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Section 93

I bit my lip tightly to prevent myself from pumping out for fear of attracting their attention. Now if they treat me as anger, I can get temporary security, and I will hold back if my stomach is uncomfortable.
As time went on, several people blew again and again, and soon they heard snoring, and then I relaxed a little and took a deep breath.
"Are you all right?" Xiao Ning’s voice suddenly sounded around me, scaring me not to shout a light.
Chapter one hundred and nineteen In adversity 2
"Are you all right?" Xiao Ning’s voice suddenly sounded around me, scaring me not to shout a light.
Step slowly approaching.
"You are sweating in such a cold day."
"I … I have a stomachache." I really can’t stand it. I drank so much wine late and was so frightened that my bladder was at its limit.
He untied the rope and pulled me up from the chair "Come with me"
"Where are you taking me?" I’m afraid that no one dares to touch me without their mutual supervision here, but it’s hard to say once it’s over.
"If you want to shit in your pants, stay here." Xiao Ning sneered coldly.
If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t be here now. Can I believe his words? But my stomach is really … dying.
He dragged himself out and went out. He untied the stockings wrapped around my eyes.
My eyes have been blindfolded for too long, and I feel a little blurred. It’s still dark when I see it. It’s like a wasteland here, and it smells musty.
"You go over there by yourself" Xiao Ning pointed to a nearby place.
I turned to look at him, and the light came out from the crack of the door, and I could still see his face clearly. He was very young, and he looked at me in his early twenties, and his face still had a bad new look.
"Don’t worry, I didn’t look at women’s convenience preferences." He laughed and saw that my face was unnatural
I turned and walked towards the darkness.
"Be honest here in Fiona Fang," he added behind him.
I sneer at running in my heart. Where am I going? Get it back and give them an excuse to bother me. I’m not that stupid
I walked a long way, and it was convenient to go back the way I came. My feet were rocky and it was very difficult to walk. My eyes adapted to the darkness. I took a look around and found that it was a bit familiar, like an old factory building.
Xiao Ning smoked at the gate and saw me come back. He smiled lightly. "You are very self-aware that you have never done anything in vain."
"You look so small, why should you mix with them?" He is like a rebellious youth, a little arrogant.
"Are you trying to influence me and let me let you go?" His tone was dismissive.
"Hum" I sneered, "I’m not a bodhisattva, but I feel sorry for a young man who ruined his future."
"Think about your situation, and others are sad," he sneered.
If he could be moved by my words, he wouldn’t follow these people, but I still want to say that this is my only chance.
"If you let me go, I can give you something they can’t afford … if you don’t worry about eating and drinking in the second half," it won’t work, so it’s tempting.
He took a shallow puff on his cigarette and slowly spit out the smoke ring, which seemed to melt a little, but when he turned his eyes to look at me, I knew he was not moving at all.
He chuckled, "I don’t need money to do this kind of thing. I pursue excitement."
"Your so-called excitement is to do such a shameful thing" I laughed.
He disdains
"I’m talkative." The abacus fell again, but although I have a grudge against him, I am not hostile. He is much more evil than those inside.
He flicked the cigarette out of his hand and put my eyes back inside. He was not tying my hands, but tying me to the chair. This tying method actually relieved me a lot of pain.
After solving the physical problem, I have calmed down a lot. What’s the matter if they don’t give me a blast and suffer?
Although there is no danger at present, I still dare not sleep and hold my breath. I am afraid that someone will wake up in the middle of the night.
But by the end of the night, my spirit was getting worse and worse. When I almost fell asleep, I suddenly felt that someone was hugging me from behind and touching my face with a hand, so I wanted to stick into my collar.
"Go," I shouted, and soon my mouth was covered by him. The man was behind me.
"Shut up if you are well-advised, or I’ll take you outside and fuck you to death." It was that monkey Sun who smelled bad.
I suddenly got up and knocked on the back of my chair. He snorted and fell to the ground. I quickly called for help. "Xiao Ning … Xiao Ning" blurted out and screamed and cut through the silent night.
Sun Monkey, the "dead woman", quickly got up from the ground, waved his hand and slapped me hard. I was thrown to the ground by this violent force, even with my chair, and my arm was almost broken. I was pumping air.
"Sun Monkey, it’s not dawn yet. What are you crazy about?"
"I must have her, and none of you should stop me." He pulled me up from the ground and I was hunched straight because my hands were still tied to the back of the chair.
Monkey Sun rudely pressed the chair, and I leaned back and sat back in the chair, screaming repeatedly, "Don’t touch me when you leave … Xiao Ning saves me."
"Xiao Ning … it’s really affectionate" sneered at me with a hand.
I shook my head wildly to get rid of my dirty hands and shed tears.
"It’s a pity that the little sniffer isn’t here. Hehe, I’ll see who can save you." Then he tore off my rope and I struggled. He held my hands tightly and tied them up and pulled me up. I was pressed against the wall. The bad smell came to my stomach and immediately rolled up. Before he peeled off my coat, I spit it out and surged out.
"Er … Mom" Monkey Sun yelled at me, pressing my skill loose "It’s so fucking disappointing".
I was blindfolded and couldn’t see how badly he was vomited by me.
A few men laughed at it.
Monkey Sun scolded me for being extremely disobedient and grabbed my collar and said, "Keep spitting if you dare. I’ll see if you have anything else to vomit."
Since he still won’t give up.
I’ve vomited up all my bitter water, and I’m almost weak.
"Monkey Sun, let her go" Xiao Ning finally appeared.
I sobbed out
"Who are you?" Monkey Sun challenged "I won’t let it go." Then he took a bite from my collar on my neck. I don’t know where I got the strength to lift my leg and kicked it out in the middle of an important part.
"Oh," Monkey Sun snorted and put his hand on my collar and cried again and again.
"Ha ha ….. Monkey Sun, you can’t eat this and get into a suit of SAO." The other two people laughed.
I bite my teeth and giggle, and I can’t stop shivering. My chest fluctuates violently and slowly slides from the wall and sits on the ground.
"Are you all right?"