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Jiang Xue Bud shook his head. "Fortunately, we have to get out of here …"

Although she also wants to save those women, she even has the heart now.
We can get out of here first, and then we can think of something.
In this.i son … She can also leave first and think of a way to save him out again.
"Well …"
Phoenix glass took a deep breath and hugged her back to one side.
Jiang Xue Bud pulled out a small bottle from her bosom and poured out two pills.
"Eat one …"
His eyes asked her that she swallowed one first and then handed the pill to his lips to "replenish her strength …"
Phoenix glass looked at her and handed it to her lips. In those long and narrow eyes, there was a little tenderness in the eyes.
He opened his lips slightly, and his lips were slightly dry. I don’t know if it was intentional or intentional to brush her fingers.
Jiang Xue Bud’s fingers trembled slightly. I wanted to reprimand him, but I thought that he had just tried his best to protect himself.
The reprimand still failed to be uttered.
She sighed softly and looked up to see that Jing Xuan had come towards her.
Xiao Zhu’s triumphant return scared him and climbed to the side of Jiang Xue Bud.
Static xuan slowly landed beside Jiang Xue bud looked at the phoenix glass eyes slightly dark cut asked "pool, are you ok? Section 1659: A trace of confusion
Jing Xuan slowly landed beside Jiang Xue Bud, looked at Feng Li’s eyes and asked, "Are you okay, junior sister?"
Jiang Xue Bud nodded and felt a little embarrassed to retreat from Feng Li’s arms.
I have just taken that Dan medicine and my physical strength has recovered a little.
As soon as she left Fengli, she felt some in her heart.
Jing Xuan is still a watery blue cassock, but the color is very light, but he wears a different charm [
Jiang Xue bud consciousness looked towards the sound of the silent moon.
I found that he seemed to have some injuries to his lip corner and blood that had not been wiped off.
She looked at him with a pain in her heart.
Silent month flow sound aware of her eyes slightly raised to meet.
He was intrigued, then frowned, and a flicker of confusion flashed in his eyes.
"School sister …"
Static XuanYin dragged her back and she gave him a guilty look. "Brother, why are you here …"
Static xuan smile shallow wind light cloud light "this matter for a while, now let’s get out of here …"
Just now, he was injured in a fight with the silent moon.
It was his Tao that forced him to protect himself and didn’t show any flaws in front of the silent moonlight.
The silence of the moon and the sound of samadhi really hurt his heart, and if he doesn’t leave, the injury will be exposed
"Let Xiao Zhu stay here and block it from leaving after we leave …"
Jiang Xue Bud looked at her feet and shook her head and hesitated. "Is this good?"
Static xuan nodded and took her hand "xiao zhu will be fine"
After that, he wanted to use Tao to leave with Jiang Xue Bud.
"Wait …"
Jiang Xue Bud pulls Feng Li "Brother, he also left with us …"
Static xuan, glancing at the phoenix glass, flashed a non-emotional sound in his dark eyes, gently saying, "Good …"
"Snowbud …" [
Suddenly heard someone out.
It’s the sound of the silent moon.
Jiang Xue Bud shivered and looked up, and saw the blood red. Section 166: Don’t go!
It’s the sound of the silent moon.
Jiang Xue Bud Yishan looked up and looked into the red blood.
She saw the blood-red eyes emerge a complex look that made her unable to see white.
His expression is still very cold, but there is a hint of trembling in his voice. "Don’t go …"
Jiang Xue Bud Heart was deeply touched-she bit her lip and looked at him absently [
"Don’t go …"
He added and walked into her step by step.
Static xuan look dim and looked at Jiang Xue bud feel he was holding hands in a little bit from his palm.
If he hadn’t come to rescue her on master’s orders, she might have died at his hands.