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After Yinshi, the fighting died down, and Huang Yi’s army lost its strength and withdrew to the camp, which obviously didn’t take advantage.

From a distance, I saw Huang Feihu sitting in the five-color god cow covered in blood. I don’t know if it was his blood or the enemy’s blood. The soldiers were all in a state of panic
And next to the car lying seems to be his son Huang Tianlu and Department Huang. Are they all dead?
Just then, I listened to Chengtou and drank "Huang Feihu Go Slow!"
When I looked up, I saw the torch shining on Zhang Kui’s helmet and armor standing next to Chengtou, but the soldier was holding a girl with long hair.
God, that’s not biyue! My heart sank.
Huang Feihu shouted, "Zhang Kui, what do you mean?"
Zhang Kui grabbed Brigitte month hair dragged her to the crib mouth "Huang Feihu know this face! This is the line you planted, right? She deceived Shijie, deceived Ximei and deceived Nezha, but she couldn’t deceive me. Zhang Kui confessed everything including your sneak attack plan and the route your son Huang Tianlu took. She told me. "
At that moment, I seemed to understand what happened when others were killed and injured during the mutiny, but she was able to walk away.
Upon hearing this, Huang Feihu immediately swore angrily, "Bitch, what did you say?" Have no pity for others.
Blue moon cried in the face and shouted, "My daughter can’t stand torture. My legs have been broken! Have to recruit "
"You shameful traitor!" Then see Huang Feibao bow and arrow "two kings died in your hand! Shoot this bitch, two kings and general Huang for revenge! "
As soon as Chengtou Zhang Kui heard it, he immediately replied, "If you want to beg for this live target, I will give it back to you!" With that, she tugged at Bi Yue’s hair and pushed Bi Yue’s body forward like a broken line falling from Chengtou.
The arrow of Huang Feibao’s generals has been shot. Before Bi Yue fell to the ground, she was hit by more than ten arrows.
Although it was a summer night, I felt extremely cold and my heart was shaking. I turned to them and said, "Go back to camp! We don’t watch it. "
Chapter 311 Huang Feihu died.
After returning to camp, I plunged into the account and never wanted to go out again. I didn’t like Biyue or Zhang Kui or Huang Feihu, but Zhang Kui was Xiaoqian’s uncle Huang Feihu and Tianhua’s father after all. I didn’t want to imagine them too badly.
But what I saw just now really made me sick. They fought, and I don’t want to see who they love to win again.
But I have to think about how to get Xiaoqian out of the city, and I must not let her become a sacrifice like Dou Wan.
In the morning, the south of the city swelled again, and Huang Feihu attacked Si Shui again.
I was still lying in my account, and soon Deng Chanyu entered the account. "Cousins Ji and Ji Sheng took 10,000 soldiers and horses to help Huang Wang attack the city!"
"Ji and Ji Sheng?" I have doubts in my heart. "How did they come? Is it the Jiangshi Uncle School? "
Arguably, since Ji Gan, Ji Kun, Ji Li and others were killed, Jiang Shang was easily unwilling to send featuring imperial clan to fight for fear that they would not be able to explain if they died.
"I think so!" Deng Chanyu replied, "Should we go?"
"Did Marshal Jiang give us an order?" I asked
"No" Deng Chanyu answered.
"Then stay put," I said.
Deng Chanyu was silent for a moment. "What should Xiaoqian do just now? What if Zhang Kui asks us to send troops to fight Huang Feihu?"
"How can we listen to him?" I said, "Just stay put."
Just as he was talking, Tu Hangsun suddenly got in. "Something’s wrong!"
Deng Chanyu grabbed TuHangSun ear pain TuHangSun "ouch" a "didn’t see Nezha haven’t get up? Dare to trespass without looking. "
I don’t care. Anyway, I’m actually a male now. "What’s the big deal, brother?"
"Let you this woman! It hurts me to death. "Tu Hangsun pushed Deng Chanyu’s hand." I just came back from huangying to spy. Huang Feihu and Ji and Ji Sheng were both injured by Zhang Kui. I’m afraid I can’t. "
What the hell?
I can’t be indifferent this time. I don’t care if the two sides are tied, but I can’t be absent if Huang Feihu is dying.
So I left Tu Hangsun, Yang Shouying, Deng Chanyu and Yang Jian for Huangyi Camp.
Outside the main tent, I saw Huang Feihu’s five-color god cow covered in blood tied to the pile account. Huang Feihu, Ji and Ji Sheng were lying on the stretcher, and Huang Feibao and Huang Tianjue Huang Yi stood on both sides.
Where is this dying? Is fen already dead?