clear. In the defense, Silva is mainly limited to cutting off his connection with the front line, while in the attack, it is important to take care of Valencia’s flank attack. The flank attack is Valencia’s specialty, but it is also Valencia’s destiny. If you can’t defend it back or your ass is not wiped enough, it will be a shame …
Just before the half-time game, Malaga went to another city.
The goal is still lewandowski.
The Valencia player was obviously confused by the referee’s watch. Malaga made a quick attack on the left at the last minute. Cork and Alba made a set of edges to cooperate with Cork to put the ball into the middle. The Polish striker pressed marchena to change the score by two-to-one. When the score changed again, he had been sitting quietly. Coach Tomlinson finally waved his fist.
"Two than! Malaga leads Valencia by two goals at home! No one expected that Malaga would expand the lead at half time. Valencia’s defense was too careless. Now emeri needs to face up to their situation. If he wants to keep his team unbeaten, he needs to do a lot of homework at half time. "
Emeri’s face has become a little ugly. If the first goal is still acceptable, then the second goal is simply unexpected trouble. It is like suddenly remembering the questions on the back of the test paper after the exam and forgetting to do them.
Waiting for emeri is not just as simple as how to get back the score, such as adjusting the attack by Malaga at half time and dealing with Malaga’s fatal blow from time to time, which is burning emeri’s brain cells. emeri and Valencia walked into the locker room with a lot of problems.
Two goals ahead at half-time is the most wonderful blooming in the Rose Garden Stadium in the season. Under such circumstances, Malaga fans hardly dare to ask for more because they know that Valencia is bound to fight back at half-time. When happiness knocks again, they can hardly believe that their eyes have scored again at the beginning of half-time.
This time, it was less than thirty seconds before the referee blew the whistle for the start of the game.
Lewandowski again!
**** *w*w*w****8 ****
After sending the ball to the goal for the third time, lewandowski raised his right hand and enjoyed the whole rose garden. He shouted his name and looked at the Polish side to celebrate, but Linsen had a surprise because at that moment he saw that the light on the top of the Polish striker’s head seemed to spread …