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"This thing is persimmon for you to find."

Wu Manzhu somewhat lamented that "persimmon is very busy in the city, and she has to go to the coal yard to work on weekdays, and she still has time to recycle and help sort things out."
"The coal stove and coal at home can be exchanged by persimmons."
Qu Xiaowan and Song Xing are distressed
"This kid just wants to afford it at home too much."
"Don’t say this for a while, it really depends on persimmons." Wu Manzhu’s words half fully lifted everyone’s appetite, and then he hummed.
"The recycling old man is too old to have a family to look at persimmons. He is diligent and enthusiastic. This is the matter of selling the work to persimmons. When the money changes, our Qu family will also have a formal job."
Everyone was dumbfounded.
"Is it a formal job?" Song Xing took the lead in reacting and said nervously.
"For regular workers"
Wu Manzhu said, "This work is persimmon. It must be a small bowl and Song Xing told you brothers to tell you."
"It depends on someone in our family coming to town, and we can always find a job after years of slow exploration."
"But there are requirements for this job, such as recycling, dirty and low wages. Junior high school students are required to stop, not to mention that you should pay attention to the children’s education at home."
The fact that it is here speaks louder than anything else.
A few happy pups are still taking part in the fun. This feeling is cool behind them.
Wu Manzhu put everyone’s eyes back and added, "But I still think this job needs a small bowl. Although I am an eccentric girl, you can also think white about Song Xing."
"Our family finally has a battalion chief, and this vermicelli factory is finally made like this. If you leave, it’s hard to say anything behind it."
Song Xing’s face was heavy.
Wu Manzhu said savagely when he saw a clap table, "Why can’t my daughter go to the city to enjoy herself after being tired for so many years?"
This is too sudden
Song Xing was scared with a shiver and hurriedly waved his hand.
"That’s not what I meant. I was just thinking," Song Xing said with bitterness. "I’m really left alone at home with the small bowl gone."
From a lonely couple to a nest captain
"I let me go so that you and the small bowl can all stay." Xiao Fang was excited when he came out listening to the noise.
"Little sister this readmitted don’t say thank you, I must treat persimmon and Momo peach as my own daughter …"
"You roll for me" they shouted.
Xiao Fang’s bitterness
"Mom, you are too eccentric. Give your little sister everything."
"Persimmon, let’s go home for a walk." Song Xing roared.
"… I’m kidding." Xiao Fang took a step back and left.
"It’s not reliable" Wu Manzhu turned supercilious look and patted the table.
"Well, then it’s settled at this moment. Little Bowl and I will go to the city to settle the work. Song Xing is now going to get all these letters of introduction and migration."
"It just so happens that this woman has also let other families go out, and they are still complaining."
This matter is so decided.
You have something to say.
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Chapter 55 Chapter 55
In order to get things settled early, Wu Manzhu persimmon ran into the city with a small bowl early the next morning.
Yu Xiaotao managed to go back to the brigade without taking her. She is still sleeping in bed.
After coming to the city, the three men ran all the way to the recycling side, but they just wanted to get this thing done before noon and feel at ease early.
But I didn’t expect it
"This, this old man will not regret it?"
The recycling door was locked, and the veneer and lacquer of the door fell off, which gave birth to a desolate taste, just like the three moods of mother and daughter at the moment.
"… should not be" persimmon she chuckled, "grandpa sun is also very frank when he speaks, and he doesn’t look like such a person."
Small bowl is tightly sipping faces with deep loss.
If this is not successful, it will have the greatest impact on her.
"I’ll ask around."
Persimmon goes to the hardware shop next to her. She often comes here, and people here are familiar with her.
"Uncle, why didn’t this recycling open today?"
Seeing that it was persimmon, the person asked sighed deeply and shook his head.
"This thing."
After hearing what he said, the party hurried to the hospital again.
The thing is, when they left yesterday, a group of people who came back here were distant relatives of the old man Sun, and I don’t know how many generations were missing.
Those people don’t know where they learned that he was going to sell his job, so they came directly and smashed the recycling, and even the old man Sun beat him up.
This man is old, and when persimmon and others came to the hospital, the old man Sun was still lying in bed.
"Come on!" Old man Sun is a little weak. "It’s a pity that we can’t get it today."
"It’s okay, you have a good rest first." Persimmon comforted lightly.
"It’s saying that eldest brother has a good rest. That’s right. What’s going on in this matter? This muddleheaded person was fine yesterday, so that’s all for today."
"Where are those troublemakers?" Persimmon she chuckled and asked her face with anger and some remorse.
If it weren’t for his words, Uncle Sun wouldn’t have encountered these things.